105-year-old woman owes longevity to bacon

May 09, 2013, 10:25 IST | ANI

A 105-year-old woman revealed the secret to her longevity: bacon

When NBC affiliate KRBC asked Pearl Cantrell, who worked as a physical labor for the whole of her life and mothered seven children, the secret behind living so long, she admitted that she loves bacon and eats it everyday, the Huffington Post reported.

Cantrell, who lives in central Texas and still dances, said that she doesn’t feel as old as she is and that is all she can say.

Hatke news, 105-year-old woman owes longevity to bacon
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Cantrell’s claim can apparently be backed up by some research about the health benefits of bacon.

A University of Zurich study published by the journal BMC Medicine in March found that eating little or no red meat could be a risk factor for early death.

However, the same study also discovered that eating too much bacon increases the risk of bowel cancer.

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