You to the rescue

Aug 02, 2013, 10:30 IST | Ruchika Kher

Lend your support to a crowd-sourced music relief concert in aid of the Uttarakhand flood victims that will take place in the city on August 8

When the Uttrakhand catastrophe affected millions and took away thousands of lives, two Mumbai based friends – Stephanie Fernandes, a copywriter with an ad agency and Juhi Khanna, a PR professional, decided to pitch in for relief work. When personal donations to an NGO didn’t seem sufficient, the duo came up with the idea of utilising the power of music and organised a relief concert, titled YOU For Uttarakhand.

Spud In The Box

“We were closely following the countless reports on the Uttarakhand flood disaster and were disturbed by the massive scale of destruction. Both of us wanted to do something in our personal capacity to help the victims. Then, Stephanie came up with the idea of using music to motivate people to come together and contribute for the cause,” says Khanna. The concert will feature performances from bands including Blackstratblues, The Siddharth Basrur Project, Spud in the Box, The Other People, Square Routes and Ryan Dias.

“Most artistes who heard about the initiative readily agreed to support the cause. We could not accommodate every name, and had to narrow it down to six bands since we have one date and venue in place. We are working towards a second venue for an additional concert,” informs Khanna. Tickets for the concert are priced at Rs 500 per head, the proceeds of which will be donated to Save The Children, an NGO that is working to support those affected by June’s flash floods.

“Keeping in mind the scale of this disaster, we strongly believe that any help, however big or small, can make a difference,” adds Khanna.

On August 8, 8 pm onwards
At Blue Frog, Lower Parel.
Call 61586158

Singing for Uttarakhand

Siddharth Basrur (The Siddharth Basrur Project):
“Music is my strongest skill and I wanted to reach out to the people of Uttarakhand through it. So, I immediately accepted YOU For Uttarakhand’s invitation to perform for the cause. A couple of the songs that I will be performing at the concert will resonate with the cause. I will also be performing a new song for the first time.”

Rohan Rajadhakshya (Spud in the Box):
“Stephanie wrote to us on Facebook and Twitter a month or so back, asking us if we’d like to be a part of this event. We agreed, within minutes. It’s an absolutely fantastic initiative and we’re super-psyched to be a part of it. We will put up a slamming set and try to rope in the crowd to create more awareness for the event.” 

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