Young girl stolen from CST back in Mumbai

Jul 13, 2012, 06:45 IST | Sujeet Yadav

Cops still unclear on the motive for abduction, as kidnapper is changing statements on why he did it

The three-year-old girl who was abducted from CST railway station was brought back to the city from Haridwar yesterday, a month after a man picked her up while her parents were sleeping at the station.

The girl Horlicks and had purchased new clothes for her. Pics/Suresh KK

The accused has been identified as Raju Kallu Gaura (26), and has been booked under section 363 (Kidnapping) of the Indian Penal Code. A Railway Court has granted police custody of the accused till July 18.

Raju Kallu Gaura

The incident, which was captured by the station’s CCTV cameras, had created a stir, and only after continuous media coverage was the case cracked. “After various media outlets broadcasted the shocking video of the girl’s kidnap, police in Haridwar saw it too. A constable patrolling Haridwar Railway station saw a man matching the suspect’s description loitering in the station, along with a girl,” said GRP Senior Inspector Surendranath Deshmukh.

On seeing the limping suspect walk away, the constable caught him and started questioning him. On finding his replies suspicious, the constable marched Gaura to the police station, where he confessed to his crime. “The railway police then got in touch with the CST GRP, who sent a team there to bring the girl back,” added Deshmukh. Police said that prima facie the girl does not appear to have suffered any form of physical abuse. However, they sent her to JJ Hospital for a check up last night.

According to police, while in Haridwar, the young girl had developed a rash due to the extremely hot weather. “Haridwar is searing hot at this time of the year, and the girl developed a rash. He (Gaura) administered Shah Rukh Khan Powder to treat it,” said a police officer. “He would also treat the girl to Horlicks and had purchased new clothes for her. She was well-taken care of,” added the police officer.

Motive unclear
According to police a source, Gaura has been continually changing his statements regarding why he kidnapped the girl. “At first he told us he kidnapped her to force her into begging. Then he said he kidnapped her because he had no child of his own,” said a policeman, on condition of anonymity. Gaura, who hails from Bhopal, is unmarried.

The girl had been kidnapped on June 11, as her parents slept in the lobby at CST railway station after missing their train back to their village. Her parents hail from Solapur and work as gutter cleaners. After the kidnap, the parents had returned to Solapur and returned to the city on Wednesday evening, in time to receive their baby, who returned from Haridwar at 1 am yesterday.  

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