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Jun 13, 2013, 07:11 IST | Soma Das

They made a splash with their styling and make-up workshops, now, Extra Mile Cafe, has started Styling Avenue � a platform to rev up men and women with personalised advice on looks and image, with grooming, hair and wardrobe tips

Two years ago, former marketing professional, Pooja Chadha, started the first Extra Mile Café centre at Khar. The Cafe was a hub for workshops as diverse as styling and baking. Spurred by the response for personal styling and make-up sessions, Chadha has now started Styling Avenue, a one-stop-shop for styling concerns.

Among other services, this platform will help with advice on make-up, hair styling, styling, assisted shopping trips to the high street or malls, wardrobe consultation at home, accessory styling and consulting for etiquette and body language.

Their stylists aim to teach you how to apply make-up using your own products, create hair styles like braids or fish tail on your own, understand what suits your lifestyle, body type and budget so that you shop for things that you can actually use. There won’t be instant makeovers.

Stylists will spend time with the individual to help understand what suits him / her and teach them to do it on their own. They are also open to organising one-on-one sessions at home or group sessions for friends/family at their Bandra or Colaba centre.

Telling us more about this, Chadha says, “Over the last few years, India’s fashion and retail scenario has undergone a vast change. Indian designers are famous abroad and foreign brands have come to India. Consumers have the money and the desire to look trendy. However, we lack knowledge and awareness of personal style; plus, there’s a lack of engagement from the brands’ side.” She adds that overseas, almost every brand and mall offers personalised styling and shopping assistance, which isn’t visible in India and hopes that Styling Avenue will bridge this gap.

These services are available at home or at both centres. More centres are expected to open this year. Their panel includes personal stylists, personal shoppers and expert hair and make-up artists. It’s possible to choose the level of expertise as per budget. Services range from `1,000 to `50,000 and can be customised. “With the influx of international brands and magazines catering to styling needs of Indian consumers, the information overload is overwhelming and naturally, baffles the customer about what suits him/her best,” she summarises.

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