Your personal wine shopper is here

Oct 15, 2013, 09:44 IST | The Guide Team

For the sartorially challenged, personal shoppers have emerged as heroes, time and again. Now making them look pass � is Living Liquidz

If any brand of wine you have had at a restaurant or a hotel in the city has stolen your heart but you don’t know where to source it from, Living Liquidz is ready to serve as your personal wine shopper. 

This one-stop liquor shop is making a tempting offer and setting up a challenge to deliver any wine you asked for within 10 days. Living Liquidz has more than 800 alcohol brands on offer and works as a supplier at several restaurants and five star hotels in the city.

Simply mail them a photograph of the wine you wish to buy and they will source it for you. They also offer other services like wine and liquor training, and bartending.

The photograph service is available for wines; other spirits can also be home-delivered. 

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