Zayed Khan's on a joy ride

Apr 13, 2012, 06:36 IST | Gauri Pradhan

It's hard to believe that actor Zayed Khan is the proud papa of two sons. But the youthful actor takes fatherhood seriously and loves to spend quality time with his kids.

At the same time, he enjoys reconnecting with the child in him by doing some fun stuff, now and then. In a fun filled interview, Zayed talks to CS about his kids and the kid in him:

Pic/ Satyajit Desai

Daddy diaries
I am an indulgent father. I don’t think kids should be kept at home just because they are too young. I took Zidane to the Bahamas while shooting for Blue. He was just five months old then. It’s good to expose your kids to different environments. I try to spend as much time as possible with my kids. But when I am on an outdoor shoot, and Zidane calls up to say that he’s missing me, I feel bad. Toys can only do so much.

When I was a kid
My best childhood memories are from the first time I went to Disney Land in America. It was such a big deal. I was awestruck as I met Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Now when I remember those things, it makes me laugh. But when you see things as an innocent child, you enjoy them the most.

Helping them grow
Parenting has become a big thing now. Modern parents take lessons in handling kids, and kids are under pressure as well. You must motivate your child to follow his passions, and not just reward him for doing something he doesn’t really feel for. I want Zidane and Aariz to find themselves.

The carefree life
As a youngster, I was very skinny and scrawny. Not at all worth being noticed (laughs). But, my life as an average guy was fun. I used to hang out with friends, play a lot of soccer, and go regularly to the beach. I used to go to Fashion Street and buy cheap T-shirts. I still try and take walks around the Taj and Marine Drive. But that’s mostly at nights when there are less people on the roads.

On the fast lane
I love going on bike rides on my Ducati – Street Fighter 1100, but I have to disguise myself with a helmet before stepping out. It ensures my safety as well as that of the people on the road. Once, this guy was so busy looking at me that he drove his car up a divider. It hate to see such mishaps.  

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