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Black Book of Love launch depicts the magic of love and relationships

Updated on: 05 July,2022 07:36 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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A book filled with illustrations

Black Book of Love launch depicts the magic of love and relationships

For those who are stuck or struck with cupid or simply love free verse poetry, Rumour Books India has published ‘Black Book of Love’, a must-read book for all. Co-authored by Dr. Samudrika Patil and Rafaa Dalvi, it depicts the magic of emotions of all kinds. The illustrations speak to the reader and amplify the reading experience. The verses tug at your heartstrings and analyze all aspects of human relationships in soup to nuts fashion. It gives readers hope across illness, loss, despair, uncertainty, and turbulent times. This book is inspiring in many ways and showcases the talent of young authors. It will take you down memory lane when you felt for someone willingly or unwillingly, which at times may bring a smile to your face or little droplets down your cheeks. It also evokes a sense of nostalgia with respect to feelings we have all felt for love at some point in time. The book challenges the notion that romance is read for guilty pleasure and rides the line between literary and commercial.


Stating that the publication of the book has given her the best moment of her life, Dr. Samudrika Patil, author of the book said, “I am really thankful to my friends who are family that supported me throughout the process and read my poetry over and over with every edit, I’d like to thank my parents for always encouraging me to pursue everything I desire, the publishers, Rumour Books India, for believing in us. The book is inspired by real thoughts and experiences of the people around me and a few are my personal anecdotes. I strongly believe love is a mad, mad emotion that makes the world go round. Love not just romantic in nature but also love for friends, family, your pet animals, the Universe, or the most important person in your life - yourself.”


Echoing similar thoughts, Rafaa Dalvi, author said, “There’s so much uncertainty and pain in the world right now, that we want the readers to forget about that for a few hours. It’s our attempt to portray love from different perspectives and yet make it universally relatable. We want to convey the message of “yes, you can” and “it’s okay to be who you are, you will be loved.” It feels good to release something into the world that is so personal, and to have it be welcomed so warmly.”


Price: Rs 250

Available on the shelves of all book stores. People can also purchase the same online through Flipkart and Amazon.


About The Authors:

Dr. Samudrika Patil: Growing up in a family of doctors, Samudrika followed the tried and tested path and chose the stethoscope but could never let go of her color box. From writing on walls to keeping a diary, she believes that she has constantly evolved as a writer and is on a lifelong journey of true romance. At present, Samudrika’s poems and short stories have been published in three anthologies. Her Instagram page is her new personal diary for musings and everything that’s art.

She is the CEO of Vedicure Healthcare and wellness, a chain of holistic wellbeing centers. She completed her Masters in Clinical Endocrinology at the reputed Barts and The London School of Medicine in the UK after studying MBBS in Bombay. Some of her medical opinion pieces and articles have been published in The Indian Express, Vogue India, and on online portals such as Pink Villa and Tweak India.


Rafaa Dalvi: Rafaa Dalvi escapes the mundane with words and contemplates befriending the voices in his head. He dreams about changing the world, one chuckle at a time. He has written three volumes of ‘Small is Big’, which is a collection of 100 micro tales. He has also written a flash fiction collection titled ‘Chasing Nirvana’.


He’s the recipient of the Indian Bloggers League Booker Prize 2013. His book 'Small is Big - Volume 3' was the Runners-up in the third edition of the Amazon KDP Pen to Publish contest. He made his way into the India Book of Records by writing maximum flash fiction stories in a book.

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