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Crypto News Flash - Why Should You Invest in Solana and Feed3?

Updated on: 29 September,2022 02:26 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Cryptocurrencies are one of the hottest assets this period. With new tokens and projects constantly being introduced into the ecosystem, it can be difficult to pick the best investments.

Crypto News Flash - Why Should You Invest in Solana and Feed3?

The same way these tokens can help you secure bags of money, they can as well leave you with zero capital. Hence, it is wise to consider the utility of tokens before purchasing them.

One of the hottest crypto categories is Blockchain and Web3. Web3 allows people to participate in the internet and earn money via blockchain technology. In this article, we'd look at two protocols making significant contributions to the Web3 industry. These projects are Solana(SOL) and Feed3(FD3). In this piece, we'd be unveiling the top reasons for investors to consider adding Solana(SOL) and Feed3(FD3) to their portfolios.

Solana(SOL) The Scalability Crypto

Solana is a blockchain protocol focused on scalability. The protocol provides support for developers and enables them to create decentralized applications. With its key objective, it is in direct competition with other blockchain protocols like Ethereum and Cardano.

Solana enables developers to code and launch decentralized applications in various programming languages. An example of a popular product built on Solana is Serum. Serum is an order-book management software.

It also provides architectural solutions that would enable faster transactions. To achieve these goals, the network is designed with seven core components. These components are; proof of history, Gulf stream, Sea level, Turbine, Pipeline, Archivers, and Cloudbreak. All of these technical components help validate and store transactions.

SOL is Solana's native cryptocurrency. It can process transactions, write DApps, and incentivize contributors. SOL also helps users contribute to the DPoS(Delegated Proof of Stake )system. This system is run by voting and reputation. Users only need to stake their tokens to participate in governance and receive the chance to create blocks. SOL owners can also delegate their tokens to other contributors. They can allocate votes and also receive block rewards.

Validators and delegators can receive newly minted tokens on their staked tokens. The reward is determined by the amount staked, inflation rate, and network transactions. SOL holders can also access a suite of projects on the network. Projects such as NFTs, DApps, and Play-to-earn games.

Solana is not only a good product for blockchain enthusiasts, but it is also great for investors. Investors should consider adding the network's token to their portfolio with hopes that scalable blockchain will achieve success in the near future.

Feed3(FD3) The Feedback to Earn Protocol

Unlike Solana, Feed3(FD3) is not a Blockchain network. However, it will be a major facilitator of the Blockchain and Web3 industry. Feed3(FD3) is a feedback-to-earn(FB2E) protocol. Feed3(FD3) was created to fill a gap in the token economy system.

We'd all agree that there are a plethora of fascinating decentralized applications that have helped people participate in the token industry. These applications can be DeFi or GameFi.  However, there has been no solid structure for collecting feedback to help accelerate these products. The team at Feed3(FD3) saw this problem and decided to introduce the world's first decentralized feedback system.

Feed3(FD3) would be available as a dAPI(decentralized API) and a platform. With Feed3 dAPI, developers can integrate audio feedback tools directly on their product. Gamers and participants can engage in their favourite web3 platforms and send feedback directly to the team.

With this feedback tool, teams can understand the pain points of their consumers, improve their products, and create a better user experience. Feed3's integration with games and platforms also provides a double-incentive structure for participants. Feed3(FD3) also distributes its native token, FD3, as participants' rewards.

Feed3(FD3) platform is a decentralized review website. Gamers can check these platforms to find product reviews before using them. Feed3(FD3) would also utilize blockchain technologies to verify every contributor. With this model, users can be assured of genuine reviews from real contributors. Hence, a win-win for both Web3 companies and participants.

Investors can purchase these tokens with the hope that the Feedback to earn model will be incredibly beneficial to the Gaming Industry. The Feed3 presale is on. There are bonus offers to motivate your purchase. You'll get a 5% bonus for participating in the first stage of the presale and 4% for the second stage.

Feed3 (FD3)




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