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Project Platinum Reviews - Robby Blanchard Training Really Works? My Experience and Bonuses

Updated on: 24 March,2023 11:48 AM IST  |  Mumbai
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Hello Everyone! Today I will give you my honest review about Robby Blanchard’s training “Project Platinum”.

Project Platinum Reviews - Robby Blanchard Training Really Works? My Experience and Bonuses

I will share the true details related to the required budget and mindset in order to rightly decide if this is worth it for you. Read my review till the very end before taking any decision as this might change the view you look at things

Moreover If you buy the product through my link I will give you a special bonus. This bonus will help you get access to trusted ad accounts (high daily spend limit), believe me you will require a handful of ad accounts to succeed with this method. More info about my bonus can be found here. Let's begin the review.

P.S: Unlike other reviewers who just want readers to buy the Project Platinum from their link, I will share both sides of the story as per my own experience with facebook ads and clickbank.

What Is Project Platinum?

Project Platinum is a course with several modules that teaches students how to succeed with affiliate marketing and paid ads using facebook and Youtube. 

It teaches a 3-step system to turn visitors into customers. You will basically learn the art to run ads, and drive traffic to affiliate offers using a bridge page in between.  

Unlike Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard, the Project Platinum also has AI-based tools that will facilitate the whole process. Plus it teaches new techniques that alone can be game changers. 

Exclusively, Project Platinum is available on its official site and will launch on 27th march with 6th april being the last date to register.

The Man Behind Project Platinum

Robby Blanchard is the face behind Project Platinum. 

Robby started his journey in a small town in Massachusetts and got his education at Fitchburg State College, where he studied exercise science. He afterward completed an MBA degree. 

Fast forward a few years he became the number 1 affiliate on Clickbank. He used facebook ads as a source of traffic to generate massive sales. The Project Platinum teaches the same skills that Robby and several of his students are using.

Moreover for the last 3 years he has been in the Clickbank Diamond category. This category is when your yearly revenue is $5M, this is massive!

So, there is no doubt about Robby's coaching or his methods which he explains in The Project Platinum. The man is a true genius. 

Click Here To Download Robby Blanchard’s Platinum E-Book And Get Started

Project Platinum Review: What Comes With It?

Project Platinum isn’t just a pack of tools and videos. However, it's a complete package with different components and bonuses, which we’ll cover now.

1. Component No.1: First 6-Week Of Master Classes

In the first six weeks, individuals will get classes at regular intervals. 

In these classes Of the Project Platinum students will get the overview of things.

By the end of the sixth week, everyone will have enough understanding about the whole business model, what to do and what to avoid. 

The classes will help you understand the need for tools and strategies to get incredible outcomes.

2. Component No.2: 1-Year Access To Project Platinum A.I tools

In addition to Master Classes, Project Platinum provides buyers with all necessary AI software, which could reduce all the manual work. 

All these tools are more like shortcuts: you can easily write ads in just 30 seconds, bring creativity, find hidden audiences, and improve the success rate up to TRIPLE.   

This software is only accessible in Project Platinum. Most likely, you can’t find it anywhere else.

3. Component No.3: Money Magnet Traffic Training

To generate significant revenue, you must know the ad's scalability. This training teaches you how to properly scale Facebook and YouTube ads.

Here you’ll discover traffic-generating secrets, insider secrets, scaling techniques, and step-by-step blueprints. (even if you couldn’t make up in the past)

4. Component No.4: $250k Elite Platinum Offers 

Robby has made direct agreements with the most profitable and effective offers, allowing you to bypass the uncertainty and identify the top-paying offers.

After reading this, you'll understand how to find the best deals, negotiate for these deals, and earn the highest commission possible. 

You’ll learn to discover useful resources that will help you save time and money. The official site claims these offers could help you earn up to $250,000 or even more. 

5. Component No.5: Project Platinum Coaching Group

With all those tools and classes, Robby has also created a separate coaching group where students can ask questions, meet new people, and encourage each other to generate better income. 

The site claims the group is invaluable and plays a huge role in Project Platinum.

6. Component No.6: Figure Platinum Case Studies

Case studies are highly important for learning about affiliate marketing success. To create this component, Robby and his team have conducted some interviews with their students who have reached peak levels of success from this project.

More specifically, this component focuses on telling how a regular person with no experience worked up to high success. 

7. Component No.7: Instant Scale Training

The instant-scale training is again focused on scaling an online business. This component features several steps that will boost your income exponentially. 

Just as the site claims, the module can help you go from $500 per day to $5,000 per day or even more. By doing such scaling, there’s no indication of how much you can increase your business. 

With these components, buyers will now receive limited-time, fast-action Project Platinum bonuses. Not one or two bonuses, but eleven different Project Platinum bonus items. Sounds incredible! Isn’t it?

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What Are Project Platinum Bonuses?

1. Bonus No.1: Access to the Next Virtual Event

The first bonus revolves around the 2-day virtual event, where buyers will learn from the best. That means you’ll get special coaching from experts who are already making 6 to 7 figures per year by using Project Platinum.

The event will cover insider training, special coaching, and helpful strategies. The ticket to this event is normally around $1000, but you’ll get it for no extra cost.  

2. Bonus No.2: Youtube 6-week Masterclass

Project Platinum offers a 6-week masterclass that focuses primarily on Facebook ads. In addition, buyers will receive a 6-week YouTube masterclass. 

Since both platforms have a lot of potential to help anyone grow suddenly, understanding how to use them properly is essential.  

3. Bonus No.3: Project Platinum Landing Page Builder

With Project Platinum, you’ll receive landing page builder software as a bonus item. So that means you’ll never spend money on a separate landing page builder.

The bonus has got you covered and will help you create winning landing pages to generate good revenue.

4. Bonus No.4: DFY 7-Figure Landing Pages

Not just a landing page builder, but Project Platinum also features a great set of templates that have earned them over 7-figures. 

You can use these Robby's templates to demonstrate professionalism for no additional cost or time.  

5. Bonus No.5: Full Access to Spy Hero

Project Platinum features Spy Hero, a research tool developed to run ads by utilizing data obtained from various sources.

You can use this tool to spy and collect data in order to create ads for Facebook and YouTube. This specific tool will remain a free bonus item for the first 30 days. 

6. Bonus No.6: Full Access to Cometly

In addition to Spy Hero, you'll receive Cometly, a tracking software designed to aid in campaign scaling and growth. 

Using Cometly, you can enjoy excellent features that help users make significant money on their campaigns and scale up faster. 

7. Bonus No.7: The Project Platinum App

With all its amazing tools, classes, and virtual events, Project Platinum also features a custom-built app. This means you can take Project Platinum anywhere and develop skills at any time.

Project Platinum has made an app for both Android and iOS devices. 

8. Bonus No.8: Upgrade to Lifetime Access to Project Platinum AI Software

Throughout this review, we have mentioned AI software several times. Typically, the software would be offered free for a limited period, but Robby and his team offer a lifetime upgrade to those who sign up early. 

Robby is indeed working hard to lower the costs for affiliate marketers and provide them with the best possible tools to succeed. 

It's wonderful to see someone who genuinely cares about his customers and is prepared to assist them in accomplishing their goals.

9. Bonus No.9: Platinum Celebrity Offer Access

Robby Blanchard has collaborated with Mike Tyson to provide exclusive opportunities to members of Project Platinum. 

Additionally, there’s a chance that Project Platinum members may have access to other exclusive offers from celebrities in the near future.

10. Bonus No.10: Full Access to Commission Hero!

Commission Hero is a platform for earning commissions online. It has certain tutorials, already-made landing pages, and ads for your experience. 

In reality, Project Platinum is more of an advanced version of Commission Hero. By joining today, you will receive both Project Platinum and Commission Hero, allowing you to earn more. 

11. Bonus No.11: Get A Vacation On Us!

The last bonus is about vacation. According to the official website, once you start generating $1000 per day and reach Platinum, Robby wants you to come and celebrate your success with all his teams and members on a complimentary vacation.

This incentive is both surprising and motivating. 

>> Click Here To Get Project Platinum With One Additional Bonus From Me

Project Platinum Review: When Will It Be Released?

Project Platinum has revealed the launch date, and the wait is almost over now.

Currently, the team has three dates on their watchlist. Project Platinum's pre launch is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22, 2023. On Monday, March 27, 2023, they will start accepting registrations.

It’s important to mention that this offer will only be active until Thursday, April 6, 2023.

A Guaranteed Success? Who is It For?

After deep research, we realize that Project Platinum has the potential to revolutionize your marketing level and elevate you to the level of an expert. The site has made assurance related to your success.

To prove these points, Robby has already given enough testimonials of his students on the official web page. For example, thanks to the training module, one of his students hit $10,000 in her first week. Also, after taking classes in January 2023, another person's income steadily rose from $2,000 to $3,800 weekly.  

But there are also many unspoken stories of students who were not successful. And the thing that separates the winners from the losers is discussed below.

The Mindset And Budget - Other Side Of the Story:

No doubt that Robby Blanchard is the best person to learn affiliate marketing especially Clickbank VSL offers using paid Facebook and Youtube ads. The program Project Platinum can also dramatically improve your chances of success through the most updated knowledge, tools and guidance.

However, the mindset of an individual is everything in this training. You will not get success overnight with ads. You will feel like giving up but persistence is everything here. That’s why you will need a strong mindset. You will have to trust the process and get ready to face setbacks, these may include:

1)You will most likely get your ad accounts restricted/disabled. (this is where my bonus can help you)

2)You will have to warm up your ad account by spending money on it before starting to promote affiliate offers. This warm up will also help you increase your daily spend limit. Because if you have a fresh facebook account your daily spend limit will have a cap of $50. (again my bonus can help you here and speed up the process).

3)Testing! You will need to do a lot of testing in order to get the winning combination. A winning combination includes a profitable ad + audience + bridge page + offer. To find your winning combination you will have to do a lot of testing. And to be honest, testing requires patience + money. It could take you from a few hundred bucks to maybe a couple of thousand dollars to find the sweet spot.

But once you find that winning combination you can expect great ROI.

So, to sum it up. If you are up for the aforementioned points, The Project Platinum can be a game changer for you. There are several verified stories of students who have changed their lives and literally became millionaires with the information that Robby teaches.

>> Click Here To Get Started With Project Platinum By Robby Blanchard.

Project Platinum Review: What’s the Price?

The total value of Project Platinum is around $59,744. However, Robby has no plan to charge you up to that amount.

The price of Project Platinum is set in such a way that anyone can afford it. So, the actual cost of Project Platinum is very low. 

Project Platinum Cost

There are two options for you to pay for Project Platinum. The Project Platinum cost is also given below. 

A. Option 1 (Instant Discount)—One-time payment of $2497.00 with an Instant Discount of $491. 

B. Option 2 (Standard Pay)—Payment will be made in three installments of $997.00, each month apart.

Special Bonus From My Side: 

I have a special bonus for anyone who buys through my link. I will give access to my ultimate Facebook ad Account package. This include:

1. A trusted verified profile

2. An old Business manager with a daily spending limit of $250.

3. And an old FB page whose name can be changed to your desire. An old page is likely to have more trust with facebook because of the fact it has been aged.

This bonus alone can speed up the whole process. 

You can get your bonus by visiting my website  

Moreover, as the CEO at I can help you with established ad accounts in the future as well because believe me you will require a ton of them. I know the most 

Project Platinum By Robby Blanchard Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Project Platinum is a short and highly efficient training program that empowers affiliate marketers to ultimately raise the Clickbank scale and achieve platinum status. 

Robby, its creator, uses it to illustrate the unique and secret ideas that have helped him grow his income streams over time. The course covers all important components, like content production, advertising, etc.

Using all the provided AI technologies and pieces of training in Project Platinum, it’s possible to upgrade your ads up to 10 times and triple your success chances. The course trains you to find and grab the best opportunity to conquer this market without competition. Plus, it explains how to build a scalable affiliate marketing business in 2023!

>> Click Here To Get Started With Project Platinum - Also get a special bonus from my side that will accelerate the process.

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