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Movie Review: 'Mere Haule Dost'

Updated on: 07 June,2013 02:57 PM IST  | 
Shakti Shetty |

The film takes itself for granted and leaves the audiences squirming in their seats

Movie Review: 'Mere Haule Dost'

If you are someone who is indiscriminate enough to watch all kinds of cinema, you must be knowing one thing for sure: neither are all independent films brilliant nor are all masala blockbusters, abysmal. Left to their devices, some indie endeavours are so irresponsibly hemmed that they make the genre look pitiable. Resource (or lack of it) is not usually an issue when the very conception is hollow and directionless. Such films take themselves for granted and leave the audiences squirming in their seats.

'Mere Haule Dost'

'Mere Haule Dost' effortlessly falls into that category.

Although the premise initially seems exciting with five young friends from Hyderabad planning a bike rally to Ladakh, the story gradually disintegrates only to expose a poor screenplay. First of all, none of them possess the qualifications required to go on a long road trip. They can’t even buy a proper bike, let alone know the art of assembling and dissembling a two-wheeler. Needless to highlight, money is short in supply for this gang of lazybones while nobody seems to realise that earning is a viable option. And each one of these characters has a romantic entanglement to deal with too — dragging a rather miserable film ahead.

Not so sure whether starting a film like this was a challenge for the makers but it’s definitely going to be a challenge for the viewers to reach its end. Eccentricity is admirable provided there is a concrete plot to fall back on. In this peculiar case, nothing is going anywhere — forget Leh. Even a film student in his final year would churn out something more engaging and sensible.

Throughout, there isn’t a single remarkable scene that would make you sit up and take notice. Add to this ordeal the unending number of dull dialogues and new attempts at old quips. Calling it comedy is a joke in itself. In terms of performance, lesser the said, the better. The cast is filled with hams who can’t act at all. To make things worse, they don’t seem to pretend that they are acting. It’s like nobody gives a damn.

The only saving grace comes from the music department as an interesting background score keeps outmatching the visual layout.

If only this film was about a bike trip instead of some losers (haule means the same in Dakhini) who do everything possible so as to make sure they don’t go on a rally!

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