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Kis Hudh Tak - movie review

Updated on: 21 August,2010 06:22 AM IST  | 
Bryan Durham |

Dir: Tarun Dhanrajgirji Cast: Shital Shah, Pavan Sharma

Kis Hudh Tak - movie review

Dir: Tarun Dhanrajgirji
Cast: Shital Shah, Pavan Sharma, Sujata Kumar
Rating: 1/2

What's it about: It's really surprising how many gals in films meet creeps, casanovas and rapists at a party or at a club. Of course, they never know it at the time and by the time they do, it's too late to cry about the lapse in judgment.

Kis Hudh Tak takes into account one such tale. Law student Dia (Shah) meets spoilt brat Sharad (Sharma) and falls head over heels in love in no time at all. One thing leads to another and he ends up raping the gal at his farmhouse. She cries foul and goes to the police. Sharad, the son of a politician mother, is promptly jailed but claims he's innocent. The case goes to court and a verdict is delivered. Is justice served? And who's the victim here?

What's hot: Frankly, my dear, even if there was something, I didn't give a damn!

What's not: You had to ask. For one, even though Mr Dhanrajgir has his fingers dipped in every pie of the production, it's obvious there were several minds at work when the screenplay was being written. The acting is uninspired, loud in places and one doesn't feel sympathy or disdain for either lead character caught in the mudslinging. The acting is strictly B-movie and the court scenes which should have been the lynchpin of this film, is very been there-seen that.

Obviously, the lead pair can't act and they get several opportunities to make that point amply clear.
The intent may have been one of education but it comes across as inherently sleazy, which doesn't help anyone concerned.

When you're going to pick a subject like this, research the subject sufficiently and then pick a cast to do justice to it, not make do with what you have.

What to do: Kis hudh tak can you torture yourself? Wanna find out? Watch this film.

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