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Movie review: 'Zila Ghaziabad'

Updated on: 22 February,2013 10:38 AM IST  | 
Janhavi Samant |

Just another loud, noisy gangwar flick. Go if you have strong ear drums!

Movie review: 'Zila Ghaziabad'

As rogue cop hero (Sanjay Dutt) gets into the groove of fighting the goons, his assistant requests, “Sir why don’t you just shoot them all and finish this off quickly?” Rogue cop replies, “What is the fun then? It’s much better to burst goondas like balloons with your bare hands.”

Photos:u00a0Special screening of 'Zila Ghaziabad'

Truly enough, 'Zila Ghaziabad' has a lot of that bursting happening, especially of the ear-drums! There are two rival gangs going at one another with full josh and ammunition because of a silly misunderstanding. And an equally rogue cop brought in to deal with them. It all starts with Fauji (Arshad Warsi, who has nothing to do with the faujis in our army), a trigger-happy, bloodthirsty contract goon who needs Rs 20 lakh to marry off his sister. It’s quite interesting to note that the said sister isn’t anywhere close to getting married even by the end of the film; there isn’t even an intended groom in sight. Fauji’s politician boss Chairman (Paresh Rawal) refuses and Fauji joins another gang to start taking pangas with Master (Vivek Oberoi, a peace-loving teacher).

Dialogue ke upar dialogue, dhisoom ke upar dhishoom, dead body ke upar dead body, khoon ka badla khoon. Explaining the plot needs too much investment of memory. But if you have seen 'Dabangg', 'Omkara', 'Singham', and grubby unshaven sweaty men with tobacco-laden teeth is your thing, then who am I to discourage? So let me list out the few good things to look out for in this noisy film.

1. Arshad Warsi’s expertly kohl-laden eyes. Could give Sudha Chandran a run for her money.

2. Sanjay Dutt’s inexpertly photoshopped under-eyes. Now you see the wrinkles, now you don’t.

3. Chandrachur Singh’s fake moustache, which is longer than his role in the film.

4. Vivek Oberoi’s conditioned hair and toothpaste smile and his Gandhiji dialogues.

5. Dozens of shots of fists curling and crackling and muscles firming before the heroes punch someone.

6. A couple of in-jokes about Sanjay Dutt referring to his 'Khalnayak' and 'Saajan' days

7. The Spot Minissha Lamba in the Film Contest.

8. Some superimaginative action shots which include: Vivek Oberoi flying on a bike, Sanjay Dutt shooting a gun while still-suspended horizontally in the air, and Vivek and Arshad flying sideways in the air during a gun-fight.

9. The calm at the end of the film.

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