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My Mom's New Boyfriend - Movies Review

Updated on: 25 April,2009 07:30 AM IST  | 
Tushar Joshi |

A silly attempt to raise a few chuckles at the expense of cashing in on Meg Ryan's worn-out charm and smile.

My Mom's New Boyfriend - Movies Review<br/>

What's it about: A silly attempt to raise a few chuckles at the expense of cashing in on Meg Ryan's worn-out charm and smile. As the title suggests the story is about a boy who finds it a tad bit uncomfortable seeing his mom with her new boyfriend.
Henry (Colin Hanks) hasn't seen his mom (Meg Ryan) for over three years. Being an FBI agent, he needs to be on the field and work keeps him away from family.

The whole film is about the drama that ensues and the tricky situations Henry is put into. While he needs to support his mom in her new avatar, his job demands he spy on Tommy. So it's a Catch-22 situation that doesn't get any better till the last reels roll out.

What's hot: There are a couple of scenes that play out well. But they are few and far between. Hanks does as much as he can with the feeble script and clichu00e9d dialogues.

What's not: Gone are the days when sitcom writers could write for a movie and get away with a below average screenplay. This 2008 release seems like it's stuck in the late 90s with the treatment George Gallo gives it. Of the cast, Meg Ryan is the weakest.
Seriously, what happened to her ? Not only does she look heavily botoxed (which isn't much of a surprise) but her Nora Ephron movie charm has completely faded away.

Banderas doesn't seem to care much. Perhaps he paid more attention to his pay cheque than the movie script. Selma Blair is average. There are no surprises in guessing where the end goes and that isn't a great thing.

What to do: In this time of no releases, you may be tempted to go catch this one. But be warned you may end up cursing yourself for doing so!

My Mom's New Boyfriend
A; Comedy/Romance
Dir: George Gallo
Cast: Meg Ryan, Colin Hanks, Selma Blair, and Antonio Banderas

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