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Pyaar Impossible - Movie Review

Updated on: 09 January,2010 07:42 AM IST  | 
Sarita Tanwar |

It's about a geek Abhay Sharma (Uday Chopra) falling in love with the most popular girl in college Alisha Merchant (Priyanka Chopra) and she doesn't know he exists.

Pyaar Impossible - Movie Review

Pyaar Impossible
U; Romance
Dir: Jugal Hansraj
Cast: Uday Chopra, Priyanka Chopra, Dino Morea and Anupam Kher


What it's about: It's about a geek Abhay Sharma (Uday Chopra)u00a0 falling in love with the most popular girl in college Alisha Merchant (Priyanka Chopra) and she doesn't know he exists. He continues to love her seven years after college. He drowns himself in "his second love" (his work) and creates a software called Unity. When it's time for him to cash in on his work, it gets stolen.

He has two choicesu00a0 give up or fight and win back what is rightfully his. He decides on the latter and sets on a journey and finds himself in Singapore, where he meets his lost love. And by some strange coincidence he ends up working for her. But then things go wrong again with the arrival of Varun Sanghvi (Dino Morea).

What's good: What's nice about the film is the intent. It attempts to highlight the shallowness of attaching importance to looks (let's not forget the money aspect, which is completely ignored by the way!) when it comes to choosing a mate. But that's how it is. At least at college level. Hormone-driven teenagers are not really looking for sensitivity, lofty ideals, a good heart and a bright mind.

But if this film manages to convince even a small number of the movie-going audience to look beyond their fixation for the Prom King or Queen and get to know the not-so-fabulous looking person in your college, then it is special. For me, the biggest triumph of the film lies in the fact that the geek doesn't miraculously turn into a dude.

Whenever you see an unfortunate looking girl or guy in a film, you know there's a makeover waiting to happen. The music disappoints except the title song. There are a few lovely moments. Like when Abhay shows her what it means to be a not-so-nice looking person. Also, their conversation over coffee one night is nicely done. Uday is convincing in his nerd act and stays in character throughout.

What's bad: Priyanka, who more often than not, delivers an impressive performance, is exaggerated. In the second half, she compensates with a few heartfelt scenes. For the most part, her body language and expressions are over the top. Maybe that's just the way the writer and the director saw her character, but it just doesn't work. Dino looks awkward and uncomfortable throughout.

He really shouldn't play the bad guy. Uday Chopra is no writer but really lines like, "Hum logon (read: ugly people?) ke saath hamesha aisa hi hota hai" and "I can't believe log itne gire hue ho sakte hain" are out of an '80s melodrama. Then there is the cute but annoying six-year old girl (made to act like she is 12) mouthing dialogues like, "Tum meri mummy se pyaar karte ho?" and "Kal raat ko (mummy ke saath) kya hua?" Okay, so Abhay is a bookworm. Don't geeks bond with other geeks? His only pal is his dad, and long-distance conversations with him test your patience. Also, when Alisha knows that Abhay has never been in love or had a girlfriend, why is she constantly asking him for love advice? The dramatic scene where Abhay confronts Varun (smoking cigar, while trying to look dark) is hysterical.

What's that: The weirdest part of the film are the portions in the office. Clearly Uday has never worked in an office, which explains why he makes Alisha the PR and the Marketing head and makes her sit at deal-striking meetings. And Varun shamelessly hits on her in the boardroom with others (including her boss) watching.

The transaction of the merger is done by passing notes across the table! And finally, at the press conference of the launch of the software, Varun is asked to get out and told he won't get the money. Why was he waiting to collect? When the software exchanged hands, so should have the cheque.

What to do: Go if you are a college student, a PC fan or friends with Uday Chopra.

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