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Fariba Rahimi all ready for 2021 with new beginnings

Updated on: 10 January,2021 05:50 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Fariba had some major projects in 2020 so we only have high hopes for her new beginnings in 2021!

Fariba Rahimi all ready for 2021 with new beginnings

Fariba Rahimi spotted at an event in Riccione, Italy. Pic courtesy/Instagram

The model recently revealed that she has got a huge list of new plans for 2021, many of which remain a secret. Fariba has been busy with many significant projects for which she traveled to Italy recently. Despite the atrocities inflicted by the pandemic, Fariba was able to have so much done in this year. So we can only dream what she has in store for us in 2021! Only the next year will tell what her big plans for the future are!

The Norwegian star model recently appeared in Riccione in a new look and surprised everyone. This picture was posted by FaribaRahimi’sofficial Instagram account. The photo captured by the talented Italian photographer Maurizio Montani reveals Fariba’s new look for her appearance in Riccione that took everyone by surprise and left them in awe. Fariba has been known to shock her fans and people with dazzling new looks, projects and many major milestones in her career.

But this time, Fariba is ready for more than just that! The model recently revealed to her close friends that she is finally ready for a long-term relationship. The huge news was shared by her close friends who are very happy with Fariba’s decision and wish her well! Will Fariba find her true love in 2021? Because we just can’t wait to see who that lucky guy would be! Who knows MAYBE we could see a star-studded wedding next year at a perfect destination?! Only time will tell. But looking at her achievements from 2020, we know one thing for sure! The next year is going to be extremely wholesome for Fariba.