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Louis Vuitton announces collaboration with the city of Barcelona

Louis Vuitton will showcase its Cruise 2025 fashion show in Barcelona on May 23, one of its multiple collaborative actions with the Catalan capital. These actions notably involve the organisation of the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup Barcelona, including the Louis Vuitton Cup qualifying session, to begin this Summer 2024. Steeped in tradition and innovation – with the ‘Art of Travel’ at its core – the brand has staged shows across the globe at world-renowned locations and landmarks of architectural significance, paying homage to art and local culture. Previously, the Maison has held its Cruise shows at venues including John Lautner’s Bob & Dolores Hope Estate in Palm Springs, Oscar Niemeyer’s Contemporary Art Museum in Niterói, I.M. Pei’s Miho Museum near Kyoto, the Salk Institute in California, and Isola Bella on Lake Maggiore among others. The upcoming Cruise Fashion Show will take place in a location in Barcelona to be revealed at a later date. The Maison’s latest stop in the Catalan capital brings guests and viewers to a major cultural centre and tourist destination. Nestled on the border of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and dynamic destinations in Europe. “It is an immense pleasure to collaborate with the city of Barcelona sharing common values with Louis Vuitton that are deeply anchored into a remarkable heritage and the passion for creativity. The upcoming Cruise fashion show, encapsulating Women’s Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière’s vision for the collection, as well as the upcoming Louis Vuitton Cup and the 37th America’s Cup will undoubtfully capture Louis Vuitton’s long-standing relationship with Barcelona and the Catalan region in the most ultimate way,” says Pietro Beccari, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton. Along with the show, the brand will also celebrate the LV Cup and the 37th edition of the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup Barcelona with multiple events such as hospitality, an exhibition, and cultural activations with guests from around the world. Additionally, the brand will launch its much-anticipated City Guide for Barcelona alongside a cultural pop-up kiosk and event. Barcelona and Louis Vuitton are also working on educational programmes to support creativity and design in the city. The Maison’s relationship with Barcelona dates back to the beginning of the 20th century as the Maison played an active role at the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition, bringing together industry, art, and innovation. Georges Vuitton (Louis Vuitton’s son) was a member of the jury and was also awarded a grand prize for his toiletry cases. Louis Vuitton opened its first store in Spain in the city of Barcelona in 1987 and now has two stores in the Catalan capital. Its footprint extends to the Catalonia region, well-known for its great leather savoir-faire tradition, where the Maison opened its first workshops in 1990 and now operates six leather goods ateliers in Catalunya employing over 1800 people. This story has been sourced from a third party syndicated feed, agencies. Mid-day accepts no responsibility or liability for its dependability, trustworthiness, reliability and data of the text. Mid-day management/ reserves the sole right to alter, delete or remove (without notice) the content in its absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever

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 The concept of quiet luxury is all about appreciating the finer things in life without the need to show off or make a statement.

Mid-Day Premium The ultimate fashion guide to embracing quiet luxury with Indian attire

Quiet luxury is a trend across fashion and lifestyle that has gained massive popularity across the globe. It refers to a refined and understated approach to luxury, where the focus is on quality, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance rather than flashy logos or overt branding. The concept of quiet luxury is all about appreciating the finer things in life without the need to show off or make a statement. It's a subtle yet powerful way of expressing one's personal style and taste. If you are wondering, how can you communicate sophistication and refinement through your OOTD, we’ve got fashion experts to help you out.  10 ways to style quiet luxury When asked what quiet luxury means to him, content creator Rishabh Chawla shares, “Styling quiet luxury is like curating your wardrobe with pieces that effortlessly exude sophistication, without needing to scream for attention. It’s about cultivating a refined aesthetic that speaks volumes in its simplicity and elegance, without being overly ostentatious.” Stylist, model, and fashion creator Ruhaanee Hiran agrees as she tells us about the importance of minimalism in fashion, and how it’s the central aspect of quiet luxury. Below, the two fashion enthusiasts share ten tips to get you started.  Also Read: Fashion pundits dissect the ‘Quiet Luxury’ fashion trend, share tips to ace it Quality over fast fashion First and foremost, quality reigns supreme. When selecting items for your quiet luxury ensemble, opt for pieces that are meticulously crafted and built to last. Whether it’s a beautifully tailored blazer or a timeless leather bag, prioritise quality materials and craftsmanship. These pieces not only look better, but also stand the test of time, and can turn out to be worthy investments in your wardrobe. Take your fabrics seriously Luxurious fabrics elevate the quiet luxury aesthetic, adding a tactile dimension to your ensemble. Soft cashmere, smooth silk, and fine wool not only feel luxurious against the skin but also exude an air of sophistication. Incorporating these premium materials into your wardrobe enhances the overall look and feel of your outfit, adding a touch of indulgence to everyday dressing.  Well-balanced outfit When it comes to putting together an outfit, there are many factors to consider. One important aspect is the balance and proportion of each piece. A well-balanced outfit will typically include a mix of fitted and more relaxed items that complement each other. Experimenting with layering can also add depth and interest to your overall look.  Fit is a hit Fit plays a crucial role in achieving the quiet luxury aesthetic. Clothes that fit well not only flatter your figure but also enhance your overall appearance. Whether it's a perfectly tailored suit or a pair of well-fitted jeans, pay attention to the cut and silhouette to ensure a sleek and polished look. Investing in alterations, if necessary, can make a world of difference in achieving the perfect fit.  Keep it simple silly Simplicity is the guiding principle of quiet luxury. Instead of flashy logos or trendy embellishments, focus on clean lines, classic silhouettes, and understated details. Neutral tones like black, white, beige, and navy serve as the foundation of this aesthetic, offering endless versatility and effortless sophistication. By keeping it simple, you allow the inherent beauty of each piece to shine through, creating a cohesive and polished look.  Also Read: Can’t pick the right lipstick? Here’s an expert guide to your perfect shade Accessorise right In addition to clothing items, accessories also play a crucial role in completing the perfect outfit. When selecting accessories, it's best to keep things simple and avoid going overboard. Small earrings or delicate necklaces can enhance your outfit, while a thin belt or silk scarf can add some flair without overwhelming it. Soft makeup and hair Regarding hair and makeup, it's best to opt for a natural and effortless look. Soft waves or a neat bun can create a polished yet relaxed appearance, and neutral makeup tones can highlight your natural beauty without being too distracting.  Confident strides Confidence is key when it comes to pulling off any outfit. Wearing your clothes with pride and carrying yourself with confidence can make a significant difference in how you look and feel. And don't forget to add a touch of good perfume to give you that extra boost!  Scent it up Don’t overlook the power of scent in styling quiet luxury. A signature fragrance adds a personal and distinctive touch to your ensemble, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. Choose a sophisticated and subtle scent that complements your style and enhances your overall presence.  Classic shoes Lastly, when it comes to shoes, it's best to choose classic styles in neutral colours that complement your outfit without overpowering it. Loafers or ballet flats can be a great choice for many outfits, but the specific shoe you choose will depend on the rest of your outfit and your personal style preferences.   How to elevate Indian attire to align with quiet luxury? Although quiet luxury is a Western import, its implementation in the Indian context can be exciting to fashion lovers. After all elegance, quality, and minimalism are all aspects of a diverse range of clothing. “India has a rich heritage of craftsmanship in textiles, including weaving, embroidery, and printing techniques like block printing and hand-painting.  Quiet luxury can be manifested through the appreciation and promotion of these traditional crafts, which showcase meticulous attention to detail and exquisite artistry,” poses Sarabjeet Saluja, founder and CEO of Saundh, an everyday affordable-luxury label inspired by stories that shape our artistic heritage. Below, he lists five things to consider when trying to channel the quiet luxury aesthetic:   Homegrown craftsmanshipWe must not forget about India's diverse range of natural fibres such as cotton, silk, linen, and wool which can contribute to the concept of quiet luxury. Many homegrown labels have established the concept of quiet luxury through their meticulous designs, detailed craftsmanship and use of high-grade textiles. While they narrate a colourful story, there’s a sense of calmness in each product, making it a vivid example of quiet luxury.    Luxury can be comfortable and durableLuxury is not just about aesthetics; it's also about how you feel. Prioritise comfort in your choices, whether it's selecting soft, luxurious fabrics for your clothing and bedding or creating cosy spaces in your home where you can relax and unwind. Choose well-made clothing crafted from materials like fine cotton, silk, linen, or wool that offer both comfort and durability.  Also Read: Wedding edit: Why more number of brides are switching to bridal sneakers Colours are key Colours play a significant role in setting the tone and mood of a space or an outfit. When it comes to quiet luxury, sophisticated colour palettes are often preferred. You could experiment with the colours of the season for a more elevated look.   Be mindful of silhouettes It's often the little details that elevate an experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Silhouettes refer to the overall shape or outline of a garment or object. Focus on simplicity and understated elegance in your choices. In the context of quiet luxury, silhouettes often prioritise simplicity and timelessness.   Let the big labels and trends be Quiet luxury is very tricky as it can be often confused with big labels and names - it is also about comfort and personal expression. It’s very easy to get influenced by our favourite actors or designers or models but you must find your style.  

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At the heart of the new collection lies the interplay of traditional Khadi fabric with sleek, modern silhouettes, Photo Courtesy: KH House of Khaddar

Kamal Haasan's label KH House of Khaddar launches new Spring-Summer collection

Kamal Haasan's label KH House of Khaddar, a sustainable fashion label, has launched a new Spring-Summer collection 'Loominaire'. The label known for its heritage craftsmanship and eco-conscious practices announce the launch of its latest collection, which they believe epitomises comfort and boldness, infusing a modern twist into classic suiting to create a perfect harmony of style and ease. The new 'Loominaire' collection draws inspiration from the natural world, with a colour palette that reflects a deep connection to the earth and its surroundings. From the tranquil greens of pine and needle to the organic richness of lilac and chocolate brown, each hue evokes a specific emotion, resonating with the wearer's individuality. The bold accents of red and yellow inject energy and vibrancy into the collection, adding a modern dynamism that sets it apart. At the heart of the new collection lies the interplay of traditional Khadi fabric with sleek, modern silhouettes, resulting in a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation. Each garment is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship that defines the KH House of Khaddar brand. "Loominaire is a celebration of tradition, a symphony of colours, and a statement of individuality," said Amritha Ram, creative director of the label, talking about the new collection. "We invite our customers to embrace the timeless allure and effortless sophistication of our classic suiting, curated to elevate their style with understated elegance," she added.

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New fits and fabrics for the modern man in 2024

Men's fashion has evolved beyond the conventional, with an increased focus on personal expression and experimentation. This year, it's all about breaking free from the comfort zones and trying something different. The key to an impeccable wardrobe lies in understanding the significance of different fits and fabrics, and how they can revolutionise your style.  While the notion of refreshing one's wardrobe is often synonymous with women's fashion, the realm of men's style has the potential for equally thrilling updates and enhancements. Mr Sean Ashby, Founder and CEO, aussieBum shares new fits and fabrics that men should consider adding to their wardrobe in 2024.  Breathable innerwear: A non-negotiableFirstly, you need to start your style revolution from within by wearing modern innerwear that embodies youthfulness and comfort. You can opt for breathable fabrics like cotton elastane, tencel, lenzing modal etc. that adapt to your movements. You must have a wide range of underpants that combine style with functionality and ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the day. Whether it's for work or play, smart innerwear choices promise a refreshing take on daily essentials. Modern Athleisure It is time to experience the freedom of movement with athleisure options that will help you transition seamlessly from workout sessions to casual outings. Explore activewear that not only enhances your performance but also radiates a youthful and energetic vibe. From stylish polo shirts to versatile shorts, find pieces that exude a sense of style both in and out of the gym. Athleisure in breathable fabrics like cotton allows you to stay on-trend while enjoying the flexibility and comfort needed for an active lifestyle. Revamping classics with a twistStart your fashion journey this year with a crisp, slim-fit breathable cotton shirt paired with well-fitted chinos for a smart-casual look. This outfit will effortlessly transition from the office to a laid-back evening gathering. The breathable nature of this fabric ensures you stay cool and collected, making it the perfect companion for both work and date nights. Sustainability and style hand in handMake a style statement by using ultra-soft viscose bamboo as your go-to fabric for casual offsite outings. A monochromatic viscose bamboo shirt paired with well-tailored trousers can make you look more youthful and fresh. The silky feel against your skin and the fabric's natural moisture-wicking properties make this fit perfect for formal events or a sophisticated night out. Silky and stylishIndulge in the silky-smooth texture of tencel for a refined and sophisticated look. Opt for a tencel blazer paired with tailored trousers to exude timeless elegance at work or upscale social events. The breathability of this fabric ensures you stay comfortable without compromising on style, making it a wardrobe essential for the modern gentleman.

24 February,2024 02:18 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent
Sini Shetty will be representing India at Miss World pageant 2024 happening in India

Miss World returns to India: Beauty queens share prep routine for the pageant

The reigning beauty queens shared some insights from their exceptional journey and experiences as they head towards Miss World 2024. Victoria DiSorbo representing USA in Miss World 2024 shared her experience and purpose of beauty, while Sini Shetty representing India spoke her heart out, and Clémence Botino shared her fashionable beliefs: Could you walk us through your prep routine: diet, fitness, personality training? Victoria DiSorbo: Of course, my preparation honestly has a lot of self-discovery, making sure you are feeling good, working out and feeling great. There is no dieting for me but maintaining healthy habits is primary. What is beauty according to you and how do you drive purpose in beauty? Victoria DiSorbo: "What is beauty without purpose?" I often ponder. One of my most cherished stories emphasises that as women, akin to pageant crowns, we carry profound narratives. Discussing these tales can be challenging, like administering medicine to someone else. Yet, our beauty, like sugar sprinkled on medicine, can make these discussions more palatable. It facilitates the conveyance of our remarkable stories, convictions and purpose-driven projects. Our beauty not only makes these conversations easier but also underscores our dedication and passion for our endeavors. The beauty queens you look up to? Victoria DiSorbo: There are numerous remarkable individuals, but Vanessa Lynn Williams holds a special place in my heart. Within the Miss World organisation, the crowned Miss World recipients stand out for their remarkable contributions, unwavering dedication, and consistent efforts. Thus, it's truly an honor for me to represent both my home country and hometown at the Miss World pageant, surrounded by such inspiring women. Could you walk us through your prep routine: diet, fitness, personality training? Sini Shetty: It's been quite a journey because, ultimately, I'm not just representing myself but an entire nation. The preparation has been rigorous; we've focused on honing our communication skills, refining our walk and talk and perfecting our presentation to ensure that we embody the values and traditions of India to the fullest. This is not just about representing India on the Miss World stage; it's about showcasing the best of India to the world as Miss World has come to our country. Our preparations have been meticulous, particularly regarding our dietary and fitness regimen. I believe in the importance of exercise and prioritizing mental health alongside physical well-being. It's all about finding that balance and nourishing both body and soul. It's been an incredible two-year journey of preparation and finally, I'm here, ready to give my all. What you want your fellow contestants to explore during their India experience? Sini Shetty: I think it will take them a good 10 years to do that if they want to explore the whole of India but for the time being they are here, I would love them to taste some Indian delicacies and they have already done that a few. They had the share of biryani, panipuri and much more and they really liked it and they have visited a lot of places in Delhi as well and I cannot wait for them to come to Mumbai, Mumbai is my city and that place holds a special place in my heart. Lastly, your message for all the young girls aspiring to win a beauty pageant? Sini Shetty: Do not look down on yourself, I know ambition is sometimes associated negatively just remember if you have your head straight up in the game and you have the ambition that touches your heart and soul. Believe in yourself and the world will wait for the wonders you do. Could you walk us through your prep routine: diet, fitness, personality training? Clémence Botino: I did a lot of sports and I have coach usually this routine is 3 times a week but for Miss World this was for 4-5times a week and I don’t have a diet to be honest I drink a lot of water and you know I am not like eating food out of the main meal like breakfast, lunch and dinner and I don’t eat slightly in between, I love food so it’s impossible for me to be on diet and I like great food that’s why I like Indian food. What's your idea of sustainable fashion? Clémence Botino: I've always been active in sports, typically training with my coach three times a week. However, in preparation for Miss World, this intensified to four or five times a week. Honestly, I don't follow a strict diet regimen. I focus on staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. When it comes to meals, I don't adhere strictly to traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner timings, nor do I snack in between. I have a genuine love for food, making it impossible for me to stick to a diet. I especially enjoy indulging in delicious meals, which is why I have a particular fondness for Indian cuisine. What do you like about Indian fashion and if you are looking forward to working with any Indian designers? Clémence Botino: I have a deep admiration for Indian fashion, and it's currently gaining significant traction in France. During Paris Fashion Week, we witness the presence of numerous Indian designers, one of whom I particularly admire is Rahul Mishra. His work has garnered recognition and acclaim, which speaks volumes about the excellence of Indian fashion. When it comes to embodying Indian fashion, I'm drawn to the allure of beautifully crafted fabrics in sarees, a garment I already have in my wardrobe. I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to attend Indian Fashion Week in the future.

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A model walks the runway during the Roberto Cavalli collection show at the Milan Fashion Week. Pic/AFP

Animal prints turn to stone at Roberto Cavalli for Milan Fashion Week

Fausto Puglisi turned his gaze to marble for his new collection at Milan Fashion Week, a new twist for the flamboyant brand known for its skin-baring, eye-popping styles. Gone were the brand's signature leopard, cheetah, zebra and python prints. Puglisi instead transformed those intricate designs into veins of marble in compelling grey, beige and white hues, and even green, mustard yellow and amethyst. "I was very tired of animal print," the creative director said backstage after the show. "Zebra is 20 years ago." If the animal skins appeared to have escaped the clutch of Roberto Cavalli, they reappeared Friday at Blumarine, where newly named designer Walter Chiapponi opened his show with a very glam (faux) leopard coat and chose leopard tights as his go-to accessory. More than 50 brands are showing off Fall/Winter 2024-2025 women's collections in Milan this week, attended by over 100,000 fashion buyers, media and brand representatives. Whether on oversize puffer jackets, slinky dresses, trenchcoat or minis, Puglisi's choice to represent marble was a refreshing departure for the label, sacrificing none of its flashy, sexy spirit but adding a touch of Baroque decadence. Puglisi said he was inspired by his personal collection of antique marble. "I love it to death," the Sicilian designer said of the colourful marble seen throughout Italy, whether in villas of Pompeii or the Baroque churches in Rome. An inspiration board backstage included photos of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul -- both decadent in their abundant use of ancient marble. Puglisi said at first he was concerned that the marble would impart a cold feel to the clothing. He was proved wrong. "Marble is very cold, but this is hot," he said. Bombers and bowsIf Cavalli managed to make cold hot, labels Max Mara, Fendi and Prada brought cozy back to the runway. Ribbing and cable knits featured prominently, with new riffs on sweaters by Fendi's Kim Jones, who saw them as modified shrugs or capes, only partially covering the body but adding an extra layer of luxury. At Max Mara, creative director Ian Griffiths opened the show Thursday with the brand's classic full-length wool coat -- this one in navy, a sophisticated moneyed look. In a collection inspired by French writer Colette, Griffiths brought sensuous volume to the backs of jackets, modifying them as ultra-chic bombers, while decorative pinking at the hems of long coats imparted a light touch. A ribbed wool band evoking a kimono's obi cinched the waist on black pants and skirts, while flat panels cascading from the back of a black miniskirt were a more minimalist, modern take on ruffles. At Prada's runway show Thursday, models sauntered over a raised transparent floor covering grass and autumn leaves below in a show the co-designers Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons said was based on memory and history. Strips of silk satin in black, pale pink or grape fluttered from the front of sleeveless shift dresses, while airy, transparent tunics came decorated with floral garlands in plush velvet. Prada's collection was marked by a "fusion of men's sartorial references with lingerie and strict sharpness juxtaposed with bows and crystals", said Harrod's buyer Simon Longland. Feminine twinsets in contrasting colours - purple and orange here, pink and moss green there - were paired with wool skirts past the knee with thick cuffs at the hem. Whether at the shoulders, waist or bodice, bows peppered the collection, while rich fake sable adorned the shoulders, neckline and hem of cocktail dresses in ivory. This story has been sourced from a third party syndicated feed, agencies. Mid-day accepts no responsibility or liability for its dependability, trustworthiness, reliability and data of the text. Mid-day management/ reserves the sole right to alter, delete or remove (without notice) the content in its absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever

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Does wearing makeup age your skin?

For many people, applying makeup every day is more than a routine; it's a ritual that boosts confidence and brings out inner beauty. However, many beauty fans have a lingering question: Does cosmetics age the skin? We begin on a journey to find out the complex relationship between cosmetics and skin aging in this exploration, seeking the views of experts to shed light on how various makeup practices may contribute to premature aging and solutions to prevent it. "The aging effect of cosmetics is a complex subject that is influenced by factors such as product type and skincare routines," says Dr Neena Kondapally, Dermatologist & Founder, of Avah Skin Hair Aesthetics. While cosmetics are not a direct cause of ageing, Dr Kondapally outlines certain behaviors that can lead to skin problems over time: Clogged pores: Heavy or oil-based cosmetics can clog pores, resulting in blackheads and acne. This can cause textural difficulties and an aged appearance over time. To lessen the danger of clogged pores, choose harmless makeup. Inadequate cleansing: Failure to fully remove makeup interferes with the skin's nightly renewal process, producing irritation and inflammation over time. Remove makeup with a gentle cleanser before bedtime to allow your skin to go through its natural procedures. Dehydration: Some cosmetic products can be drying, creating dryness and fine wrinkles if not properly hydrated. Maintain skin health by following a consistent skincare routine that includes hydration and sunscreen. Sleeping with makeup: Sleeping with makeup is a skincare sin that has repercussions for your skin's natural regeneration process. Leaving makeup on can contribute to aging, including the development of fine lines and wrinkles, by interfering with nightly repair and regeneration. Skintermittent: Skintermittent is like intermittent fasting for your skin to allow your skin to breathe and prevent the skin from stripping the natural oils. Set aside your makeup, serums, toners, and creams, and instead, cleanse your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser. For moisturizing, consider using aloe vera gel or a commercially available natural moisturiser. Never ignore hydration: Never underestimate the power of hydration. Properly hydrated skin has a smoother texture and makeup application is much smoother. Hydration plumps up the skin, which can significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using a hydrating and non-stripping cleanser is the first step toward your skin being well-hydrated. Look for products that contain sodium hyaluronate and niacinamide. You can also go for treatments like Hydra Facial, Viscoderm Hydrobooster and Microdermabrasion which elevate skin hydration, smoothing texture, reducing fine lines, and boosting skin elasticity. Because these are gentle treatments, there's no need for recovery time, making them convenient options for achieving well-hydrated and rejuvenated skin. This story has been sourced from a third party syndicated feed, agencies. Mid-day accepts no responsibility or liability for its dependability, trustworthiness, reliability and data of the text. Mid-day management/ reserves the sole right to alter, delete or remove (without notice) the content in its absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever

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Festive edit: Styling tips for wearing yellow on Vasant Panchami

Vasant Panchami, also known as Basant Panchami, marks the onset of the spring season in India. It's a day of vibrant celebrations, marked by the worship of Goddess Saraswati, the deity of knowledge, wisdom and the arts. Yellow, the colour of blossoming mustard fields and the warmth of the sun, takes center stage during this auspicious festival. Whether you're attending Saraswati Puja at home, participating in cultural events or simply embracing the festive spirit, here are some styling tips to rock the colour yellow with confidence and elegance on Vasant Panchami. Choose the right shadeYellow comes in various shades, from soft pastels to bright and vibrant hues. Consider your skin tone and personal preference when selecting the perfect shade of yellow for your outfit. Warm-toned yellows like mustard or ochre complement deeper skin tones, while soft lemon or pastel yellows are flattering on fairer complexions. Experiment with different shades to find the one that enhances your natural glow. Opt for traditional attireEmbrace the cultural significance of Vasant Panchami by donning traditional Indian attire in yellow hues. For women, a bright yellow saree or salwar kameez adorned with intricate embroidery or embellishments can make a striking statement. Men can opt for a yellow kurta paired with white or beige bottoms for a traditional yet stylish look. Accessorize with gold jewelry, bangles, or a dupatta to complete the ensemble. Mix and match with neutralsYellow pairs beautifully with neutral tones like white, beige and grey, creating a balanced and sophisticated look. Mix and match yellow separates with neutral pieces to create a chic and versatile outfit. For example, pair a yellow blouse with white trousers or a beige skirt for a polished and understated ensemble. Add metallic accessories like gold jewelry or a statement belt to elevate the look. Add a pop of colourInject a dose of fun and personality into your Vasant Panchami outfit by incorporating pops of contrasting colors. Pair your yellow attire with bold and vibrant hues like turquoise, coral or fuchsia for a playful and eye-catching look. Consider accessorizing with colorful scarves, statement jewelry, or a brightly coloured handbag to add visual interest and dimension to your ensemble. Experiment with prints and patternsBreak away from solid colours and experiment with prints and patterns to create a dynamic and visually appealing outfit. Floral prints, geometric patterns and traditional motifs can add depth and texture to your yellow attire. Mix and match different prints or opt for a single statement piece like a printed scarf or jacket to make a fashion-forward statement while paying homage to the festive spirit of Vasant Panchami. In conclusion, wearing yellow on Vasant Panchami is not just a fashion choice but a celebration of spring, renewal, and the vibrant energy of life. Whether you prefer traditional attire or contemporary fashion, these styling tips will help you embrace the radiance of yellow with confidence and grace on this auspicious occasion. So go ahead, channel your inner sunshine, and shine bright in yellow this Vasant Panchami!

14 February,2024 10:09 AM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent
Radhika Apte, Vidya Balan and Alia Bhatt are among a few celebrities who have been focusing on quiet luxury. Their choice of outfits has always been minimal, sophisticated, and elegant. Photo Courtesy: AFP

Mid-Day Premium Loud to quiet luxury: Fashion pundits tell us how to make the shift

‘To sit with people of the high-class society, you need to look high-class’ – This has been the perception of many who have always yearned to be counted as rich. Wearing garments or accessories that flashed logos of luxury brands were access cards that allowed entry into the upper class. This obsession led to many burning a hole in their pockets. Come 2023, the world witnessed a change in this perception bringing back quiet luxury in fashion.   The reasons for quiet luxury to gain popularity are myriad. However, for most of us, this term largely remains just a fashion trend that we read about now and then instead of becoming a way of life – simply because we don’t know how to make the shift, even though we wish to give it a try.  Mid-day Online sat down with fashion pundits to dissect this trend and get tips to help you make your wardrobe ‘quiet luxury-friendly.’  Loud luxury vs quiet luxury As the words go, loud and quiet luxury are strikingly different. Loud luxury involves making a bold style statement. According to fashion designer Sahil Kochhar, “Loud luxury is a bold declaration of opulence, a style that revels in extravagance with big logos and monograms that are attention-catching.” Similarly, fashion designer Shilpi Gupta states, “Loud luxury gains more attention as it uses vibrant shades, bold patterns, and visible branding.”   In Photo: Sahil Kochhar (left), Srika Badkar (centre), Shilpi Gupta (right)Quiet luxury, on the other hand, employs a simple approach. Celebrity fashion stylist Srika Badkar, says, “Quiet luxury is mainly a combination of understated elegance and exclusive taste.” It makes use of a neutral colour palette, minimalist designs, and fine materials.  “The main difference between the two is that quiet luxury takes a more simple and understated approach focusing more on the craftsmanship of the product whereas loud luxury is bold, extravagant and makes an immediate statement focusing more on using brand logos on most of the products.”  Loud luxury and quiet luxury go accurately with the saying, ‘Money screams, wealth whispers.’ If you wish to look wealthy and catch up with the ongoing fashion trend, you need to embrace the classy elegance of quiet luxury.  Rise of quiet luxury A 2023 trend, quiet luxury has seamlessly transcended into 2024. Experts say it is surely here to stay for a long time. According to Badkar, quiet luxury has been an essential part of the history of fashion. It was mainly associated with the elite and their sense of understated fashion which focused mainly on the quality of the garment and the craftsmanship that went into it.  “The term ‘quiet luxury’ or ‘old money’ is now used by Gen Z to popularise it as a trend, especially since post-covid economic recovery. It focuses less on flashing the luxury brands you wear and instead takes a minimalist approach,” says Badkar.   Adding to this, Kochhar states, “A few years back, social media gave rise to excessive consumption and logo mania amongst the masses to reflect belongingness to a particular social class. However, more recently this loud display of wealth has become less favourable or gauche, as people are seeking more exclusivity.”  “Other factors like the need to achieve minimalism and sustainability, a change in consumer choices from trendy, mass-produced and fast fashion pieces to timeless, personalised and distinctive pieces also led to people opting for quiet luxury,” says Gupta.   Quiet luxury is synonymous with minimalism. Minimalism believes in the ‘less is more’ phenomenon and focuses more on the quality of products over quantity. This can be in every aspect such as art, fashion, lifestyle, and music. Badkar says, “Quiet luxury, in a way, falls under the larger umbrella of minimalism. It focuses on associating itself with the usage of products that don’t focus on the extravagant display of brand logos.”  Commenting on the same, kochhar states, “Minimalism and even maximalism can be associated with a fashion or lifestyle approach. For example, buying simpler designs vs experimenting with various colours, prints, patterns etc.”  Celebrities and brands embrace quiet luxury This fashion trend isn’t just restricted to social media. Many celebrities are seen embracing the trend in their public appearances. “There is a shift in people's mindset, as people are becoming more aware of the nuances of fashion and art. They are seeking exclusivity and timeless designs. This goes for the celebs as well,” says Kochhar.   Speaking of international celebrities, Badkar names a few who have pulled off some of the best quiet luxury looks. “Sofia Richie, Kelly Rutherford, and Jacob Elordi are a few celebrities who were seen adopting quiet luxury by wearing garments that were more in neutral colours, flowy fabrics, structured cuts, minimal accessories and avoiding brand logos and anything too bold. Their approach was exclusive, classy and minimal.”  Other international celebrities like Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Bradd Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meghan Markle are also a few who have embraced quiet luxury.   Back home, Gupta adds, “Vidya Balan, Radhika Apte, and Alia Bhatt are among a few celebrities who have been focusing on quiet luxury. Their choice of outfits has always been minimal, sophisticated, and elegant. These celebrities have also been seen embracing sustainable and ethical fashion that aligns with the principles of quiet luxury.”Besides celebrities, many global as well as Indian fashion houses are known for the quiet luxury approach. These include Loro Piana, Hermés, Celine, Bottega Veneta, Ralph Lauren, Ritu Kumar and Good Earth.   Brands that are into loud luxury include Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga, Kenzo, Versace, and Marc Jacobs. Badkar says, “These are brands that focus on displaying their branding on the product with their logo, monogram prints, colours and patterns leaning towards a very niche clientele that’s expressive and not afraid to take up space in a room.”  According to Gupta, “Indian designers like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, and Tarun Tahiliani follow principles of loud luxury. The choice of rich fabrics, bold couture, and unique and bold silhouettes creates the essence of exquisiteness and glamour.”  Welcome quiet luxury into your world of fashion People’s personal choice of loud and quiet luxury reflects their fashion preferences and their social aspirations. Badkar says, “Luxury clientele use high-end brands like Gucci whose GG logo on its products is extremely common. This is done to make a statement to create a sense of belonging.”  Similarly, Gupta tells us, “People who prefer sophistication, quality, and timeless designs and primarily focus on personal taste usually have a liking towards quiet luxury.”  In Kochhar’s opinion, “Loud and quiet luxuries can offer insights into people's fashion preferences, that can at times be a result of their external influences. Their preferences don’t necessarily reflect their personalities. Loud luxury might suggest a desire for attention or social class association/projection. While quiet luxuries indicate a preference for subtlety or a lifestyle. However, it's essential to consider individual differences and macro-environmental factors, and not make sweeping judgments based solely on possessions.”  Considering the current scenario, Badkar states, “Quiet luxury is here to stay. It was commonly seen in the history of fashion and has continued to the present. The terms for it might change with every generation but it’s a style constant and will remain that way.”  On the contrary, Gupta adds, “Consumer preferences change with time, and though quiet luxury has gained attention as it focuses on sustainability and timeless elegance, loud luxury won’t be out of fashion as it is driven by cyclical trends and bold statements." Both Badkar and Gupta dish out easy ways to bring quiet luxury into your wardrobe:  Tips by BadkarWear more neutral-toned clothes, avoiding too many colours, patterns and prints.  Focus on the quality and craftsmanship of the garment or product you are purchasing.  Avoid any kind of branding, marking or logos on the products you use.  Purchase high-quality products made out of beautiful fabrics that would also last for a longer time.  Look for pieces that fit well and flatter your body type.  Invest in minimalist pieces that have a timeless appeal, which can be handed down to generations – pieces that would remain classic.  Tips by GuptaFirst and foremost, invest in timeless pieces that are essentials in your wardrobe, like a well-tailored blazer.  Go for fine and quality fabrics like cashmere and silk that contribute to an elegant look.  Embrace a neutral colour palette or classic blacks, whites, or muted tones. It conveys refinement and sophistication.  Curate a capsule wardrobe that combines quality and minimalism with luxury.  Lastly, look for well-fitted and tailored outfits that look impressive and impeccable.

08 February,2024 08:02 AM IST | Mumbai | Aakanksha Ahire
Image for representational purposes only. Photo Courtesy: iStock

Beauty benefits of Khus

Nestled in the realm of natural ingredients, khus, also known as vetiver, is a powerhouse of beauty benefits waiting to be explored. Derived from the roots of the vetiver plant, this earthy-scented grass has been a staple in traditional medicine and skincare for centuries. Dr. Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies shares with IANSlife 12 remarkable beauty benefits that make khus an invaluable addition to your beauty regimen. Skin Hydration and Moisture Balance: Khus is renowned for its natural hydrating properties. Its hydrating effect helps maintain the skin's moisture balance, making it an ideal ingredient for individuals with dry skin. Incorporating khus-infused products into your skincare routine can leave your skin feeling supple and nourished. Anti-Inflammatory Marvel: Khus possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe irritated skin. It's particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin or those dealing with conditions like eczema or dermatitis. The calming effect of khus helps reduce redness and discomfort, promoting a healthier complexion. Natural Astringent for Toning: For those seeking a natural toner, khus is a fantastic choice. Its astringent properties aid in tightening and toning the skin, minimizing the appearance of pores. Regular use can contribute to a smoother and more refined complexion. Cell Regeneration and Anti-Aging: Rich in antioxidants, khus promotes cell regeneration, helping the skin maintain its elasticity and firmness. The presence of antioxidants also fights free radicals, thereby acting as a natural anti-aging agent. Regular use may diminish the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Acne Control and Oil Regulation: Khus has natural oil-controlling properties, making it beneficial for those with oily or acne-prone skin. By regulating excess oil production, khus helps prevent clogged pores and breakouts. Its antibacterial qualities also contribute to keeping acne at bay. Scar and Blemish Reduction: The regenerative properties of khus extend to minimizing the appearance of scars and blemishes. Whether dealing with acne scars or marks from wounds, khus can contribute to a more even skin tone with consistent use. Stress Relief and Relaxation: The calming and grounding aroma of khus essential oil has therapeutic effects on the mind and body. Incorporating khus into your beauty routine, particularly in the form of aromatherapy or scented skincare products, can provide stress relief and promote relaxation, reflecting positively on your skin's overall health. Natural Deodorant: Khus has natural deodorising properties that make it an excellent alternative to synthetic deodorants. Its earthy fragrance helps neutralise odors, keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day. Hair Care Elixir for Lustrous Locks: Khus is not just for skin care; its benefits extend to hair care as well. The essential oil of khus nourishes the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. It also imparts a delightful fragrance, making it a popular choice for natural perfumes and hair care products. Scalp Soothing Properties: For those dealing with an itchy or irritated scalp, khus can provide relief. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties make it an excellent addition to hair care formulations designed to calm scalp issues. Natural Cooling Agent: Khus is known for its cooling effect on the skin. Whether applied topically or used in skincare products, it can provide a refreshing sensation, making it especially beneficial during hot and humid weather. Improved Blood Circulation: When applied topically, khus essential oil can contribute to improved blood circulation. Enhanced blood flow to the skin promotes a healthy complexion, giving your skin a natural radiant glow. From hydration and toning to anti-aging and stress relief, khus stands out as a versatile and natural beauty elixir. Embrace the goodness of khus to experience the transformative effects it can bring to your beauty regimen, paving the way for radiant skin and lustrous hair. This story has been sourced from a third party syndicated feed, agencies. Mid-day accepts no responsibility or liability for its dependability, trustworthiness, reliability and data of the text. Mid-day management/ reserves the sole right to alter, delete or remove (without notice) the content in its absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever

04 February,2024 08:01 AM IST | New Delhi | IANS
Embroidered border of an old saree is transferred on a new base. Photo Courtesy: Asha Gautam

Asha Gautam's new venture highlights the need for sustainability in fashion

Asha Gautam, a popular name in the world of handcrafted heirloom clothing, announced the debut of their latest venture – the Kadam Project. This social initiative represents a significant stride in the revitalisation of timeless, handcrafted fashion, spanning sarees, bridal couture, and festive attire. The Kadam Project underscores Asha Gautam's commitment to sustainability in fashion, environmental consciousness, and a circular design process. Asha Gautam brings a wealth of expertise in reimagining classic pieces for their discerning clientele. The brand, supported by a team of skilled artisans, aims to broaden its impact on a wider audience by infusing new life into the allure of vintage fashion while championing principles of recycling and upcycling.    "In the current landscape, where concerns about climate change and sustainability take precedence, Kadam creates awareness around responsible fashion, resonating with the imperative for a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour. Our objective transcends merely slowing down the process of crafting new garments; it extends to the judicious reuse of existing pieces for future consumption," remarks Gautam Gupta, creative head at Asha Gautam.  The craftsmanship involved in creating handmade pieces for the Kadam Project spans from two months to a year, showcasing the dedication and artistry that goes into each creation. Asha Gautam encourages the utilisation of existing treasures rather than solely seeking new additions, advocating for the recycling and upcycling of traditional Indian textiles. Over the 25-year journey, Asha Gautam has sought to repurpose numerous traditional Indian textiles, including Banarasi, Paithani, and Kanjeevaram weaves, Bandhani techniques, Kalamkari hand-painted pieces, as well as Zardosi and convent embroidered fabrics. Paithani designs cut from the saree to make an Organza lehenga. Photo Courtesy: Asha Gautam   The Kadam Project breathes new life into vintage textiles, some dating back four to five decades or more. Real zari threads in silver or gold, which may lose their sheen over time, are meticulously refurbished by skilled artisans, restoring their original lustre. The revitalised zari is seamlessly integrated into new bases, with motifs, jal, borders, and pallu artfully applied based on the client's preferences. To enhance these upcycled creations, sophisticated embroidery techniques are employed, incorporating artwork from the original saree. Luxurious fabrics such as organza, tissue, chiffon, and alternative weaves like kota are introduced, transforming the overall aesthetic of the new pieces. Under the project, leftover materials find new life in the form of potlis and tassels, contributing to the overall sustainability of the process. However, the intricacies of recycling and upcycling necessitate a careful evaluation of the original fabric's strength before initiation.  Strengthening measures, including fabric fusion, are at times implemented to ensure the enduring quality of the final product.

01 February,2024 05:52 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent
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