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Monsoon Clothing Care: Tips to maintain Chikankari and handpainted clothing

While monsoon is a season to revamp your wardrobe and opt for weather-appropriate clothing, it is also the time when some clothes need extra care to stand the test of rain and humidity. Delicate fabrics like Chikankari and handpainted garments are more likely to be affected in this damp weather due to intricate designs and stitching, hence requiring special attention. Speaking to, Anuja Gupta, founder and CEO of Chowkhat, shares essential monsoon clothing care tips to save your favourite garments. Before the Rains Arrive Pre-Monsoon Wash: Give your Chikankari and handpainted clothes a thorough wash before the monsoon. Use a gentle detergent specifically formulated for delicate fabrics. Avoid harsh chemicals, bleaching agents, and strong fabric softeners. Opt for a mild, natural detergent or a baby shampoo. Colour Run Test: If you're unsure about the colour fastness of your handpainted garment, perform a simple test. Dab a cotton bud dipped in water on an inconspicuous area, preferably a seam. If the colour bleeds, it's best to get it professionally dry-cleaned. Storage: Pack away your summer wear in breathable cotton bags. Avoid using plastic covers that can trap moisture and lead to mildew growth. Also Read: Your complete guide to top wardrobe picks for monsoon During the Monsoon Limit Wear:  While it might be tempting to flaunt your beautiful Chikankari kurta during the monsoon, try to limit wearing these delicate pieces during heavy downpours. Opt for water-resistant fabrics like cotton or polyester during peak monsoon months Immediate Attention: If your Chikankari or handpainted garment does get wet, don't let it sit damp for long.  Gently blot the excess water with a clean, absorbent cloth. Avoid wringing or rubbing the fabric, as this can cause colour bleeding or damage the embroidery. Drying: Never hang your wet Chikankari or handpainted clothes in direct sunlight.  Strong UV rays can cause fading and weaken the fabric. Instead, spread them out on a clean, dry towel in a well-ventilated area. Ironing: Refrain from ironing wet Chikankari or handpainted clothes.  Always wait for them to dry completely before ironing. Use a low heat setting and place a clean cloth between the iron and the garment to protect the delicate work. Storage during Monsoon Once your clothes are completely dry, store them in a cool, dry place.  If there's lingering dampness, consider placing a moisture absorber sachet near them to prevent mildew growth. Avoid storing your clothes in airtight containers during the monsoon. This can trap moisture and lead to musty odours. Every few days, take out your stored Chikankari and handpainted clothes and air them out for a bit.   Additional Tips Stains:  For any minor stains, address them promptly. Use a gentle stain remover specifically designed for delicate fabrics. Always test the stain remover on an inconspicuous area before applying it to the stain itself. Professional Help:  For stubborn stains or extensive damage, consider taking your Chikankari or handpainted garment to a professional dry cleaner who specialises in delicate fabrics. Embellishments: Pay close attention to any embellishments like beads, sequins, or embroidery on your Chikankari clothes. Moisture can loosen the threads or cause the beads to tarnish. Check them regularly and tighten any loose threads carefully. A little care will ensure longevity of these delicate garments, keeping them safe and vibrant throughout monsoon. Also Read: Commuting by Mumbai local trains during monsoons? Mumbaikars share fashion, travel hacks

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Neeta Lulla, Indian fashion designer

Mid-Day Premium Neeta Lulla: People questioned my style, but I stood by my fashion choices

Neeta Lulla stands as a luminary in the realm of Indian fashion. Renowned for her exceptional creativity, design acumen and profound influence on the Bollywood industry – she has come a long way from being a metric pass to a sought-after designer, internationally. With a career that began in the late 1980s, she has not only witnessed but actively contributed to the transformation of Indian fashion. As a multifaceted designer, Lulla’s portfolio spans a diverse range, from opulent bridal couture to intricately designed costumes for Indian cinema. Her distinctive designs have graced numerous red carpets, weddings and silver screens, earning her accolades for both her craftsmanship and innovation. Hailing from Mahim, Mumbai – Lulla opens up about evolving wedding couture trends, keeping up with Gen Z and emerging as a fashion trendsetter in an exclusive conversation with Midday.  Here are edited excerpts from the interview: Can we expect a revival of vintage fashion or are experimental elements set to make a debut? Neeta: Considering the current fashion landscape, there's a notable emphasis on reviving heritage, particularly in the realm of sustainability, which is a prevalent and significant topic across various aspects of our lives and genres. The vintage revival trend is quite pronounced, with numerous brands actively engaging in the resurgence of vintage aesthetics and working extensively with revived fabrics. So, yes, the vintage revival stands out as a major trend in today's fashion scene. Additionally, there's a growing preference for heritage weaves among many individuals. When considering outfits for various occasions, people are increasingly looking for options that not only cater to the present moment but also have longevity. However, within the fashion community, there's a wide range of opinions on emerging trends. This diversity is primarily attributed to the cyclical nature of the market, where trends experience significant booms and fluctuations. Throughout history, in a cyclical fashion, individuals have observed a consistent influx of diverse trends, encompassing embellishments, embroideries and statements in the fashion landscape. Similarly, during the Covid period, there was a notable surge in the prominence of sustainability, prompting a widespread preference for more simplistic garment choices. What are some unconventional colours set to foray in the Indian wedding palette? Neeta: Currently, the OTT trend has caught my attention, and I'm completely in love with it. I believe it's something we genuinely need right now. In terms of colours, we're seeing a surge in popularity for unusual shades such as emerald greens, ochre yellows, saffron yellows and orange. Lime green has also emerged as a significant trend in the colour palette. There's a vibrant energy and I would attribute it to the current positive outlook and mindset of people towards the growth in our country. This positivity naturally translates into our fashion trends. Last year, we witnessed a prevalence of pastels, with Athiya Shetty being a significant influence. Similarly, this year, we're observing a surge in shades like pinks and purples. Are we back to reds and maroons?  Neeta: Trends are a constantly evolving phenomenon, inherently cyclical in nature. They have a lifespan, reaching their peak for a specific duration before gradually subsiding. This cyclical pattern involves the time it takes for them to ascend, plateau and eventually decline. I believe the trend for the last season was something different, but looking ahead, the upcoming trend is all about vibrant colours. This shift can be attributed to the ever-changing cycles of fashion. Now, let's delve into your preferences. There's a noticeable diversity that transcends into fashion, and each season people seek that diversity in making a fashion statement. How does your collection keep up with the evolving trends?Neeta: My most recent collection indeed features a plethora of vibrant colours, especially in the couture line. We are currently exploring ostentatious capes and similar elements in our designs. Additionally, there's a notable extravagance in our embroidery work. Speaking of Indian bridal trends, red remains a timeless classic. The variations lie in the changing hues, shades and tints of red every season. Pink, another perennial favourite, continues to make a significant impact on our designs. I'd credit the emergence of pink in the bridal circuit to my introduction of hot pink back in 1986-87. It created quite a sensation at that time, becoming a significant trend. I believe pink has consistently held a position as the second classic, following closely behind the timeless red in the realm of bridal fashion. Certainly, weddings bring a myriad of choices. Now, when we talk about the shade of pink, it's important to note the diversity within the colour. Pink undergoes changes in its tints and shades every season. For example, in the previous season, we witnessed the popularity of blush pink. However, this season, trends are leaning towards shades like candy pink and watermelon pink. The evolving palette of pinks provides a dynamic range for wedding choices. You'll notice the prevalence of bright, hot pinks making a statement in every bridal season. While the specific shades of red and pink may vary from season to season, the enduring appeal of red and pink as classics in bridal fashion remains unchanged. When it comes to trends, who do you attribute the driving force to?Neeta: Well, the inception of trends involves extensive trend forecasting. It's an intricate process. Even before a trend officially emerges, brides tend to transcend these trends as they strive to make a unique fashion statement. Their individual style often precedes the broader trends in the bridal fashion landscape. Many brides draw inspiration from actors, considering their choices in colours and trends as a significant aspirational force. Additionally, designers play a crucial role in trendsetting as they meticulously work on trend forecasts, deriving inspiration and crafting their own interpretation of trends. It's through this creative process that trends in bridal fashion begin to take shape and influence the choices made by brides. How your designs resonates with Gen Z and their fashion choices?Neeta: When considering the younger generation, my clients typically fall within the age range of 25 to 32 since they are in the phase of getting married. It's crucial for me to directly inquire with them about their preferences because I extensively engage in trend forecasting. Staying informed about upcoming trends is an integral part of my training and professional approach. Given my background in studying and teaching fashion, I approach the creative process with an understanding of upcoming trends. This knowledge allows me to craft looks through the visuals we shoot after completing a collection, creating an aspirational element for our brides. Staying in tune with the requirements of Gen Z is essential, not just by observing their dressing styles but also by comprehending their mindset towards clothing.  It's noteworthy that many Gen Z individuals may not initially lean towards Indian attire, and my challenge lies in transcending this by ensuring comfort within the structure of traditional garments. As an academician in the field of fashion, my role becomes more nuanced and seamless, given that I teach fashion and stay connected with numerous Gen Zers, making it easier to grasp their evolving preferences. What is your take on bridal sneakers?Neeta: Year after year, it's crucial to grasp the evolving progress and mindset. Moving forward, considering the importance of comfort, I find the trend of bridal sneakers, whether embroidered or adorned with sequin work, quite intriguing. Personally, I absolutely love the concept of incorporating sneakers into bridal fashion, as it adds a modern and comfortable twist to the traditional attire. As someone who's been donning boots under saris since 1985, I adore this trend. It's amazing to see how it has gained acceptance over time. I recall a phase when people questioned the combination of boots with saris, and I confidently stood by it. Now, seeing it as a recognised trend brings me great joy—it's not just a trend but also a source of comfort that I genuinely appreciate. Considering the fact that shoes are often not prominently visible, the emphasis is on comfort. When discussing options with my brides, while I don't necessarily insist on sneakers, I always suggest avoiding footwear with extensive embroidery for the sake of comfort. The availability of trendy sneakers today offers a fantastic alternative for those seeking both style and ease. Absolutely, whether they're embroidered or not, what matters is that you're in a space where you can confidently carry yourself with ease. Sneakers have evolved into a style statement and a notable trend, offering both functionality and a decorative element. It's a delightful fusion of comfort and fashion that has become increasingly embraced in the contemporary fashion landscape. How can brides repurpose their bridal attire?Neeta: As a brand, I want to share that we've reached our current position primarily through word of mouth. We take pride in being unconventional who not only focus on creating garments for your wedding day but also guide you on how to wear them beyond that special occasion. It's a distinctive aspect that sets us apart. I make it a point to educate my clients on versatile styling, guiding them on how to pair the blouse with different saris and the skirt with shirts and T-shirts, which is a prevalent trend today. Although it might have been met with curiosity initially, the concept has gained popularity. For instance, creating a corset in a base fabric and pairing it with various outfits can add a stylish and contemporary touch. I recommend pairing it with form-fitting bodysuits, especially during the period when bodysuits were trending. For the petticoat, opt for a basic neutral colour so you can wear it to someone's mehendi or Pujas. This is how I typically guide and educate my clients. Repurposing bridal attire is crucial, especially considering the significant investment involved in these garments. It adds value to the wardrobe, making it versatile for various occasions beyond the wedding. Investing a bit more in your trousseau for a neutral and comfortable Indian outfit or versatile pieces like a neutral shirt, bodysuit or jacket makes perfect sense. These can be mixed and matched with various elements of your ensemble. While your skirts can certainly be teamed with different blouses, it's essential to communicate your preferences and intentions to the designer beforehand to ensure a cohesive and intentional wardrobe.

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Forecasting fashion trends for 2024

Gone are the days when sustainable fashion was synonymous with dull and uninspiring designs. Slow fashion brands are redefining the narrative, proving that ethical choices can be synonymous with cutting-edge fashion. It's a bold statement of style, showcasing that fashion can be both cool and conscious. In our conversation with Rajeswari Mavuri, founder of Label RaMa, we asked her to forecast fashion trends for 2024: 1. Whites:White has been dominating the 2024 fashion scene, portraying simplicity, purity and a fresh start. From crisp shirts to flowing dresses, western designers globally embraced the timeless elegance of white as a versatile canvas for varied styles and moods. 2. Volume Silhouettes:Volume was the language of 2024, with designers sculpting bold and dramatic silhouettes. From oversized sleeves to billowing skirts, the trend embraced a sense of theatricality, allowing wearers to make a striking entrance and express their individuality through exaggerated shapes. 3. Rose/Floral Prints:Floral prints, particularly featuring roses, bloomed as a dominant motif in 2024. Whether delicate and romantic or bold and vibrant, these prints injected a sense of nature and femininity into garments, creating a visual symphony that resonated with the joy of spring and renewal. 4. High Waist Pants:Embracing a vintage revival, high-waisted pants reclaimed the spotlight in 2024. Offering a flattering silhouette and a nod to classic styles, these pants redefined modern tailoring. Paired with crop tops or tucked-in shirts, they elevated casual and formal ensembles alike, opines the expert while forecasting fashion trends for 2024. 5. Waistcoats:Waistcoats emerged as a versatile and stylish layering piece for 2024 fashion. Designers reinvented this classic garment with modern cuts, bold patterns, and unexpected fabrics. Whether worn over dresses, shirts, or even solo, waistcoats added a touch of sophistication and a structured appeal to outfits. 6. Pantone Colour of The Year - Peach Fuzz:Embrace Pantone's forecasted hues, anticipating a blend of sophisticated, nature-inspired tones that evoke a sense of balance and tranquility in your designs. Get ready to immerse yourself in the elegance and modernity that Peach Fuzz trends will bring to your brand in 2024. For Label RaMa, experimentation with whites, volume silhouettes and hand-drawn rose prints are going to take centre stage for their Paris launch in January and India launch in February 2024. Seeking inspiration from the late '60s and early '70s for preparing blocks for printing, they are also going to tinker with dyes. This time, saving their best for the waistcoats. Forecasting fashion trends requires analysing popular demands and influences as well. 

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Dazzling outfit ideas for your Christmas Party

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to start planning your show-stopping looks for the upcoming Christmas party. Whether you're celebrating with family, friends, or colleagues, dressing up in festive attire adds an extra layer of joy to the festivities. To help you shine bright this Christmas, we've curated five outfit ideas that strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. For a show-stopping Christmas outfit that radiates festive glamour, consider a sequined jumpsuit in a rich, jewel-toned hue like emerald green or deep burgundy. The all-over sequins will catch the twinkling lights and create a dazzling effect, while the jumpsuit silhouette adds a modern and chic touch. Pair it with statement earrings and metallic heels to complete the look. To enhance the holiday spirit, add a faux fur stole or a velvet clutch for an extra dose of luxury. This ensemble effortlessly combines sophistication with a playful sparkle, making you the star of any Christmas celebration. If you prefer a more traditional yet dazzling look, opt for a red velvet midi dress adorned with subtle glitter details. The lush velvet fabric exudes elegance, while the glitter embellishments add a touch of magic. Accessorise with gold or silver accessories, such as a metallic belt or shimmering heels, to amplify the festive charm. A classic red lip and soft curls will complement the ensemble beautifully, creating a timeless and radiant appearance. This outfit captures the essence of Christmas with its warm color palette and festive shimmer, ensuring you'll be dressed to impress for the holiday festivities Glamorous Red Embrace the festive spirit with a glamorous red cord set. Keep accessories minimal to let the dress take center stage, opting for classic stilettos and a sleek clutch. This dazzling outfit is sure to make you the star of the Christmas party. Classic Elegance For a timeless and sophisticated look, opt for a classic red saree of Navyasa by Liva. This luxurious fabric exudes elegance and warmth, making it a perfect choice for the holiday season. To add a modern twist, consider a blouse with subtle embellishments like sequins or lace detailing. Pair it with black or gold accessories, such as a statement clutch and heels, to complete the ensemble. Casual Chic Look For a more laid-back Christmas gathering, opt for a casual yet chic ensemble. Pair festive-themed sweaters with denim skirt of Lee Cooper. You can choose a sweater with a cute holiday pattern or red colour tank top. Complete the look with ankle boots or flats, and add a touch of glam with subtle jewelry. Desi Glam Look If you aim to enhance your office attire with a touch of glamour without going overboard, consider opting for a red ethnic kurta set crafted from comfortable fabric. Pair it gracefully with sophisticated accessories that strike a balance between beauty and elegance. This story has been sourced from a third party syndicated feed, agencies. Mid-day accepts no responsibility or liability for its dependability, trustworthiness, reliability and data of the text. Mid-day management/ reserves the sole right to alter, delete or remove (without notice) the content in its absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever

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Guide to finding the perfect bridal lingerie for the wedding season

As the wedding day approaches, the bride is adorned not only in beautiful attire but also with the confidence that radiates from within. One often overlooked aspect of this confidence is the choice of bridal lingerie. More than a mere complement to your wedding outfit, the perfect bridal lingerie ensures comfort and confidence, adding to the joy of your celebration. In this guide, we explore valuable insights into selecting lingerie that not only complements the wedding dress but also ensures the bride feels confident and comfortable throughout the ceremony and celebration. Key considerations and tips Red Carpet Strapless Bra and Basic Mold Seamless Bra by Wacoal Match your dress: Align your bridal lingerie choice that match your wedding dress. For instance, if your dress comes with a plunging neckline, opt for a Plunge Bra. The distinctive design of the Plunge Bra complements low necklines, adding a touch of sophistication to your bridal ensemble. Choosing the correct lingerie not only supports but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your dress. Choose comfort: Your wedding day is long, so prioritize comfy lingerie. Look for breathable fabrics and seamless designs that give you support without sacrificing comfort. Show your style: Pick lingerie that matches your style. Whether you love lace, a classic white corset, or a modern bodysuit, go for what makes you feel confident. Play with colours: Try pastel or blush tones to add a romantic feel. Or for a bold look, a classic red bra never goes out of style. Pick colours that go well with your skin tone and blend with your dress. Get the right fit: Ill-fitting lingerie can be distracting. Get professionally measured, follow sizing charts, and choose bras and panties that fit well and feel good. Invest in quality: Your wedding day is special, so invest in good-quality lingerie. Craftsmanship matters for durability and that touch of luxury. Guide to best bridal lingerie picks Zephyr Pushup Bra and Embrace Lace by Wacoal Luxurious lace bra: Timeless and charming, lace bras are perfect for brides.  Confident push-up bra: For a flattering look and added confidence, try a versatile push-up bra.  Smooth seamless bra: Achieve a seamless look with a comfy seamless bra. Tube bra/strapless: Tube or strapless bras are perfect for off-shoulder dresses. They offer support without visible straps, keeping your look clean and stylish.  Backless beauty: Embrace deep-back dresses with a backless bra. It has transparent back straps and side hooks, giving you support while staying hidden. Shape with a shaper: Get a sleek silhouette with a body shaper. It's great for targeting specific areas and gives you that instant confidence boost.  When you go wedding shopping, keep an open mind and choose lingerie that makes you happy. Let your bridal lingerie be a mix of comfort, style and a little bit of magic for a wedding day straight out of a fairy tale. (Pooja Merani - COO, Wacoal India)

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A wedding is a deeply personal experience, and the bridal look should align with how a bride envisions herself on that special day, whether it's a minimalistic charm or a regal queen-like presence. Photo Courtesy: Geisha Designs (Left)/Asha Gautam (Right)

Mid-Day Premium Fashion pundits share tips to pick the right bridal outfit for your D-day

A bride’s hunt to find the perfect bridal outfit begins the moment families confirm a union. From drawing ideas from a celebrity’s bridal outfit to scrolling through social media to checking what’s trending in the world of bridal fashion, brides-to-be leave no stone unturned to pick the right bridal wear for themselves. Further, with so much attention directed towards brides in Indian weddings, looking pitch-perfect is non-negotiable.   While this is true, bridal fashion in India has seen unconventional styles emerge, redefining Indian brides. At the core of these styles are the bride’s comfort and contemporary statements that counter stereotypes that have been dominating Indian marriages for far too long.   More and more modern brides of today are making a progressive statement via the choice of their bridal outfits while also maintaining the essence of Indian bridal wear. If you are a modern bride ready to set out on your bridal shopping expedition, we have fashion pundits spilling out bridal trends and outfit ideas that ensure you will shine on your big day.  According to Paras Bairoliya and Shalini Jaikaria of Geisha Designs, “A modern bride is a woman who celebrates being unique, a woman blossoming with self-belief, unperturbed by society’s expectations. She isn’t demure or coy anymore. She is connected to her roots and has an eye for intricacy and precision.”  Similarly, Gautam Gupta, co-owner of the label Asha Gautam says, “A modern bride often embodies a blend of traditional and contemporary elements, reflecting her style and preferences. This modern bride values individuality and personal expression, often opting for unconventional dress colours, non-traditional fabrics, or a departure from classic silhouettes.”  Modern brides are opting for personalised outfitsIndian weddings have witnessed a massive transformation with regard to bridal fashion. Changes in societal values, cultural influences, and the evolving roles of women have contributed to this transformation.  Paras and Shalini share an interesting observation: In 2007, brides typically arrived with their parents, decisions were influenced by elders, and the designs adhered to conservative norms. Necklines were modest, and sleeves were often covered. Brides aimed to conform to societal expectations, limiting their adventurous and expressive choices. Contrastingly, today's bride is characterised by her experimental nature, self-confidence and evolution. She embraces individuality, seeks comfort in her own skin, and values fun in her choices. This modern bride is assertive, non-submissive, and confidently articulates her preferences in wedding attire. Adding more to how bridal fashion has evolved, Gupta of Aasha Gautam shares, “Sustainability and eco-friendly practices have become important considerations in bridal fashion, with designers incorporating organic fabrics and ethical production methods. Bridal fashion has also become more accessible, with affordable options and rental services allowing brides to achieve their dream look without breaking the bank. Further, bridal fashion has become more versatile, with brides opting for multiple outfit changes on their wedding day — from a traditional ceremony gown to a more comfortable and party-ready reception dress.”  Both fashion designer duos confirm that modern brides today are leaning towards more personalised and unique bridal appearances and attire. They are moving away from traditional norms and embracing their individual style and personality. Brides are now opting for non-traditional colours, such as blush, champagne, or even bold hues and experimenting with different silhouettes. Additionally, modern brides are incorporating more intricate and unconventional details into their bridal looks, such as statement sleeves, intricate lace patterns, or even feathers and sequins. While the choice of personalised designs is preferred by most modern brides, Paras and Shalini add, “Modern bridal trends also draw inspiration from the location of the celebration; whether it's a destination wedding on a beach, in a desert, or amidst the charm of Europe. The chosen setting influences the theme, concept, and intricate details. For instance, a wedding in Rajasthan may lean towards a palatial influence, with the bride aspiring to exude a regal appearance. In contrast, a resort location encourages a more light-hearted and casual vibe, where the bride seeks enjoyment and dancing throughout the celebration. Bridal trends have evolved into a holistic approach, seamlessly integrating elements from decor and menu to the overall ambience of the location.”  Pastels take a backseat as bold colours emerge While pastels still continue to remain a choice of many brides, Indian weddings have now started spotting bright colours and the comeback of reds.  Talking about one of the key reasons why pastel-coloured bridal wear gained prominence, besides rendering a simple and elegant look, was the time of day when the wedding ceremonies were carried out.  Paras and Shalini say, “In the past, weddings predominantly occurred during the night and thus called for bright-coloured outfits. However, the emergence of stunning locales has shifted the trend towards sundown events. With a growing number of daytime celebrations, the pastel colour trend gained momentum. Brides, even today, are increasingly opting for lighter and fresher hues, showcasing a departure from the traditional deep colours associated with winter weddings. The pastel trend continues to hold its sway, reflecting a preference for a soft and elegant colour palette.”  On the contrary, Gupta says, “While pastel palettes have been popular, some brides are opting for bolder and non-traditional colours like deep reds, blues, emerald greens, or even black for their wedding attire. The pastel trend, once a beloved and refreshing aesthetic, seems to be losing its popularity in recent times. What was once a vibrant and exciting trend has now become mundane and uninteresting to many. The soft and delicate hues that were once seen as charming and whimsical now seem overused and lacking in originality.”  Whether the pastel trend is fading or perceived as boring is subjective and depends on the evolving tastes of brides, designers, and cultural influences and what might be considered trendy one year may evolve or give way to new ideas. Recently, red is seen making a comeback. Besides being a classic, it also holds a strong cultural significance. Gupta says, “Combining different textures and fabrics, such as silk, velvet, or tulle, can create a visually interesting and dynamic appearance for red bridal attire.While deep and traditional reds are timeless, designers may also explore variations of the colour, such as burgundy, wine, or even brighter shades like coral, providing brides with a range of options.”  If you are looking for bridal outfits that incorporate unique combination of colours, the designers suggest considering these shades: White and ivory, soft pastels such as blush, champagne, and mint green, subtle golds and lavender, bold and vibrant colours like red, deep burgundy, and emerald green.   Brides who love pastels and reds can also try combining the two palettes. According to Gupta, “Mixing pastels with reds can create a visually appealing and vibrant colour palette. When combining pastels and reds, it's important to consider the tones, shades, and overall balance to achieve a harmonious look. Select pastels that complement the shade of red you have chosen. For example, pastel pinks, blush, or soft corals can work well with a bold, true red. Pastel blues, mints, or lavender can complement deeper shades of red, such as burgundy or maroon. Pay attention to the intensity of the colours. If you have a vibrant or bold red, consider pairing it with softer pastels to create a balanced and visually appealing contrast.”  Bridal outfits besides lehengas and sarees Sarees and lehengas are undoubtedly our all-time favourites, however, those looking for variations in these or completely different outfit patterns, Paras and Shalini recommend exploring versatile options like sharara suits, palazzo sets and fusion gowns. Further, if you wish to infuse modernity into traditional bridal wear, focus on contemporary silhouettes, experiment with unconventional colour palettes, and incorporate unique embellishments – you can go for storytelling elements and make it more personalised and customised. Embrace fusion elements like jacket overlays or cape sleeves, and consider non-conventional draping styles. Balancing innovation with timeless elements ensures a modern yet culturally rich bridal aesthetic. Here are some styling tips by the duo:  Cape Drape: Add a cape to your lehenga for an elegant yet contemporary look.Pant lehenga: Opt for a pre-draped saree with pants for a chic and comfortable ensemble.Anarkali gowns: Embrace the timeless appeal of an Anarkali gown for a regal touch.Jacket lehenga: Pair your lehenga with a statement jacket for a modern, layered look. For locations where temperatures are low, brides can add an embellished jacket.Skirt with crop top: Combine a stylish skirt with a crop top for a fashion-forward and unconventional bridal ensemble. Some also choose to recycle/upcycle an heirloom piece (maybe a dupatta from their mother's wedding outfit) which makes it more bespoke and uniqueAdding to this, Gupta says, “When opting for unconventional bridal outfits, the key is to stay true to your personal style and comfort. Experiment with colours, fabrics, and silhouettes to create a bridal look that reflects your individuality.” This fashion designer suggests brides to try out unconventional silhouettes and cuts, such as jumpsuits or pantsuits, to break away from the traditional wedding gown and showcase their personal style. “Play with asymmetrical details, such as one-shoulder necklines or off-centre embellishments, to add an edgy and modern touch to your bridal attire. Experiment with unconventional bridal footwear options, such as colourful sneakers or embellished flats, to add a playful and contemporary element to your overall look. Embrace the concept of ‘less is more’ by opting for a minimalist and streamlined bridal look, focusing on clean lines and understated elegance for a contemporary and chic aesthetic.”  The right accessories Although Indian traditions lay great emphasis on bejewelling brides, our fashion pundits say it is not always necessary to go heavy on jewellery or accessories for a bridal look.  Every bride has her unique style, and some may prefer a more understated and minimalist look. Heavy jewellery can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially if you are not accustomed to wearing elaborate pieces. Ultimately, the most important thing is to feel comfortable, confident, and true to your personal style on your wedding day. Whether your look is heavy on jewellery or leans towards minimalism, it should reflect your individuality and make you feel beautiful and authentic.A wedding is a deeply personal experience, and the bridal look should align with how a bride envisions herself on that special day, whether it's a minimalistic charm or a regal queen-like presence. Simplicity never runs out of style For brides who prefer a minimalistic and understated look on their wedding day, there are several ways to dress up minimally while still standing out.Gupta suggests opting for a simple and lightweight lehenga or saree in muted tones or pastel colours. Choose fabrics like silk, chiffon, or georgette for a graceful and comfortable feel. Keep the embroidery or embellishments minimal, focusing on clean lines and subtle detailing. Opt for a well-fitted and elegant blouse with intricate but understated details. This can include sheer sleeves, minimal embroidery around the neckline, or a unique back design.” Select a flowing and comfortable silhouette for your outfit. An A-line lehenga, an Anarkali suit, or a draped saree with clean lines can provide an elegant and minimalistic look. Flowing silhouettes not only exude grace but also offer ease of movement. “Remember, the key to achieving a minimalist bridal look is to focus on what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and authentic. Whether it's a short dress, a jumpsuit, or a simple gown, your wedding attire should reflect your personal style and make you feel beautiful on your special day,” says Gupta. Paras and Shalini share styling tips for brides looking for minimalistic options:  1. Choose a simple bridal outfit and highlight it with a statement piece of jewellery.2. Opt for elegant hair accessories like pins or combs that add a touch of sophistication without being overwhelming.3. Select outfits with delicate embroidery or subtle embellishments for a refined look.4. Focus on enhancing natural beauty with a minimalist makeup approach, emphasising radiant skin and soft tones.5. Stick to a monochromatic colour scheme for both outfits and accessories, creating a cohesive and understated aesthetic.

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Mid-Day Premium Sneaker care for sneakerheads: How to care for leather, suede and mesh

Sneakers have evolved from being mere athletic footwear to iconic fashion statements. They come in a multitude of styles, materials and designs, making them a versatile choice for any occasion. Whether you're a sneakerhead with an extensive collection or someone who simply appreciates a comfortable pair of sneakers – it’s essential to know how to care for them. “Sneaker care is a crucial aspect of sneaker culture and ownership as it prolongs the lifespan and maintains the appearance of these shoes, which are not only a fashion statement but also a functional footwear,” shares Omran Hamza, Superkicks Marketing Manager. Proper care preserves their aesthetic appeal, ensures they remain comfortable and, in the case of limited edition or vintage sneakers, safeguards their value. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of sneaker care, exploring different materials, essential practices and expert tips to ensure your sneakers stay in excellent condition. Sneaker materials: What contributes to its style and functionalitySneakers are crafted using a diverse range of materials, each offering unique characteristics in terms of aesthetics, comfort and performance. The most common materials include leather, textiles, synthetics, rubber, foam and plastic. However, to elevate a sneaker's premium feel, manufacturers often utilise specialised materials for uppers. Hamza takes us through some of these materials: Suede and Nubuck: Suede is a luxurious and velvety material known for its softness and rich texture. Nubuck is similar to suede but slightly shinier and smoother. Sneakers with suede or nubuck uppers exude sophistication and style. Leather Varieties: Leather comes in various forms, such as normal leather, synthetic leather and lacquer leather. These materials provide a classic and timeless appearance and their quality can vary significantly. Canvas: Canvas sneakers, a favourite of brands like Converse and Vans, are beloved for their lightweight and breathable qualities. They are perfect for all-day wear, making them a go-to choice for travellers and comfort seekers. Breathable mesh and knit fabrics: Originally designed for sports and training, breathable mesh and knit fabrics have now transitioned into the lifestyle category. These materials offer a sock-like fit, making them lightweight and ideal for those who prioritise comfort and flexibility. Essential care practices: Maintaining sneakers' pristine conditionProper sneaker care is vital for preserving their appearance and extending their lifespan. Whether you're sporting suede, leather, canvas or mesh sneakers, these universal practices will help keep your kicks looking fresh: Treat them well from the beginning: Prevention is the key to sneaker care. When you purchase a new pair, give them a good coat of shoe protector spray, such as those from brands like Sneaker Lab. This will create a protective barrier against stains and damage. Shape retention and storage: After each wear, stuff your sneakers with scrunched-up newspapers. Newspapers are excellent at absorbing moisture, helping your sneakers dry faster and reducing funky odours. This practice also prevents toe creases, which can make your shoes look aged. Store your sneakers in a cool and dry place to prevent moisture-related issues, such as fungal coating on sensitive materials. Use your sneakers: Leaving sneakers on standby is not the best way to maintain them. Rotate your sneakers and ensure they get some regular wear. Airing your sneakers is essential; they should be periodically aired or sun dried to maintain freshness. You can also use sneaker freshener products to keep them smelling pleasant. Proper storage: Invest in sneaker crates or plastic storage containers to protect your collection from sunlight and dust buildup. Clean and dry your shoes before storing them to avoid mildew growth. If you must store them in direct sunlight, periodically flip them to prevent sun damage. Cleaning and protecting suede sneakersSuede is soft, porous and highly susceptible to staining and damage from water and other liquids. Unlike leather or canvas, it lacks the same resistance to moisture and scuffs, shares Mandeep Chopra, founder of sneaker line - Limited Edt. Without special care, suede sneakers are prone to losing their elegant texture and becoming easily marred. Following are handy tips to keep your suede sneakers in pristine condition: For suede protection: Hamza recommends using a sneaker protection spray. These sprays utilise a polymer-based formula that coats the fibres of your shoes, preventing stains from setting into the fabric. Many sneaker protection formulas also contain sunscreens to prevent premature fading caused by UV rays. For cleaning suede: A suede brush is your best friend when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your suede shoes. Use it after each wearing to remove dirt and re-fluff the suede pile. The design of a suede brush ensures it won't crease or leave marks on your sneakers. Brushing in multiple directions can help restore the overall lustre and nap to suede. The suede brush is also effective in reviving matted suede fibres. If you don't have a suede brush, a simple clean, dry cloth can be used to gently brush off dust. Be cautious not to mat the suede fibres. Keeping mesh sneakers clean and odour-freeMesh sneakers, known for their breathability and lightweight feel, can easily accumulate dirt and develop unpleasant odours. To keep them clean, follow these steps:1. Regularly wash your mesh sneakers. You can do this by hand or use a washing machine on a gentle cycle. Be sure to remove the laces and insoles before washing.2. Store your mesh sneakers in a well-ventilated place to ensure they stay dry and fresh. Avoid storing them in a closed, damp environment, which can lead to mould and odour issues.3. Consider using odour protection sprays designed for sneakers to eliminate unwanted smells. Preventing creases and scuffs on leather and suede sneakersCreases and scuffs can diminish the appearance of your leather and suede sneakers. Here are some techniques to prevent and address these issues: 1. Use crease protectors to maintain the shape of your sneakers and prevent creases.2. Consider using shoe tree insoles to preserve the sneaker's structure and reduce creasing. Sneakerhead hacks (At your own risk):If creases have already formed, you can try some DIY sneakerhead hacks. Be cautious when attempting these techniques, as they may not work for all materials and can potentially damage your sneakers. You can iron out creases, but proceed with caution. Use a buffer, such as a damp cloth, between the iron and your shoe. Keep the heat at the lowest setting and iron over the dampened cloth placed over the creased area. Check the crease between intervals to avoid damage and stop when the crease has disappeared. Leave the shoe stuffed until it cools. Other DIY crease solutions:1. Use a steamed cloth.2. Blow dry the creased area on a low heat setting.3. For leather sneakers, apply leather oils or creams designed for leather products and reshape the shoe to reduce creases. White sneaker hacksWhite leather sneakers are notorious for developing yellow stains, which can be challenging to remove. They are particularly susceptible to yellowing due to exposure to environmental factors, including sunlight, moisture and dirt. To prevent this discolouration, it's important to handle them with care, ensuring your hands are clean when putting them on, as oils and dirt from your hands can contribute to yellowing over time. Additionally, store your white leather sneakers in a dry environment, away from direct sunlight, as UV rays can accelerate the yellowing process. Proper storage and handling practices can significantly reduce the risk of yellowing. In addition to careful handling, regular cleaning is vital to maintain the bright white look of leather sneakers. Use a gentle leather cleaner to remove dirt and stains, and a soft brush or cloth to clean the surface. Be cautious when applying water, as excessive moisture can harm leather. After cleaning, allow the sneakers to air dry naturally, and avoid using direct heat sources like hair dryers, which can also contribute to yellowing.

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Mira Rajput Kapoor (Photo Courtesy: IANS)

I gravitate towards style exuding understated sophistication: Mira Rajput Kapoor

For Mira Rajput Kapoor, fashion is a reflection of individuality. She said that she gravitates towards styles that exude understated sophistication. “Fashion, to me, is a reflection of personal style and individuality. It's about expressing oneself through clothing and accessories in a way that feels authentic and comfortable.” “I gravitate towards styles that exude understated sophistication -- pieces that are classic yet modern, and can seamlessly transition from day to night,” Mira, who is the brand ambassador for jewellery label Perfectly Average, told IANS. She believes that fashion is about curating a wardrobe that makes her feel confident. “I feel like I’ve learned a lot over the years; it’s definitely always a learning curve. For me, fashion is not just about following trends but about curating a wardrobe that speaks to who I am and makes me feel confident! Every time you make an appearance, your style game is on point,” said Mira. Also Read: Vaishali S: Walking the ramp with Radhika Apte was epic at Paris Fashion Week 2024 On striking a balance between being glamorous yet being true to her personality, she said, “Every time I step out, I love to mix glamour by staying true to myself and feeling confident in what I wear. It's about picking jewellery pieces that bring out my personality and enhance my style without going overboard.” “Whether it's adding a touch of sparkle with accessories or opting for a standout piece, I always aim for that balance.” “And you know what? Embracing my flaws is a big part of this journey -- it’s what makes me unique... So, embracing my imperfections makes me feel like me,” she added. Talking about being the brand ambassador of the label, Mira said that they create jewellery that blends simplicity with elegance, which aligns with her personal style. (With inputs from IANS)      

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Best monsoon fashion tips to ace Mumbai rains fashionably. Image Courtesy: Nykaa

Monsoon Fashion: 8 hacks to survive the rainy season in style

Monsoon season brings with it rainy days and humid weather, which can sometimes make it challenging to dress smartly and comfortably. However, with a few fashion tips and tricks, you can navigate the rainy season with style. Here are some suggestions by the Delhi-based fashion designer Rosy Ahluwalia on how to dress smartly and comfortably during rainy days: Choose Fabrics WiselyOpt for lightweight and breathable fabrics that dry quickly. Fabrics like cotton, linen, and synthetic blends are great choices as they don't retain moisture and allow your skin to breathe. Avoid heavy materials like denim or wool, as they can become uncomfortable when wet and take longer to dry. Embrace Waterproof OuterwearInvest in a good quality raincoat or waterproof jacket to protect yourself from the rain. Look for options that are both functional and stylish. Choose neutral colors or fun patterns that can add a pop of personality to your rainy-day ensemble. A raincoat with a hood is particularly useful in keeping your hair dry. Layer with Light ClothingDuring monsoon, the weather can be unpredictable, with rain showers often followed by humid conditions. Opt for light, layer-able clothing that allows you to adapt to changing temperatures. Wear breathable tops like t-shirts or loose blouses that can be paired with cardigans or light jackets. This way, you can add or remove layers as needed. Stick to Shorter HemlinesChoose skirts, dresses, or shorts with shorter hemlines to minimize contact with muddy or wet surfaces. Knee-length or above-the-knee options are preferable during rainy days. Pair them with waterproof boots or sandals that are easy to clean and dry. Opt for Waterproof FootwearInvest in waterproof or water-resistant footwear to protect your feet from puddles and wet conditions. Choose shoes made from materials like rubber or treated leather that can withstand the rain. Avoid suede or delicate fabrics that may get ruined in wet weather. Slip-on shoes or ankle boots with rubber soles are practical and fashionable choices. Accessorize with Waterproof EssentialsDon't forget to accessorize with waterproof essentials. Carry a compact umbrella in your bag or opt for a waterproof hat to keep your hair dry. A lightweight, foldable rain poncho can also be handy if unexpected downpours occur. Choose accessories made from water-resistant materials like nylon or polyester. Consider Quick-Drying HairstylesHumidity can wreak havoc on your hair during monsoon season. Opt for quick-drying hairstyles like a ponytail, bun, or braids. These styles not only keep your hair off your face but also minimize the risk of frizz and maintain a neat appearance even in damp conditions. Protect Your ElectronicsCarry a waterproof or water-resistant bag or backpack to protect your electronic devices and other valuables. This way, you can stay connected and keep your belongings safe even during rainy commutes. Remember, comfort is key during the monsoon season. Prioritize breathable fabrics, waterproof outerwear, and practical footwear. With these tips in mind, you can dress smartly and comfortably while still embracing your personal style, even on rainy days. Also Read: Mastering the multi-step skincare routine by Queenie Singh

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Disha Patani. File/Pic

From bodycon dress to pink gown, 5 ways Disha Patani raised the fashion quotient

Actress Disha Patani, who is currently making waves with her performance as Roxie in the movie 'Kalki 2898 AD', surely knows how to turn heads with her style, as she inspires fans with her fashion trends. Here are the top five looks of the 'M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story' fame actress that you would want to add straight into your lookbooks. Raising oomph in black Disha ate and left no crumbs by donning a thigh-high-slit bodycon dress. The sleeveless outfit has a plunging neckline. She went all glam with the makeup -- glossy red lips, and highlighted face. The look is rounded off by strappy heels. In blush pink shimmer Disha looks sweet as ever in a shimmery blush pink off-shoulder gown. While she radiates sheer elegance in the dress, the pattern and the body-fit look of the gown accentuate her curves. She has opted for a natural makeup look, with her long tresses left open, and styled in soft waves. Dishing boss lady vibes Disha personifies boss lady vibes in a white co-ord set. The outfit is a pair of an ivory white skirt topped with a matching bralette and a coat. Staying classy in whites The 'Malang' actress knows how to raise the temperature, and she has done just that as she has wrapped herself in a satin white body-hugging gown, which perfectly highlights Disha’s toned figure. The backless gown flaunts Disha's curves, setting the internet on fire. The look is accessorised with a beautiful neckpiece. Wine red is the new black Disha looks all things chic and stylish in this red wine-coloured satin outfit. The whole dramatic backless look and the plunging neckline makes it the best pick, especially for date nights. She opted for a neutral makeup look and tied her hair in a dramatic bun. Meanwhile, 'Kalki 2898 AD' stars Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, Deepika Padukone, Brahmanandam, Shobhana, Saswata Chatterjee, Pasupathy and Malvika Nair in pivotal roles. It is directed by Nag Ashwin and produced by Vyjayanthi Movies. Disha next has 'Kanguva' and ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. Also read: Alia Bhatt: I steer away from giving parenting advice as everyone’s journey is different

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Fashion deisgner Vaishali S. walks the ramp with Bollywood actor Radhika Apte at the Paris Fashion Week 2024

Vaishali S on Paris Fashion Week: Walking the ramp with Radhika Apte was epic

Vaishali Shadangule, widely known as Vaishali S, a renowned Mumbai-based fashion designer unveiled her latest Fall Winter '24 Couture Collection, 'Satori' during the recently concluded, Paris Haute Couture Week, at the iconic Pont Alexandre III in France. In collaboration with Tanishq Jewellery, the luxury label founder walked with Radhika Apte as the showstopper. Her latest collection 'Satori' can be traced to the ‘Zen’ Buddhist philosophy for sudden enlightenment and the realisation of that which is already within us.  Shadangule has made a significant mark in the fashion industry with her unique blend of traditional Indian textiles and contemporary designs. Born and raised in the cultural hub of Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, she is known for her innovative use of handwoven fabrics and for upholding sustainable practices. Having begun her formal journey into fashion with a degree in Fashion Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Mumbai, she went on to hone her skills in design by gaining industry experience. In 2021, she launched her eponymous label, Vaishali S. From then on, she has mapped the ramps of various fashion shows on national and international waters. In a quick chat with Midday, Shadangule takes us through the inspiration behind her collection, key takeaways from the ramp and most memorable moments from Paris Haute Couture Week. What was the inspiration behind the collection you presented at Paris Haute Couture Week? Vaishali: The source of inspiration for me is always nature. Through the lens of nature, I introspect and mirror the stages of my own development path. With this collection, 'Satori,' I wanted to capture those moments of sudden realisation that come from deep within our souls, when we realises that the answers we were searching for are already inside us. It's a journey of leaps and bounds. That's why you'll see elements in this collection that develop linearly from my previous work, along with some breaks that represent those moments of sudden clarity. In my designs, which are usually three-dimensional, I've also included some two-dimensional, multilayered pieces. The colour scheme in her latest collection is muted, featuring shades of deep white, beige and grey. Accents of deep indigo, rich burgundy and gold also find a place on the fabric. Image courtesy: Vaishali S. Most memorable moment for you during the event? Vaishali: The most memorable moment for me is always when the first model steps onto the ramp. It's like a shift in energy, transitioning into show mode. But this time, walking the ramp with Radhika Apte was truly epic. She's such a wonderful person and working with her was so easy and pleasant that even the final walk felt different. Plus, showcasing the beautiful Tanishq Jewelry collection 'Enchanted Trails' made for the event made it all feel like a dream. Biggest challenges you faced in preparing for Paris Fashion Week, and how did you overcome them? Vaishali: Paris Haute Couture is always a huge commitment. On one hand, you need to be extremely creative, but on the other hand, the quality has to be top-notch, with everything balanced perfectly. It's a double effort for a designer, often pulling you in opposite directions. But it's a really exciting process overall! Key takeaways from the runway: Paris loves my creativity and colour palette, though sometimes needs also some more “Parisianity.” Also read: Alia Bhatt: I avoid giving parenting advice as everyone’s journey is different

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