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Fitness Forward with Sonia Lulla featuring Dr. Manan Vora | Episode 4

Fancy gadgets that tell you about your VO2 Max and HRV stats are all the norm today. But, what do these terms actually mean? Our orthopaedic and sports medicine doctor tells you how to comprehend the readings of your smartwatch

29 November,2022 11:20 AM IST | Mumbai

Fitness Forward with Sonia Lulla ft. Kris Gethin | Episode 3

 While he applauds Indians for limiting their fast-food consumption, Hrithik Roshan's trainer says there is a dire need to check sugar intake

13 October,2022 07:05 PM IST | Mumbai

Fitness Forward - Episode 2 With Celebrity Nutritionist Dr Siddhant Bhargava

"I eat healthy meals, but I still don't lose weight." How often have you raised this complaint with friends and family? In this episode of Fitness Forward, a celebrity nutritionist Dr Siddhant Bhargava points to the flaws in your seemingly perfect diet, and shares ways to fix them

31 August,2022 03:36 PM IST | Mumbai

Your diet chart prepared for you!

If you're tired of looking at a million videos to fix your diet chart, a celebrity nutritionist tells you precisely how to do so 

30 August,2022 10:45 AM IST

Fitness forward- Episode 2 featuring Dr Siddhant Bhargava

A celebrity nutritionist points to the flaws in your seemingly perfect diet, and shares ways to fix them

29 August,2022 12:37 PM IST | Mumbai

Are certain exercises contributing to cardiac episodes?

When addressing a population that isn’t getting its required amount of daily activity, nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal says the type of exercise being practised is of little relevance. Dr Aashish Contractor, however, recommends that newbies refrain from practising HIIT

23 August,2022 11:16 AM IST | Mumbai

Is exercise leadingto cardiac episodes?

An exercise bout, says Dr Aashish Contractor, isn’t likely to be the cause of a cardiac episode, but in fact, the “final straw”. A person who suffers an attack during exercise, he says, is likely to have been suffering from a heart-related issue for a long time.

22 August,2022 10:26 AM IST

The Healthy Gossip by Sonia Lulla- Ep-2

Ryan Fernando highlights how nutrigenomics is redefining the personal nutrition space

18 June,2022 03:30 PM IST | Mumbai

'Don't know where the 5-fruits-a-day myth came from'

Nutritionist Luke Coutinho advocates the consumption of fruits this summer, but warns against practices that could lead to sugar spikes.

25 May,2022 02:35 PM IST | Mumbai

Healthy Gossip Podcast By Sonia Lulla

Health, fitness, and food served with a dose of logic and fun! The finest names in the field sit down with mid-day's Sonia Lulla to break down fitness science so that you can make smarter choices. 

23 May,2022 06:38 PM IST

Gaurav Taneja: It's Still A Mystery Why People Connect With Ritu And Me

YouTuber and reality show star Gaurav Taneja popularly known as Flying Beast on YouTube, shares his journey to fame in an exclusive chat with He opens up about his shift from being a pilot to a social media star, his fitness journey, what makes wife Ritu and him a much loved couple, being parents to Rasbhari and Pihu. Watch video to know more!

23 April,2022 02:08 PM IST | Mumbai
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