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Turning Hearts Medallion Reviews [Urgent Read Before Buying]

Updated on: 19 January,2024 11:27 AM IST  |  MUMBAI
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The Turning Hearts Medallion securely attaches to the gravestone, headstone, or other place of remembrance with its weather-proof adhesive backing.

Turning Hearts Medallion Reviews [Urgent Read Before Buying]


The Turning Hearts is a platform that has created a better way to document and commemorate the lives of those dear to us. The company - founded in 2020 - offers the unique Turning Hearts Medallion engraved with QR codes.

The QR codes provide a lasitng link to their personal profile page on the Turning hearts platform, ensuring their memory remains accessible to future generations.

How does the QR technology work?

The Turning Hearts Medallion securely attaches to the gravestone, headstone, or other place of remembrance with its weather-proof adhesive backing.

Once placed, simply scan the QR code with any smartphone revealing a personalized online profile hosting videos, photos and stories of the person you hold dear. It’s a modern and heartfelt approach to commemorating their life and keeping their memories and legacy alive.

Benefits of Linking Personal Profiles: Preserving Memories with Turning Hearts Medallions

One of the distinctive features that set Turning Hearts Medallions apart is the innovative integration of QR codes, each uniquely linked to an individual's personal profile.

This forward-thinking approach transforms a traditional keepsake into a modern marvel and brings forth a myriad of benefits in preserving cherished memories.

Digital Legacy

Turning Hearts Medallions serve as digital gateways to a person's life story. By linking a QR code to a personal profile, individuals can curate a digital legacy beyond the physical realm. Family members, friends, and future generations gain access to a comprehensive and dynamic narrative, creating a lasting imprint of the person's essence.

Rich Multimedia Experience

Unlike static memorabilia, the linked personal profiles offer a rich multimedia experience. Users can incorporate diverse content, including photographs, videos, and written anecdotes. This multimedia approach allows for a more immersive and engaging exploration of the individual's life, fostering a deeper connection with their memories.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

The QR code system ensures accessibility, allowing anyone with a smartphone to access the linked personal profile effortlessly. This inclusivity is particularly significant for those who may be physically distant or unable to visit physical memorials regularly. Turning Hearts Medallions transcend geographical boundaries, enabling widespread access to the stories encapsulated within.

Real-Time Updates

The dynamic nature of digital profiles allows for real-time updates. As life progresses and new milestones are achieved, users can seamlessly add fresh content to their profiles. This feature ensures that the medallion remains a living memorial, adapting and growing alongside the individual it represents.

Preservation of Traditions

Linking personal profiles to Turning Hearts Medallions contributes to preserving cultural and familial traditions. Users can document and share traditions, anecdotes, and customs through the digital platform, ensuring that these elements are not lost with time. This preservation fosters a sense of continuity and connection across generations.

In essence, the benefits of linking personal profiles with Turning Hearts Medallions extend far beyond the physicality of the medallion itself. They provide a dynamic, inclusive, and enduring platform for preserving memories, creating a bridge between the past, present, and future. This innovative approach transforms the concept of keepsakes and ensures that the essence of an individual's life story remains accessible and vibrant for generations to come.

User Experience - Turning Hearts Customer Reviews

Turning Hearts has been garnering a lot of positive reviews. Here are just some that we could find;

Pros and Cons of Turning Hearts Medallions


Innovative Technology

Integrating QR codes adds a modern and innovative touch to traditional keepsakes, appealing to a tech-savvy audience and bridging generational gaps.

Dynamic Digital Profiles:

The linked personal profiles offer a dynamic and evolving representation of an individual's life, allowing for the addition of new content and updates over time.

Rich Multimedia Experience

Turning Hearts Medallions provide a multimedia experience, incorporating photos, videos, and written anecdotes to create a more immersive and engaging exploration of memories.


QR codes ensure easy accessibility to personal profiles, allowing friends, family, and future generations to access and interact with the memories associated with the medallion.

Preservation of Traditions

The digital platform allows for documenting and preserving cultural and familial traditions, ensuring that these elements are not lost with time.

Digital Legacy

Turning Hearts Medallions facilitate the creation of a digital legacy, offering a lasting and accessible representation of an individual's life story.

Cons of Turning Hearts Medallions

Privacy Concerns

Creating personal profiles linked to QR codes raises privacy considerations. Users may be concerned about the security of their digital information and who has access to it.

Limited Physicality

While the digital aspect adds depth, some prefer more tangible keepsakes. The medallions may be perceived as less substantial than traditional, physically crafted items.

Learning Curve

Users, mainly those less familiar with technology, may experience a learning curve in navigating the digital profiles linked to the QR codes. This could impact the accessibility and ease of use for specific demographics.


The incorporation of technology and development of a digital platform contributes to a higher cost compared to traditional keepsakes

In considering these pros and cons, it's essential to weigh the innovative features of Turning Hearts Medallions against potential challenges, considering individual preferences, technological trends, and privacy considerations.

How much is Turning Hearts Medallion

Turning Hearts medallion retails for $99 when purchasing just one, however the price drops off the more you buy.

Buy 1 for $99

Buy 2 for $189.98 (you save $10)

Buy 4 for $374.96 (you save $25)

However for readers of this site we have a special discount code that allows you to buy your medallion at an extra 10% off, just read to the end to see the coupon code.

FAQs about Turning Hearts Medallion

What is the Online Profile

          Online profiles on the turning hearts platform include;

  • A biography section
  • A photo gallery
  • A video gallery for attaching youtube vides
  • An obituary link
  • Gravesite infromation
  • Plot coordinates with walking directions to the grave
  • A link’s section for adding addivtional links to website
  • An interactive tributes section for other peopl to post text, images and videos onto the profile
  • A follow button for getting relevant updates on profiles of interest you

What are the dimensions of Turning Hearts Medalions

Each Turning Hearts Medallion is exactly 2” x 2”

Shipping, Returns and Warranty

The medallions are shipped via FedEx, UPS and USPS. Shipping fees will vary depending on your location and they ship worldwide

Their Standard fulfillment is 2 business days, however if you require the medallion earlier, they have a "Priority processing" add on that guarantees your order to be shipped by the very next business day.

Turning Hearts Medallions are covered by a lifetime warranty. Any defects, damages or wear & tear to the medallions will be replaced and shipped to you at no extra cost.

What’s included in a box

Every order comes with two identical weather resistant Hearts Medallions made of premium grade anodized aluminum.

You will also receive two double sided 3M adhesives and a free online profile for your loved one.

But most importantly a lifetime warranty with absolutely no questions asked.

Conclusion - Is the Turning Hearts Medallion Worth It?

In Turning Hearts Medallions, where tradition meets innovation, there's a compelling narrative of memories woven with charm and challenges. The tech-savvy integration, while a breath of fresh air, presents initial hurdles for those not fully immersed in the smartphone era.

The dance between personal profiles and QR codes introduces a delicate balance between sharing memories and ensuring privacy.

While the medallions may lack the tangible weight of traditional keepsakes, they compensate by offering a dynamic, multimedia-rich experience that breathes life into cherished moments. Introducing older generations to the tech features may pose a learning curve, yet it becomes an opportunity for digital literacy evolution.

The swift evolution of technology, initially a source of anxiety, transforms into a promise of a future-proof digital legacy that adapts to the times.

Buying the medallion proves worthwhile, creating a lasting and meaningful connection with memories. Turning Hearts Medallions navigates and transforms potential pain points into opportunities, offering a unique, emotionally resonant, and inclusive keepsake experience for those ready to embrace the blend of tradition and tech.

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