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My ex-girlfriend has sent me a love letter

Updated on: 17 October,2012 07:46 AM IST  | 
Dear Diana |

Dear Diana, I'm 26 and work for a PR agency. I broke off with my girlfriend from college almost a year ago. She's now getting married to a guy her parents have chosen for her.

My ex-girlfriend has sent me a love letter

Since I’m not in a position to settle down now, I decided to let her go. Turns out she hasn’t moved on. I was shocked to receive a lovey dovey letter from her last week! I don’t know why she didn’t call me or anything and decided to send such a letter. I wonder whether it’s her idea of a joke because my friends inform me that she’s getting married early next month. Should I respond to her letter or should I ignore it?
— Cerine

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Cerine,
I suggest ignore it. May be in a weak moment she penned the letter. You have not heard from her after that so it’s clear that she does not want to continue. She is getting married in a few weeks time to someone of her parents’ choice. Both of you decided to part ways as you were not willing to settle down. It is better that you move on and let her be. By calling her or sending a letter, it will only create unnecessary trouble. It’s always better to cut off all ties with an ex. Only then can you fully move on.u00a0

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