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What to expect from 2023? Check astrological predictions for all zodiac signs

Updated on: 01 January,2023 07:45 AM IST  |  Mumbai
Aparna Bose |

Wondering what's in store for you this year? Well, we have you covered for every zodiac sign - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

What to expect from 2023? Check astrological predictions for all zodiac signs

Aparna Bose

This year is one of facing challenges and getting stronger and better as a result. The choices rest in our hands and the decisions we make this year will see an impact over time. Recognising opportunities for what they are, and making the most of them will bring abundance. A certain amount of discipline, commitment and resilience might be needed, but then, nothing worthwhile comes easily. What will take us forward this year is the ability to respond, rather than impulsively react to situations. All in all, it is a year that holds immense potential.

With discipline, you’ll change any aspect of your life
March 21 - April 19

Annual Snapshot: Use the advantages you have, and leverage your connections as necessary. You might find yourself being even more vocal than usual with friends, and although honesty is good, saying what you need to in a diplomatic manner would be best. Limit the time you spend online if possible, especially if you do it with ‘friends’ instead of meeting people in person. This is a positive year for making changes in any aspect of your life that you feel is stagnant, but you will need to adopt a disciplined approach.

Look to change the way you handle challenging relationships—remember that you do not always need to be right or have the last word. Look at friendship and your equation with those you trust, and try and be as appreciative as possible. Make well thought out choices if you find a relationship or friendship at a crossroad, and try and look at situations from the other person’s perspective before taking an irrevocable decision.

Leverage your power to make the most of all situations, and learn from the challenges you face. You can make the most of slow time or a setback if you handle it properly. The past only has value if you learn from it, grow as a person, and make better and balanced choices. You do not need to be defined by what has happened to you or other people’s opinion of you.

Look forward to healing from the past, and consciously making different choices. This is a positive time for singles, as well as making new, long-lasting friendships. Handling stressful situations more effectively will keep you in better physical as well as mental health. Those on a limited budget will be able to handle their finances more effectively, and perhaps even manage to invest a little. Overall, you will see an improvement in whatever aspect of your life you want to change, if you are willing to put in the work that’s needed.

Words for the wise: You have so much to share with others—keep an open heart, and do not expect to receive reciprocally every time. What you do will come back to you, even if later, or from another source. Do not limit yourself in any way.

Even small changes will bring results
April 20 - May 20 

Annual Snapshot: It’s time to make decisions and choices that will shape your future. Seek advice from a mentor or teacher if you have one. Make an effort to socialise a little more, and deal with people from a space of generosity. Even small changes will bring results, and Taureans who want to get healthy or in shape will find the process easier. Singles are in a positive phase, but must be vocal about their feelings when it is appropriate. Taureans can look forward to a sense of stability this year (finally)!

Look to change how you deal with situations if you normally let the past with its disappointments and what you consider failure, stop you from moving ahead. Those with a challenging situation at home might want to reassess how they handle it, and deal with the matter in a calm manner. Finances and investments will also be a focus—look at cutting back on any unnecessary spending and do your own research instead of following advice blindly.

Leverage your power to make practical choices based on your own investigation. Relationships and friendships can improve and flourish if you keep your heart open, without too many expectations. Make the most of your social network, and do not be afraid to ask questions when you need to. Listen to your intuition too, especially in emotional matters. Channel your legendary Taurean stubbornness and determination to reach your goals whenever you feel blocked or uncertain.

Look forward to improved health and vitality, especially if you have been suffering from insomnia and broken sleep patterns. Making decisions will be easier as you have clarity and focus. Taureans can get the better of any habit they want to change, or start—small steps would bring results, unlike in the past. Finances can improve, and you should be able to make a couple of good investments. Relocation abroad is possible, if that is what you want.

Words for the wise: Listen to your inner wisdom. You know what to do, and if you have any doubt, do what is right, even if it is the difficult choice. Put your ideas into action, and work towards your goals instead of drifting. Make time to be with yourself, especially whenever you are unsure about what to do, and then act without procrastinating.

Approach difficulty in relationship with understanding
May 21 - June 20

Annual Snapshot: Make the most of every opportunity, and work to create your luck when you can. Learning, both from the past as well as a practical new skill will help in your career, especially if you work for a large organisation. Make sure you have all the information you need before making important decisions, and do not rush into situations before you have understood them. Take care of your health, especially your bones and joints.

Look to change your tendency to speak before you think with seniors and clients at work, as well as elders/authority figures at home. Looking at any challenging situation from a different  or changed perspective will help you deal with it and find solutions. Any friendships or relationships that are going through a difficult patch will need to be dealt with love and understanding, keeping your own ego aside. Look at the way you interact with those closest to you, and  treat them like you would want them to treat you.

Leverage your power to remain disciplined and make intelligent choices, even if you would rather take the easy way out. Any restrictions can be worked through, provided you know what your strengths are, and use them at the right moment. Your dual nature can actually be a superpower if you use it correctly, though this means understanding and accepting yourself without reservations. This would mean working with both your intellectual side and emotional side simultaneously instead of using only one and ignoring the other.

Look forward to seeing situations (or being forced to) as they really are. This would give you clarity and a better understanding of how to deal with them. Relationships and friendships can improve drastically if you give them the attention and nurturing they need. Those in line for a promotion should get it without much trouble, and a pay raise for some is possible too. Singles are in a positive phase, but should take things forward in any new equation slowly. Let “listen more and talk less” be your mantra.

Words for the wise: Focus on how the challenges you have faced have made you stronger instead of indulging in negativity about the past. A positive outlook will attract positive situations, as well as a deeper understanding about why the past played out the way it did. Treat others and yourself with compassion and understanding.

This is a positive time for relationships
June 21 - July 22

Annual snapshot: Respond rather than react emotionally to situations, and don’t create unrealistic expectations based on ideal outcomes. This is a positive time in general for relationships and friendships, but you do need to be very clear about what you want. Any legal matters should slowly sort themselves out, but you do need to be involved in the process rather than leaving it to your lawyer/legal team. Those with high blood pressure and heart-related ailments need to take a little extra care of themselves. Listen to your body.

Look to change any tendency to worry about the future or situations that are beyond your control. Look at solutions instead of getting bogged down by the challenges you face. Consciously choose whom to trust, and avoid talking about your personal life as much as possible. Those with a busy social life, or lots of friends might want to be choosy about whom they spend time with. Try and avoid mindless socialising, and being around people who gossip.

Leverage your power to rise above challenges and make the most of opportunities as soon as they come your way. Ideas need to be worked on and implemented as soon as possible. Listen to your intuition if you are being given differing information and are confused about what to do. A fresh perspective and possible realigning of goals will give you clarity, and the ability to make better decisions, both in your personal as well as professional life.

Look forward to getting help when you need it, especially whenever you are at crossroads and need to make decisions. Singles are in a positive phase, but should take any new equation slowly instead of rushing into making a premature commitment. Important friendships will mature and strengthen. Financial discipline and sticking to a budget as well as an investment schedule would pay off, even though it may not be fun to be so focused.

Words for the wise: Look beyond the surface, and recognise that circumstances are exactly as they are meant to be. Solutions to challenges should be fair to everyone involved, and this would mean thinking beyond yourself and what you want. Keep your thoughts and conversations as positive as possible, and do not allow yourself to slip into negativity.

Year is good for finance if you don’t overspend 
July 23 - August 22

Annual Snapshot: You would need a fresh perspective to handle a situation you feel has been dragging on, or you don’t have the answers to. Make sure you get enough rest and take time to relax—the mind and body work together to create optimum health. Singles who meet someone new need to be very mindful about what they say to the other person. This is a positive time for finances as long as you do not spend unnecessarily (especially, to show off).

Look to change the manner in which you handle challenges, if your usual way does not work to your advantage. Take control of your lifestyle and health, rather than letting it get dictated by circumstances and your social life. You do not have to be like everyone else or keep up appearances. A child or younger person in the family may need guidance and sensitive handling. Be firm, but not harsh.

Leverage your power to move away from situations and people who do not have your best interest at heart—even if they flatter you or are close to you. Small changes in the way you handle finances can make a big difference. Some may want to start a side business from home, which can eventually be profitable; choose the right moment to do this. You can achieve your goals with discipline and focused work.

Look forward to a year of experience and learning, and the chance to improve yourself if you want to, and are willing to make the effort it requires. Finances can improve, but you must stay away from get-rich-quick schemes or ‘investors’ who sweet talk you. Living life with awareness and consciousness would have a ripple effect on every aspect of your life. You will know the advantages you have, and how to use them effectively and at the right moment.

Words for the wise: Trust your inner knowledge, and do not confuse it with your ego. You are wiser than you know, and have the answers if you take time to be silent and listen. Use your inner guidance to put ideas into action, and take one step at a time. Breaking down a major goal into smaller targets will make it more achievable.

Make effort to spend time with friends
August 23 - September 22

Annual Snapshot: A fresh perspective regarding relationships and friendships will perhaps come as a slight surprise. Those who are not very social, or do not have the time to socialise might want to make more effort to spend time with friends. Let your intuition guide you whenever you have to deal with people who have an agenda. Maintain a disciplined approach to your health and fitness, listen to your body and understand what works for you.

Look to change your approach to handling difficult people, especially if you tend to be too harsh and blunt. A diplomatic approach will work better, even if this means not saying exactly what you want to. A few friendships or relationships may be at the crossroads, and you would need to make well thought out decisions. Recognise the advantages you have, and make use of them as long as you are not causing harm. Be willing to let go of what is unnecessary, and move on if need be.

Leverage your power to get your health and fitness firmly on track. Those with any chronic ailment would be able to get it in control if they create a lifestyle with the balance that works for them. This can be a time of financial abundance if you make the right choices, and remain disciplined with your investments—rethink your goals if necessary. Those in a position of authority at work need to blend approachability with a professional demeanour.

Look forward to small changes; it will lead to major results, whether in finances, health or relationships. Singles are in a very positive phase as long as they let go of the past and not repeat patterns. You would be able to find the balance between your personal and professional life that works best for you, but this might mean letting go of habits or thought processes that may be stuck in the past. Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, and try to do things differently.

Words for the wise: Every situation has hidden blessings even if they are not apparent immediately. Challenges can be blessings in disguise if they are handled correctly. Change is the only constant, and it’s for the better, especially if it forces you to improve yourself. 

Positive time to launch new business venture
September 23 - October 22

Annual Snapshot: Make the best of small opportunities to put any new ideas into action. There will never be a ‘perfect’ moment, and you may have to go ahead on faith. Some may want to go back to a hobby or revisit a skill you once had, but have not made time for in the near past. Finances and investing should also be a focus, and you might want to look at reassessing your goals, both short and long term.

Look to change the way you communicate, especially when you are angry or extremely emotional. Showing the other person how upset you are actually gives the person power over you. Keep your financial accounts and paperwork in order, and make informed decisions about investments. Try not to mull over the past too much, but make it a point to learn from it and not repeat patterns. Recognise ‘frenemies’ for what they are.

Leverage your power to deal and communicate with bosses and authority figures in a more effective way. Find a balance between using your innate charm on one hand and professionalism on the other, depending on the person you are interacting with. Some may want to rethink and change the way in which, and with whom they socialise. Be willing to spot any negativity for what it is. You would be able to handle competitive people easily once you have recognised them for what they are.

Look forward to engaging with life from a space of inner strength that does not depend on the opinions of others, 
especially of people who don’t really matter. This is a positive time for those who want to conceive a child or start a new business venture. Taking calculated risks will pay off better than they have done in the past, as long as you are absolutely sure about what you want and are willing to put in the work needed.

Words for the wise: Focus on your most important priorities and do not waste time on what is unnecessary. This will require you to take charge of your schedule in a completely honest-to-yourself manner. Make choices that support your priorities and goals, especially if you have any spiritual goals you are working on. 

Consistent effort will bring success
October 23 - November 21

Annual Snapshot: Success will follow consistent effort, and you must make sure you do not give up half way or change plans just because you have another option that looks like the easy way out. Friendships will need a little extra attention, and you should consciously make time to meet the few friends who really matter. Choose whom you take advice from very carefully, especially concerning any legal matter. Be mindful while working out, as you could injure your back.

Look to change your approach to professional as well as personal relationships if you feel dissatisfied or unappreciated. An important friendship could get distant if you do not consciously make time to meet the person. A dispassionate look at how you handle finances might be needed for those for whom 2022 has been a year of major expenses. Take a little extra care of your health and do not go to extremes of dieting or working out; your body is not an enemy that needs to 
be conquered.

Leverage your power to be persistent and take on challenges with a positive frame of mind. Making the right choices will be easier if you keep a calm frame of mind, and think your choices and decision through in a dispassionate manner. Make letting go of the past a conscious process, more so if you still think about situations that are decades old. You need not be defined by what has happened to you, or how a certain person has treated you.

Look forward to clarity in communication, and a better understanding about how to deal with seniors and any work pressure. Any new contracts or collaborations at work will be an opportunity to improve yourself and rise. Finances can improve if you focus on investing rather than spending on the spur of the moment. Those who have a regular meditative or spiritual practice will see a deepening and greater understanding of themselves and what they are here for.

Words for the wise: Be clear about what you really want while setting goals, and be willing to tweak them if you find that you no longer want what you thought you did. Our priorities change as we mature and learn the lessons life teaches us. Wisdom lies in embracing the lessons and becoming a better person because of them. 

Go the whole hog to pursue what you want
November 22 - December 21

Annual Snapshot: A little extra bit of hard work will pay off—don’t give into any temptation to slack off or put in less than your very best in everything you do. Build secure foundations and be willing to be patient and let situations work themselves to maturity. This is a positive time for self-employed businesspersons looking to sign on new clients. Health is generally good, as long as you are sensible about your lifestyle, and can take care of yourself.

Look to change the way you handle conflict if your current style does not actually resolve issues. Trust, but only when the person has proven trustworthy, and do not give people who have failed you, multiple chances. Avoid rushing into situations till you understand them, especially when it comes to investments and finances. Dream big, but keep your decisions and actions firmly rooted in practicality—your ideas may not be viable as they are, and would need refinement if they are to be profitable.

Leverage your power to power through with what you need to do when you feel your energy slowing down or stagnating. An extra amount of discipline and willingness to work hard will help you while handling any competitive situations, or situations where you feel that you need to prove yourself. Listen to your intuition if you feel someone is not trustworthy or not being entirely honest with you, and handle the situation with diplomacy instead of bluntness, making sure you do not burn important bridges.

Look forward to letting go of what is not important, and focus on what is, with clarity and determination.  Seek guidance from someone you trust if you have to make any important decision, or are unsure about how to handle a situation. Making the right choices will help you navigate challenges with relative ease, as long as you maintain your focus and know what you want. Look at the larger picture, rather than what seems easier to do in the moment.

Words for the wise: Manifesting only means having clarity and following through with what you need to do to achieve whatever it is you want. A half hearted or wishy-washy approach will not bring you the results you want. Remember that we are each responsible for our life, and how we live it. Let go of any blame and be willing to start anew if needed.

Focus on physical and mental health
December 22 - January 19

Annual Snapshot: Pay attention to family and home, and consciously make time for both. Those who want to have major repair work done to their home need to make sure they budget correctly. Choose your investments carefully—those who have a financial advisor should also do their own research. Modify your social life to suit you, even if it means saying no to invitations. Consult a specialist if you have or develop any chronic health issue, and take a second opinion if need be.

Look to change any self-created blocks or fear of change—sticking to the past or hoping that situations were different will not help in the present. Self-employed businesspersons who feel stuck for any reason might want to look at small ways in which they can improve their business. Be clear about your goals, and do not let them be defined by what anyone else thinks. Let go of any self-imposed restrictions, but be willing to put in the hard work you know you will need to.

Leverage your power to focus on your strengths, especially when you are faced with challenges. Recognise and use advantages you have at work, but also be willing to put in the hours needed. Creating the right balance would be easy, as long as you are willing to let go of all that is unnecessary and outdated. Use your will power to get the better of any habit that is not good for you.

Look forward to a better understanding of yourself and an enhanced ability to blend intuition with impulsiveness in the right proportion. Singles would have more opportunities to meet new people, as long as they choose to put themselves out there. Those with complicated or restricted finances should be able to manage their cash flow better if they take a little time to understand their needs and budget accordingly. Self-employed businesspersons and professionals could potentially sign on new clients or increase their business with present ones.

Words for the wise: Take care of your physical as well as mental health, even if it means changing long-held patterns of behaviour or thought. Listen to your intuition, and remember that life almost automatically looks better when you are in a good space as far as health and emotions go.

Heed advice of seniors at work, family elders
January 20 - February 18

Annual Snapshot: Timing is something you have to be aware of, especially if it is a legal matter or any other issue that is time bound. Taking a look at your investment portfolio, and letting go of any bad investments is something you should do at a regular interval. Those going through a rough patch in a relationship might want to look at the situation from the other person’s perspective too, and work on resolving the matter rather than having their own way.

Look to change the manner in which you handle restrictions that you feel are beyond your control. Remain focused and make small changes if you can’t make big ones—the cumulative effort will pay off eventually. Try not to talk about any personal matter with ‘friends’, especially those you know love to gossip. A change in sleep patterns might be necessary for those who have late nights too frequently, as it would affect your health eventually.

Leverage your power to look at different perspectives and the larger picture while working on your goals. Aquarians can be extremely futuristic, and this is something you should use to your advantage. Those with scattered finances should get them in order. Take care of yourself, but try to avoid doing so for vanity reasons. Embracing your age and the changes it brings can be transformative and freeing if you allow yourself to go beyond superficiality.  Make new friends, but don’t neglect old ones.

Look forward tO successful resolutions to any sudden changes and clarity whenever you need to make quick choices. Consistent discipline at work will pay off, and there is a possibility of a promotion for some Aquarians. Pay attention to advice from seniors at work and elders in the family; you will get some important insights even if you disagree with them. Singles would be able to meet new people easily if they are willing to expand their social circle.

Words for the wise: Look at your life and the choices you have made, but from a compassionate point of view. Pay attention to what you have learnt along the way, as these lessons can be valuable tools when you are making choices in and for the future. Let go of patterns that are not serving your higher good.

Pay attention to self-care and well being
February 19 - March 20

Annual Snapshot: Small changes would add up, and you would need to be consistent—don’t slow down at the first glimpse of success. Instead, use its momentum to move forward. Be clear about what you want before making any personal or professional commitments. Self-employed businesspersons and professionals might have to handle work a little differently—do not be afraid to use the advantages you have and use your wits to steer situations to benefit yourself.

Look to change any impulsive behaviour that makes you say things you later regret. Those with a difficult boss or those who have differences with any authority figure in their personal lives need to make sure they are prepared before getting into any conflict—control impatience and look for the right moment. Cut back if you have a sweet tooth, and try and get your sugar fix from natural sources like fruit instead of heavy, calorie-dense desserts.

Leverage your power to recognise situations for what they are, and look behind the surface—you are highly intuitive as long as you don’t allow your personal preference to colour your thinking. A situation that involves dealing with family finances, business or inheritance can be sorted out, but you do need to keep legalities in mind. Make helping other people a priority, even if it is just a simple act like making time for, and listening to a friend who is going through a stressful phase.

Look forward to enhanced clarity, and the ability to make tough choices if you need to. Those at the crossroads in their professional or personal life would be able to make a decision. This is a positive time if you want to start a new venture—be willing to take baby steps and nurture the project with patience. Make stepping out of your comfort zone a priority, and remember that it is all right to stumble and make mistakes.

Words for the wise: Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the best way to up your energy levels. Getting enough restful sleep is a big part of the process, and you might need to prioritise it above other things. Remember that self-care is not selfishness—you cannot give your best if you are feeling tired or unwell.

The writer is a Mumbai-based tarot consultant. Catch her weekly horoscope column in Sunday Mid-day. You can reach her at

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