12 most haunted places in Mumbai

Nov 19, 2018, 18:45 IST
  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    Aarey Milk Colony: Known for the frequent leopard spotting in this area, Aarey colony is known as a place where no man should walk alone, especially at night. But there is another, more spooky reason for this unsaid rule –  Many people, especially drivers have reported spotting a woman with a child asking for a lift and then disappearing. Other horror stories, like a child running, an old man disappearing and babies crying at unusual hours during the night have also been reported from the area

  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    D’Souza Chawl, Mahim: Unlike other chawls in Mumbai, this chawl has a different story to tell. Said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who died by falling into a well, this is another place in Mumbai that is believed to be haunted

  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    IC Colony, Borivli: A gardener committed suicide in an open garden located in the middle of IC Colony, Borivli. His spirit is still rumoured to roam this place and target children playing in the area

  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    Marve and Madh Island Road: This road is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Mumbai.  According to legends, some years ago, a bride was brutally killed on her wedding night and dumped in the adjacent forest. Since then, people travelling on this road have complained of scary incidents and paranormal activities. It is said that the spirit of the bride haunts the road and is a reason for several fatal accidents here

  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    Mukesh Mills, Colaba: Established by the East India Company in Colaba, the mill was destroyed after a fire broke out in 1870. The incident killed thousands of people and the mill was shut down thereafter. The deserted Mukesh Mills serves as Bollywood’s hotspot for haunted shoots. Bollywood stars and crew members have noticed spooky incidents here and many times were forced to wrap up shoots as early as possible

  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    Nasserganj Wadi, Mahim: Another place on our list of haunted places in Mumbai, Nasserganj Wadi is situated near Mahim Station and is an old compound that once belonged to a Parsi man named Nasser. After Nasser was burnt alive and buried in a well, residents of the compound feel that his spirit still roams the premises. Rumours are rife that the spirit also hurts and torments anyone who obstructs his path, post midnight

  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    Pawan Hans Quarters, Juhu: In 1989, a girl named Salma committed suicide by burning herself in this area. Since then, people have claimed seeing her burned body roaming around a Peepal tree in the area. Thereafter, residents have built a Hanuman Temple in the area to protect themselves from the evil spirit

  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    Sanjay Gandhi National Park: This popular attraction in Mumbai is believed to be haunted by a hitchhiker. Visitors and forest guards have reported that they often spot a shadow of a hitchhiker, which gradually disappears in the air

  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    SNDT Girl’s College: There are rumours that at 2 am a woman is heard reciting multiplication tables. People have even complained of other spooky activities here, like children wailing and slapping

  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    St. John’s Baptist church, Andheri: Built in 1579, this church was abandoned by the Portuguese in 1840. Before 1977, people who visited the church reported presence of spirit of a young bride; so much so that locals performed an exorcism in 1977 to get rid of paranormal activities. However, since then, no one dared enter the church premises

  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    Tower Of Silence: Located at Malabar Hill, this is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. Parsis leave dead bodies of members of their community as part of their tradition. This makes Tower of Silence a frightening destination in Mumbai. Though people have not complained of any spooky activities here, they say that they feel uncomfortable while passing through the spot

  • 12 most haunted places in Mumbai

    Vrindavan Society, Thane: Located behind Thane creek, this is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. A man is said to have committed suicide in one of the buildings and since then, security guards have witnessed spooky incidents. The guards say that someone whispers in their ears during the night as they are patrolling. Some have even said that they have been slapped if they end up falling asleep while on duty

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