Do you know these films of Aamir Khan?

Updated: 14 March, 2020 16:44 IST
  • Love Love Love (1989): A typical rich girl-poor boy fare, Love Love Love reunited the Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak jodi, but this time the Aamir Khan-Juhi Chawla magic did not work. A done to death storyline was the key reason behind the film's failure.

  • Tum Mere Ho (1990): Another Aamir-Juhi starrer and another drab offering. Here, the hero played a snake-charmer with magical powers while the heroine was a village girl. The 'saap ka badla' (revenge of a snake) theme was prominent in the film, which did not make for interesting viewing.

  • Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin (1990): This time, Aamir teamed up with Dil co-star Madhuri Dixit. He played a photographer, who is obsessed with a model (played by Madhuri Dixit) working in the same agency, and kept dreaming about getting married to her even though the latter is engaged to someone else. The slow pace made the film extremely boring.

  • Jawani Zindabad (1990): Aamir romanced 90s star Farha Naaz in this romantic comedy. The film was about the younger generation who are against dowry but have to face stern opposition from their elders, who want to continue the tradition. The intentions were great, but the execution wasn't.

  • Afsana Pyaar Ka (1991): Boy and girl, meet, fight and fall in love. However, their warring families are dead against the relationship. Neelam Kothari played Aamir's love interest here. The Tip Tip Baarish song is the best thing about the film.

  • Isi Ka Naam Zindagi (1992): The film, set in the British Raj, brought back the Aamir-Farha pairing, but with equally bad results as the one earlier. The movie centred around a plot of land owned by an old man (played by Pran). Due to its convoluted storyline, the movie was rejected by the audiences.

  • Daulat Ki Jung (1992): Aamir and Juhi were the lead pair again in this flick. Not for the first time, just like Qayamat Se Qayamat Take, this time too, their parents are enemies and do not want them to marry each other. Further, there is also a treasure hunt angle thrown in. Nothing could save the film from sinking.

  • Parampara (1993): Unarguably Yash Chopra's worst film, this multi-starrer overdid the 'khandaani dushmani' (warring families) theme, with two youngsters (Aamir and Saif Ali Khan) turning from friends to foes on coming to know that the other belongs to the enemy family. The films drags on and on without any perceptible logic. Aamir's acting isn't something to write home about.

  • Aatank Hi Aatank (1995): One more forgettable adaptation of The Godfather, set in the Mumbai underworld, the film had Aamir in his first anti-hero role. His acting wasn't bad, but his wig and moustache did look out of place. The film was stuck for quite a while, and by the time it released, it did not garner much attention.

  • Mela (2000): Aamir did this film specifically to save his brother Faisal Khan's plummeting career. It did not work though as the movie became the biggest disaster of 2000. About the storyline, the less said the better. Two best friends - a theatre actor and a truck driver in a village - are befriended by a young woman, who has escaped from the clutches of a terrorist. The story is about what happens to them. The film starts and ends with a mela (carnival), around which the main story is woven.

  • Here's wishing Aamir Khan a happy birthday!

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