Ananya Birla loves to get tattoos and these 16 photos are proof!

Updated: 01 August, 2020 07:39 IST | Sunny Rodricks
  • Ananya Birla

    Singer, entrepreneur, and musician Ananya Birla is quite a fashionista! The 26-year-old singing sensation has always made a mark with her chic, glam, and fabulous fashion choices. But there's much more to her than just that.

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya, who recently released her new single 'Let There Be Love', loves tattoos! The Birla scion loves to get herself inked and the singer has about eight to ten tattoos on her body to date.

  • Ananya Birla

    During Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta's wedding, Ananya Birla looked chic and stunning in an all-black lehenga. But the most striking part of her look was the tattoo. In one of the photos, Ananya was seen flaunting her tattoo which read 'Bulletproof hearts'.

    In photo: Ananya Birla flaunting her 'Bulletproof hearts' tattoo!

  • Ananya Birla

    Time and again, the Birla heiress has left an imprint online with her fashion sense and beautiful choices. And she has been pretty vocal about her love for tattoos and it clearly shows as well.

  • Ananya Birla

    In 2017, Ananya Birla released her single 'Meant To Be' which she got inked on her back just a week before the release of the new song.

    In photo: Ananya Birla looks stunning in a black gown as she flaunts her tattoo.

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla stunned everyone with her radiant look in a pink lehenga by designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee at Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta's wedding in Mumbai.

    In photo: Ananya Birla flawlessly carries the colour pink with ease and comfort!

  • Ananya Birla

    In photo: Ananya Birla flaunts her tattoo with as she sets major #Tattoo goals!

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla tattooed 24 hours on her left hand near her wrist in June 2018. She tattooed the number in Roman numerical. While revealing the picture, she wrote: XXIV. 24. We all have 24 hours in a day! Let's make the most of it!

  • Ananya Birla

    In photo: Ananya Birla shows off her heart tattoo in this picture as she makes for a stunning chic in all-black attire.

  • Ananya Birla

    Besides being a power-packed performer and sensational singer, Ananya Birla is also a social activist. More often than not, Ananya Birla is seen voicing her opinion on health issues and stigma that exists in our society. On the eve of World Mental Health Day, she took to Instagram to flaunt her tattoo that read: Conquer. She captioned the picture: Don't suffer in silence. Let's work together and conquer the stigma

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla is a firm believer in God and she took her unconditional love one step further and tattooed 'God' on her left-hand arm wrist.

  • Ananya Birla

    In photo: Ananya Birla shows off her 24-hour tattoo which she got inked in 2018 with a motive to spread the message that there are 24-hours in a day and we should make the most of it.

  • Ananya Birla

    This stunning tattoo inked under her feet sums up Ananya Birla's life as a journey. Ananya got this in March 2018 and captioned the picture: Yatra: It's all about the journey!

  • Ananya Birla

    The 26-year-old singer-cum-entrepreneur started singing at an early age and since then there has been no turning back. While sharing this picture, Ananya can be seen showing off her new tattoo that depicts music and shows her unconditional love for the same.

  • Ananya Birla

    In this tattoo inked on her fingers, Ananya Birla shows her unconditional love for her mother Neerja Birla. Ananya inked, "Always Mommy's Girl'. While on the other finger, she tattooed 'Follow your dreams!!' While sharing the picture, Ananya captioned it: My forces - Mom & Papa!

  • Ananya Birla

    In December 2019, Ananya shared a sweet picture of getting herself inked again. This time Ananya Birla inked a 'Diamond' as a tribute for Anshruta Poddar. While extending birthday wishes, Annaya thanked Anshruta for being a diamond in her life. Besides a diamond, Ananya Birla has tattooed music symbol, Meant To Be, God, 24 hours in roman numbers among others.

  • Ananya Birla

    In March 2020, Ananya Birla revealed that she got a new tattoo. Taking to Instagram, the 'Fingerprint' singer this time inked 'Folded Hands' which universally stands for prayer. They also mean please and thank you in Japanese culture or namaste in Indian culture. She captioned it: Inked surrender, it's beautiful!

  • Ananya Birla

    In photo: A sneak peek from one of Ananya Birla's inking session.

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Ananya Birla recently released her new song called 'Let There Be Love'. Singer, musician, entrepreneur, social activist are few of the facets of her illustrious yet colourful career so far. But it's not all music that keeps her going. Today, we bring you the lesser-known side of Ananya Birla i.e her love for tattoos! Take a look

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