Ananya Birla shows her adventurous side, enjoys camping in the wild

Updated: Mar 04, 2020, 17:57 | Sunny Rodricks
  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla, the eldest daughter of business tycoon Kumar Mangalam Birla and Neerja Birla recently shared a series of photos where the 25-year-old singing sensation can be seen enjoying her 'Me' time while being amidst nature.

  • Ananya Birla

    In the pictures, Ananya can be seen camping in the wild as she shows off her love for adventure. Ananya, who loves trekking and being amidst nature seems to have just returned from her adventurous camp where she was lost amidst all things nature. While sharing the pictures with her fans, Ananya wrote: In the middle of nowhere, feeling like I'm everywhere!

  • Ananya Birla

    In photo: Ananya Birla treks on the rocks during her camping adventure trip.

  • Ananya Birla

    In one picture, Ananya Birla can be seen sitting in front of a bonfire as she is caught in a candid moment while in another picture, the Birla heiress can be seen fast asleep after reading a book. Ananya Birla, who is also a mental health activist can be seen relishing her time amidst nature and its beauty.

  • Ananya Birla

    A month ago, Ananya Birla had shared an adorable picture of herself with a friend where the 25-year-old music sensation was seen sitting atop a small rock as she completed her morning hike. While sharing the picture, Ananya wrote: A lovely morning hike!

  • Ananya Birla

    In photo: Ananya Birla gets sun-kissed as she wakes up early during her camping days

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Recently, singer, musician, and entrepreneur Ananya Birla shared photos of herself where she is seen enjoying being amidst nature and camping in the wild. 

(All photos: Ananya Birla/Instagram)