Decoding Tiger Shroff's fitness routine, diet plan and much more through these hot workout photos

Updated: Mar 04, 2020, 17:54 | Nikita Wagh
  • Known to be someone who regularly works out at the gym, doesn't consume alcohol or smoke and is trained in martial arts, it is no wonder that Tiger Shroff has a body to die for. The actor, who made his Bollywood debut in 2014 with Heropanti, keeps sharing images of his ripped and chiselled physique on social media for his 19 million followers on Instagram. All pictures/Tiger Shroff's Instagram account

  • Tiger Shroff, with his exaggerated leaps and flips right from his debut, has seamlessly achieved dominance among children as their screen idol, followed by female fan followers. The actor underwent a drastic transformation from having a lean body to an absolutely buff one for Baaghi 2.

  • "Ever since I was launched, I was accepted for the action sequences I had pulled off. I would get calls from parents saying they wish their children could learn the things I do, in a safe environment," said the actor. Pictured: Can you see shades of Jackie Shroff, Tiger Shroff's father in this one?

  • Tiger Shroff, who is one of the hottest lads in Bollywood, follows MMA routine. In fact, Tiger had once revealed that MMA has been a vital part of the prep work in all his films.

  • Learning MMA is not just a part of Tiger Shroff's lifestyle, but a crucial aspect of his career. "In every film, I can mould my fighting style as per the action in it, the director's demand, and the surroundings. I alter my MMA routine accordingly so that I can execute different aspects of the form on-screen," said Tiger.

  • Needless to say, Tiger Shroff loves working out in the gym. On the days when he doesn't shoot, Tiger Shroff's routine comprises martial arts training in the morning, or dance practice.

  • A strict regime, with diet to maintain his physique is what is religiously followed by Tiger. "You have to be consistent and keep working towards your goals," says Tiger.

  • Tiger Shroff prefers to keep his weight-training routine slotted for the evening, and follow it up with cardiovascular training.

  • Tiger Shroff is also trained in martial arts. When he is training in martial arts, he prefers doing so with his instructor at a beach, where the duo also slips in gymnastics and choreography akin to the fight sequences in Shroff's film. Doing so helps the actor improve his flexibility.

  • Tiger Shroff, who holds a fifth-degree black belt in Taekwondo, involves activities such as practising leaps, high kicks and splits in his workouts. His morning sessions run for two-and-a-half to three hours. The evening ones run for an hour-and-a-half to two.

  • Tiger Shroff's diet depends on what his goals are for a film. As confessed by Tiger, he is not blessed with a great BMR [basic metabolic rate], so he makes sure he stays disciplined about his diet.

  • "If I want to lose weight, I consume less carbohydrates and more protein. For action roles - and primarily, the films I do are action-oriented - that requires me to look a certain way; like a superhero, if you may, I keep my protein and carbohydrate intake high," said Tiger Shroff.

  • Tiger Shroff is on, what one would call, a caveman's diet. He stays away from all man-made items like rice and grains, and all forms of sugar. He primarily consumes fruits, vegetables and animal protein. Sundays are his cheat-meal days. He has a sweet tooth, so he loves ice-cream and chocolates.

  • It takes a lot of dedication and discipline to maintain a healthy and perfectly fit body. And Tiger Shroff is one great example!

  • Here's wishing a very happy birthday to Tiger Shroff!

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