Mumbai airport shockers: Do you know people smuggle gold in their rectum?

Dec 03, 2018, 21:30 IST
  • Mumbai airport shockers: Do you know people smuggle gold in their rectum?

    Two months after 40kgs of gold were seized when found hidden in women’s slippers, the police zeroed in on a bullion trader for his involvement in the smuggling racket. The accused, an importer from Dongri, declared that the goods he received as women’s bathroom slippers were from Thailand. Once caught, officials stated that it was probably one of the biggest hauls over the last 20 years in Mumbai

  • Mumbai airport shockers: Do you know people smuggle gold in their rectum?

    Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) booked a Sri Lankan man for trying to smuggle gold worth Rs 14.90 lakh into India by concealing it in his rectum. While he handed over six gold bars to the officials at Mumbai airport, the remaining 12 were recovered only after admitting him to a hospital. On April 15, 2017, two other Sri Lankans were intercepted at the Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport as they were trying to smuggle gold bars worth nearly Rs 1 crore. They had concealed the bars in their rectum. In the first incident, Jameer Abdul Wahid (42) arrived from Dubai in Emirates flight number EK508 and was intercepted by the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) officials at the arrival hall. A personal search resulted in the recovery of 13 gold bars weighing 1,516 gm and valued at Rs 45,48,000. In the second incident, a passenger named Althaf Sahul Hameed (48) arrived from Dubai by Emirates flight number EK 508. After the AIU officials checked him, they recovered 12 gold bars weighing 1,399 grams. The worth of the gold, which was concealed in his rectum, has been estimated to be Rs 41,97,000

  • Mumbai airport shockers: Do you know people smuggle gold in their rectum?

    Customs officials at Mumbai airport had seized 12 gold bars worth Rs 36.45 lakh from an architectural supervisor. The gold weighed 100gm each. The accused had arrived from Singapore on March 6, 2017. According to a report, Thiruppathy Palaniyandy had stuck the gold bars on his soles. He did so with the aid of adhesive tapes and then wore thick socks in order to avoid detection. On being frisked, Customs found six gold bars stuck to each of his soles. The report added that Palaniyandy earns a monthly salary of Rs 1.5 lakh and that he turned to the crime for extra bucks. Palaniyandy was booked for smuggling and later released on bail

  • Mumbai airport shockers: Do you know people smuggle gold in their rectum?

    In a rather bizarre incident, two women and a man were booked at Mumbai airport on February 15, 2017 for allegedly trying to smuggle gold concealed inside rectums. According to a report, both were widows, and repeat offenders as well. The duo was identified as Salochna Keshwani (60) and Mohini Lalawani (35). Customs officers stopped the two on their arrival from Bangkok, on suspicion. A clinical examination revealed that 450gm of gold worth Rs 13.65 lakh was hidden in their rectums. However, the duo did not admit to the crime even after the recovery. The women had children who were financially dependant on them. The officials then told them that they would that inform the children about their criminal activities. It was only after this that the two admitted to the crime

  • Mumbai airport shockers: Do you know people smuggle gold in their rectum?

    Septuagenarian Laju Godhwani had given up hope of getting back the Rs 54 lakh worth of jewellery that was stolen from her Malabar Hill residence in 2015, along with Rs 4 lakh cash. While the cops had identified Godhwani's domestic help, Radhyeshyam Mandal, as the thief, they were unable to nab him. After almost 18 months of investigation, in January 2017, cops not only caught Mandal, but also dug out the entire jewellery stash hidden in a three-acre field in his village. Godhwani, who lives with her businessman husband Hargun, had employed Mandal in April 2015. Police sources said, on October 22, 2015, while Laju was out of town, Mandal left home around 9 am telling Hargun that he was visiting the doctor. However, Mandal never returned and, in the evening, Hargun found out that jewellery worth Rs 54 lakh and Rs 4 lakh cash was missing from their home. Based on the address Mandal had given to the Godhwanis, cops went to his village in Bihar. After his confession to the crime, cops recovered the jewellery stash

  • Mumbai airport shockers: Do you know people smuggle gold in their rectum?

    On 11 January 2017, the customs officials arrested a passenger Mohammad Althaf Moidin (30), travelling from Riyadh, and seized 10 gold bars worth over Rs 29 lakh from him. He was scheduled to leave for Mangalore via a Jet Airways flight. After the AIU officials intercepted Moidin, they conducted a personal search and checked his baggage as well. Following this, they recovered the gold bars weighing 1.1kg. Of the 10 bars, six were concealed in his wallet and the remaining four were packed inside the battery case of an LED torch. All the bars were wrapped in black adhesive tape

  • Mumbai airport shockers: Do you know people smuggle gold in their rectum?

    In June 2015, acting on specific information, officers of Air Intelligence Unit rummaged and retrieved 8 kilograms of gold (8 bars of 1 kg each). These gold bars, valued at Rs 1.99 crore, were recovered from the reverse of the wastebin flapper assembly in the two toilets of a Jet Airways flight. The flight 9W-539 had arrived at Mumbai's Terminal 2 from Muscat. Passenger Segu Naina Mohamed Shektheen Sha, who was intercepted after the tip-off, admitted to having concealed the gold inside the toilet. He said it was to be retrieved during the domestic leg of the craft to Kolkata. The Jet Airways engineering crew was called in to dismantle the waste bin assembly and recover the gold. The aircraft VT-JFN was detained for 6 hours and finally released on personal surety of Jet Airways

  • Mumbai airport shockers: Do you know people smuggle gold in their rectum?

    In April 2015, a thief left the house richer by Rs 2 lakh. Housebreaker Pankaj Lokhande (20) admitted to the police that he lived in Chembur and had been keeping an eye on houses in the vicinity to check which residents were out of town. He learnt that a house at Siddharth Colony had been left unattended as the complainant was on vacation. But when he broke into the house on March 12, he did not find any valuables in the house and had just about given up when he went to the kitchen for a snack. To his surprise, he opened a cookie jar to discover gold rings, earrings and chains hidden inside. Lokhande began to spend his plunder on lottery tickets, perhaps hoping for more good fortune. But his luck started to run out, and he lost a lot of money on the tickets. A month later, the cops found out about Lokhande's lottery habit and began to question where he was getting the money for it when he was unemployed. That's when he spilled the beans

  • Mumbai airport shockers: Do you know people smuggle gold in their rectum?

    The Air Intelligence Unit at T2, in July 2014, realised that the ingenuity of the smugglers knows no bounds when they found one trying to sneak gold into the country in a magazine. A cavity was created in the magazine and five gold pieces, worth Rs 25.72 lakh, were pasted inside, ensuring that the magazine gave away no sign of the booty stashed within. The officers were randomly following passengers from the bay and noticed that Lebbe removed the magazine from his bag and held it in his hand when the bag was being scanned. He later kept it under a handbag on the trolley. He was then stopped and the magazine was checked after the green channel,' said a customs official, requesting anonymity. 'When one of our officers lifted the magazine, he found it was abnormally heavy. A thorough check revealed the gold pasted in a cavity especially made for the purpose,' he added

  • Mumbai airport shockers: Do you know people smuggle gold in their rectum?

    In June 2014, officials from Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Customs confiscated gold bars worth Rs 6 crore from the courier terminal outside the international airport. Though the gold was cleverly concealed in the soap bars, the excess weight of the consignment raised suspicion in the minds of the AIU officials. It was here when the officials cut open the soap bars, they discovered the gold. AIU officials said though the courier had come via Daman, it was sent from Rajasthan and Jharkhand. The investigation revealed that both the addresses mentioned on the consignment were fake. It seems that the smugglers have changed their modus operandi. 'This is the first case, wherein we caught gold at the courier terminal. The consignment was shipped through Lynx Courier Company, said an official

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