Bigg Boss 13 Week 15: Salman Khan scolds Shehnaaz Gill; Madhurima, Vishal reveal they were molested

Updated: Jan 13, 2020, 09:30 | Anshul Vipat
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    Fifteen weeks have gone by, and the game is getting tougher and dirtier. The power-packed Bigg Boss 13 house saw nothing but fights, arguments, abuses, and aggression among the contestants. The fights are getting aggressive with each passing day.

  • Salman Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Bigg Boss 13

    The week began on an entertaining note when Kangana Ranaut added her oomph factor as she graced the show to promote her upcoming movie Panga. She had a mimicry face-off with the host when she asked him to narrate his dialogue while enacting one of the contestants inside the house. While doing so, he had to maintain their style of talking and shouting at each other.

  • Salman Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Bigg Boss 13

    Before Kangana could complete her sentence, Salman started shouting his dialogue 'mujhpar ek ehsaan karna' and that scared and shocked Kangana as she didn't saw that coming. The two later got into a dialogue face-off enacting contestants Asim, Shehnaaz and Sidharth.

  • Shefali Bagga, Bigg Boss 13

    For Shefali Bagga, the week turned out to be a sad one. She was the latest one to get evicted from the house. After being in the bottom two with Madhurima Tuli, she was voted out of the house. The news anchor had two innings in the house (she had re-entered the house as wild card contestant last month after getting evicted).

  • Shefali Bagga, Bigg Boss 13

    After getting evicted, the former journalist took to social media to speak up about the journey. She said, "Went inside with dignity, came out with dignity. Raised my voice against the wrong. Didn’t fake, didn’t bend for survival. No matter the whole house was strategising against me to get me out, I stood alone and strong. Came out with my head held high. Thanks for supporting (sic)."

  • Madhurima Tuli, Vishal Singh, Bigg Boss 13

    Inside the house, the connections that ought to be the strongest were weakening, and friends were seen turning into foes. Madhurima, who was maintaining her record of being in bottom two got into a verbal spat with Vishal Singh. She said that unlike her, Vishal had came in the bottom two only once. Vishal replied by saying that she was jealous of him and the two got into war of words. The verbal confrontation turned ugly and things soon got out of control, when Madhurima hit Vishal with a 'chappal'.

  • Madhurima Tuli, Vishal Singh, Bigg Boss 13

    Looking at the intensity of the fight, Bigg Boss called them inside the confession room and asked them to resolve the fight. Vishal refused to consider the suggestion and demanded justice against Madhurima's violent behaviour. He sternly mentioned that if no action is taken, he would quit the show and leave the house.

  • Bigg Boss 13

    At the same time, Shehnaaz and Sidharth got into an argument after Sidharth (in a casual way) started teasing Shehnaaz while touching up Mahira's topic. Directing his words towards Shehnaaz, Sidharth said that no one should be jealous of Mahira. All hell broke loose and Shehnaaz started shouting at Sidharth.

  • Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Gill, Bigg Boss 13

    She asked him to not make a joke out of her feelings. But when he didn't budge, she started throwing around things and even broke her family frame. Shehnaaz burst of anger took a violent turn when she threw 'chappal' (slipper) on him. she was also seen slapping Shukla.

  • Asim Riaz, Sidharth Shukla, Bigg Boss 13

    Moving on from the daily fights, Bigg Boss announced the nomination task the next day. In the task, the housemates had to trade the house properties to save themselves from nominations. The house was soon divided into two groups who just couldn't come to a unanimous decision and everyone got worried about the outcome.

  • Arti Singh, Shehnaaz Gill, Bigg Boss 13

    Shehnaaz made it clear that she did not want to save Mahira, and then even disagreed on saving Arti too. While Mahira lost her calm on Shehnaaz, Gill directed her taunts towards Paras and Sidharth saying that if they can play games with her, she could also do the same.

  • Bigg Boss 13

    As the task did not went according to the rules, Bigg Boss (once again), aborted the captaincy task. This happened after the contestants failed to come to a common consensus.

  • Vishal Aditya Singh, Madhurima Tuli, Bigg Boss 13

    Later in the night, Madhurima and Vishal were seen rekindling their romance (day after having a massive showdown). Sidharth, in his complete element, tried distracting them and started talking to Madhurima in sign language.

  • Sidharth Shukla, Bigg Boss 13

    The next day, Bigg Boss (again) announced the captaincy task. In this task, each contestant was handed over a photo of another contestant tied around their necks. As the buzzer would ring, two of the contestants had to discard the photos with them and remove a housemate from the captaincy race.

  • Asim Riaz, Sidharth Shukla, Bigg Boss 13

    Paras had Asim's photo, Mahira had Paras' photo while Asim had Rashami's photo. The game intensified when Paras tried to change the game by not discarding Asim's photo. He said that he wanted Asim to be the captain and wanted to compete with Asim instead of anyone else. Asim, too, stood his ground and refused to discard Rashami's photo.

  • Shehnaaz Gill, Bigg Boss 13

    Just like many others, this task, too, got cancelled (is it becoming a norm now?). However this time around, Bigg Boss lost his calm and reprimanded the contestants, blaming them for intentionally getting the task cancelled. Holding Paras, Mahira and Asim responsible, he punished them.

  • Paritosh Tripathi,  Bigg Boss 13

    On Friday, a laughter riot took over the house when Bigg Boss announced the next task when he asked the contestants to don the hat of a comedian and put up a comedy show. Paritosh Tripathi entered the house as the host for the day.

  • Sidharth Shukla, Bigg Boss 13

    The first contestant who took over the stage was Sidharth Shukla. The housemates busted out laughing as Sidharth poked fun at Rashami and shared a few anecdotes of their relationship inside the house. Being at her humorous best, Arti made a joke on how she was not seen under the blanket with anyone, unlike other contestants.

  • Rashami Desai, Bigg Boss 13

    For her comedy set, Shefali wrote a script wherein she compared the housemates with the characters from the classic film Sholay. The contestants cheered for Asim when he took over the stage and wooed everyone with his rapping skills. Shehnaaz, too, slayed in her own style when she talked about her bond with Sidharth and Mahira while she appeared visibly upset.

  • Laxmi Agarwal, Sidharth Shukla, Bigg Boss 13

    The next day turned into an emotional moment when they welcomed acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal inside the house. Laxmi shared her acid attack story with them. She told the Bigg Boss contestant how she stood her ground during the worst phase of her life and decided to show the world her hard-hitting reality. Sidharth got very emotional and saluted her for being the strong woman that she is.

  • Madhurima Tuli, Bigg Boss 13

    Then, Laxmi requested each contestant to share their own story. Arti opened up about a dark incident in her life. She revealed that she was molested by a servant in her own house when she was young and how she escaped it by jumping off from the second floor. Madhurima broke down when she revealed that her tutor had molested her when she was young. Vishal too spoke about the time when he was molested by some creeps when he was 9-10 years old.

  • Vishal Aditya Singh, Laxmi Agarwal, Bigg Boss 13

    Next to step up and speak was Rashami, who said that her journey was never been easy. She revealed that she come from a very poor family, and the fact that she was not loved because she was a girl. She talked about how she went through depression because of all this. Yet, she decided to be strong and make something of her life.

  • Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 13

    The week ended in a dramatic sequence when Salman had an heart-to-heart conversation with contestants. A disappointed Salman informed the housemates that their actions have become a pattern and were setting a wrong example both inside and outside the house.

  • Madhurima Tuli, Vishal Singh

    He said that while Paras- Mahira and Sidharth- Shehnaaz have also stooped down to hitting each much like Vishal - Madhurima, Sidharth's action of pinning down Shehnaaz was being misinterpreted by the audience. Salman showed them the clips of the specific incidents and while the housemates laughed it off, Salman condemned their behaviour and asked them to not take it as a joke.

  • Bigg Boss 13

    The talk took a disastrous turn when Salman had a tiff with Shehnaaz. She got angry, lost her calm and questioned Salman if he agrees that she is the jealous one. That hit a wrong cord with Salman and he asked her to stop the drama and behave respectfully. However, Shehnaaz cried profusely declaring that she wants to go out of the house.

  • Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Gill

    Shehnaaz even refused to join in the celebrations of Bigg Boss becoming the number one show (even after repeated requests by Sidharth). An angered Salman then told Sidharth that he does not need to convince anyone and should leave Shehnaaz alone.

  • Shehnaaz Gill

    Will Shehnaaz's non-graceful behaviour put an end to her Bigg Boss journey? Who will face elimination and leave the house next week? Keep watching this space for regular updates inside and outside of the house.

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