How beauty pageant title holders Adline Castellino, Shivani Jadhav are spending quarantine time

Updated: Apr 16, 2020, 14:23 | Saumya Gourisaria
  • Adline Castellino

    Miss Diva Universe 2020 Adline Castellino expressed her gratitude to the healthcare workers and people who are working in essential services. She wrote, "Cannot imagine what our health workers, police force, sanitation workers and other frontliners and their families are going through at this moment, as we sit in our homes, safe and provided for."

  • Adline Castellino

    As the diva covered her face with a mask made out of a shawl, she urged others to do the same as well. She wrote, "Make it with love, make it with joy. Make it with a dupatta, shawl or any clean cloth."

  • Adline Castellino

    Castellino also lit diyas on April 5 when Narendra Modi called all the citizens of the country to unite and show solidarity. "I hope that the diyas that will be lit tomorrow at 9pm could also light up lives of daily wage workers stranded, farmers who have buried their hope and those who find it so difficult to be able to provide meals for themselves and their families in this difficult time," she captioned the picture.

  • Adline Castellino

    The model utilised quarantine time to finish reading a book that she had reading since three years. She urged others as well and wrote, "Hope I get done today! Make this phase the most productive phase of your life. Don't stop learning and become a better version of yourself everyday. Winners don't give up working on themselves. Honestly, I wish I would have stocked up with more."

  • Adline Castellino

    After Narendra Modi announced an extension of the lockdown, Castellino who was trying to get clicked in natural light posted this picture and wrote, "Extended lockdown. Slay anyways"

  • Nehal Chudasma

    Miss Universe India Nehal Chudasma posted a picture of herself and encouraged everyone to fight COVID-19 together. "Requesting each one of you all to stay home for a few days, take all the necessary precautions as much as you all can," she wrote.

  • Nehal Chudasma

    Chudasma posted this picture with the message, "Can you recollect those moments when you secretly wished life had taken a pause? So you could rest or spend time with your loved ones, got time to do or learn something you could never try before or just badly wanted Life to stop and give you a chance to know yourself better? This will end soon(we are all praying) and the hustle will begin again so till then embrace what you've got(a lot of time)and be prepared for a fresh start."

  • Nehal Chudasma

    She also posted videos where she was seen playing with her pet Shitzu.

  • Nehal Chudasma

    Nehal Chudasma took to the micro-blogging site and posted this picture as she asked her followers that what would be the first thing that they would do after the lockdown ends.

  • Shivani Jadhav

    Femina Miss Grand India 2019 Shivani Jadhav made a meme about herself amid lockdown. She posted this picture and wrote, "This is exactly how I've been wandering around in my house, asking my Mother for food for the 10th time!!"

  • Shivani Jadhav

    Jadhav lit diyas on April 5 to show her appreciation to the health care workers.

  • Shivani Jadhav

    Jadhav posted this picture of herself with a mug of coffee in her hand. She captioned it saying, "Good morning.Okay but now ? What do we do next?"

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The lockdown period has been tough and most of us are trying our best to be productive by doing things which we have never tried before. This is what beauty pageant winners Adline Castellino, Shivani Jadhav and Nehal Chudasama are upto.

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