Crime Patrol 2016: Shocking crimes in Mumbai last year

Updated: 13 January, 2017 14:47 IST
  • Thane mass murder
    Thane town woke up to the shocking news that one of its oldest feudal families had been slaughtered by their only son Hasnain Warekar. What was more horrific was the manner in which he went about the massacre — he invited them to a family daawat, drugged them and slit their throats. He didn’t even spare his own wife or his two daughters, one of whom was born just four months ago. It was only at 3.30 am, that neighbours heard screams from his house and realised something was wrong. By the time they got to the house, Hasnain had already murdered 14 family members and hanged himself. There was only one survivor, the youngest sister who had locked herself into a room and was yelling for help.
  • Thane Ephedrine Case: Involvement of Mamta Kulkarni suspected
    In May, Thane police had revealed that around 100 kg of drugs was smuggled in Kenya in the last three months in which involvement of actors were suspected. The actors, who have mostly performed in serials and movies in villainous roles, are a woman and two men. The police claim that trio attended meetings in Dubai and Kenya along with former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni and her husband and alleged mastermind of the the international drug peddling ring Vicky Goswami.
  • Mira Road call centre scam
    The police busted overnight what could possibly be the biggest impersonation call scams in India and detained over 500 people from nine call centres in Mira Road for cheating thousands, primarily foreign nationals, through the fraud. 1.2 million Americans called up, and 6,400 cheated, of a total of Rs 3.6 crore — the largest scam in the history of US’ Internal Revenue Services (IRS), as disclosed by Thane Crime Branch. The mastermind is an Indian-American called Shaggy who was pulling the strings from the US.
  • Andheri sex racket
    For 20 years, no one suspected a thing as Mumbai's biggest sex racket flourished in a posh Lokhandwala neighbourhood, forcing at least 500 girls from across the country into flesh trade. The girls would be forced work as housemaids. Their ordeal would get worse once they hit puberty, when the girls would be pimped out as virgins to the highest bidder. After that, the girls would be trapped in the prostitution ring. They would be sent to dance bars all over the city, and some would even be sold to bidders across India and in countries in the Middle East.
  • Sandeep Gadoli shootout
    Gurgaon gangster Sandeep Gadoli, who had 36 criminal offences against him, was killed after a shootout with the Gurgaon Police in an Andheri hotel in February. It was his girlfriend Divya Pahuja who was the cause of his doom. After evading the cops for years, Gadoli was finally done in by a honeytrap – his 19-year-old girlfriend Divya Pahuja, who allegedly convinced him to get rid of his weapon, leaving him defenceless against the Haryana cops who shot him down. The case had a lot of twists and turns like a typical Bollywood potboiler.
  • Navi Mumbai day care horror
    A young couple in Kharghar lived through every parent’s worst nightmare after they placed their 9-month-old daughter in day care centre, trusting that she would be well looked after. But after just one day, they were horrified to see their daughter with bruises all over her face and body after being brutally manhandled by the maid. CCTV footage shows the little girl being yanked by her arm and flung down by the maid, who also slapped her repeatedly. The maid has been arrested
  • Pervert who raped and murdered 4-year-old, also raped hundreds of animals
    Three days after a four-year-old girl was found raped and murdered in Mankhurd, the police have arrested an addict who admitted he had raped the minor because drugs turned him into a compulsive sex maniac. He told the police that this sexual drive had led him to rape hundreds of animals as well. The accused would regularly visit commercial sex workers, eunuchs, homosexuals. In case he didn’t have money for sex workers, he would have sex with animals too.
  • Drunk cop terrorises Malwani, molests eunuch, harasses locals
    In a video recorded by a local, the personnel of the local arms unit of Marol police showed getting drunk in public, assaulting and molesting a eunuch, and terrorising passers-by for two hours on a busy road in Malwani, a stone’s throw away from police beat chowky-1. Locals alleged that Pawar also molested other sex workers and tried to extort money from them. After creating more havoc on the streets for two hours, the constable boarded an autorickshaw and went his way.
  • Woman throws boiling oil on husband after fight
    Angry after a fight with her husband, a woman allegedly threw boiling oil on him and ran away. The incident occurred in March in Kajupada area, Nalasopara East, in the jurisdiction of Tulinj police station. The man was identified as Shantaram Sitaram Khale (43), and his wife as Geeta Khale (35). Shantaram has sustained serious burns on his face, chest, abdomen and lower part of his body.
  • In name of rituals, godman asks couple to have sex in front of him
    A 43-year-old godman from Thane has been arrested by the Vartak Nagar police station for sexually assaulting a married woman. The complainant, a 29-year-old woman, told the police that she is a married, but didn’t have a child from the last few years.she along with her husband were called by the godman and was then asked to perform sexual intercourse in front of the godman. After sometime, the godman asked her husband to leave the room, claiming he wanted to perform rituals. Later, the accused, in the name of rituals, molested her by touching her body parts.
  • Accountant siphoned off Rs 16 crore from South Mumbai firm in 3 years
    The Azad Maidan police in July registered an FIR against an assistant accountant for duping her employer to the tune of Rs 16.32 crore. The accused, Vrishali Sachin Bamane, siphoned the amount over a span of three years and transferred it into eight different accounts. Cops were amazed by how Std XII pass Vrushali Bamane not only managed to embezzle over Rs 16 crore but also shrewdly invested it in properties across the state.
  • Actor Ajaz Khan held for sending nudes to hairstylist
    Small-time actor Ajaz Khan was in November let out on bail by a court in Borivli after being held for sending obscene photos of his private parts and abusive messages to a 36-year-old hair stylist, whose salon business he claimed he was interested to invest in. Police sources said the woman registered an FIR against Khan on November 15 at Malwani police station. She showed the cops a few of the obscene images and messages and also made them listen to a voice message.
  • 9-year-old watches father slit mom's throat, and then hang himself
    A midnight turned out to be a nightmare for nine-year-old Samiksha, as she helplessly watched her father first kill her mother and then commit suicide. Samiksha told the police that she pretended she was asleep as she was afraid that her father would harm her as well if he knew she was watching. 37-year-old Nitin Pundkar slit his wife Surekha’s throat and ended his life by hanging from the ceiling using Surekha’s dupatta at their Kandivli (East) residence. The deceased couple has two children, Samiksha and Yuvraj (7).
  • Kalina RTI activist Bhupendra Vira shot dead in cold blood
    A 61-year-old RTI activist Bhupendra Vira was shot dead in october. The culprit shot him in the head when he was watching TV. Deceased Bhupendra Vira’s wife Ranjana (57) was present in the house when the murder was committed, yet she didn’t hear a thing. The incident happened between 9.15 pm and 10 pm, when the victim was watching TV; his wife was in the other room. He was shot in the head.
  • Cough Syrup Gang
    There were several gangs smuggling and selling cough syrup illegally in September, across not just Mumbai but Indore, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Although the drug costs just Rs 95 for a 100g bottle, the smugglers hike the price to almost three times the amount. Customers are so addicted, they are willing to pay as much as Rs 250 for the same bottle, giving the gangs a profit of about 150%. Mumbai Police busted one of these gangs with the arrest of a dealer, Abdul Faisal Rehman. The 25-year-old accused was arrested in south Mumbai by cops and the FDA, who also recovered 50 bottles of cough syrup from him.
  • Manipuri woman spat on, kicked, dragged by hair and molested
    Anjali Toijam (name changed) hails from Manipur, but has been living in Mumbai for over five years, working as a make up artist. Anjali and her sister live in Kalina’s Kolivery village. On Saturday, Anjali stepped out with her friend around 6.30 pm, when she was accosted by an unknown man near the Palm Villa society. He first spat at her, and when she objected, he began to beat her. Shockingly, the police had then just registered a non-cognisable offense as they felt clothes 'were not torn completely'.
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