Did you know about these 12 father-son duos in the cricket world?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020, 09:41 | Shawn.Dsouza
  • Vinoo Mankad, Ashok Mankad

    India's Vinoo Mankad is the father of Ashok Mankad. Vinoo Mankad was one the finest batsman of his generation while Ashok, who although a good cricketer, could not live upto that image. (Pic/Getty Images/ Midday archives)

  • Nayan Mongia, Mohit Mongia

    Nayan Mongia's son Mohit displayed an exceptional performance during the Vinoo Mankad tournament that was held earlier this year. Besides scoring 55 he also bagged two wickets. Former cricketer Nayan Mongia has been the wicket-keeper for Team India in 44 Tests and 140 ODIs. His highest test score is 152

  • Yuvraj Singh, Yograj Singh

    India's Yograj Singh is the father of Yuvraj Singh. While Yograj played just one Test, his son Yuvraj went on to become a star in Indian cricket. (Midday archive/ Suresh K.K.)

  • Lala Amarnath, Mohinder Amarnath

    India's Lala Amarnath is the father of Mohinder and Surinder Amarnath. Both, Lala, Mohinder and Surinder represented the country at an international level. (Pic/ Midday archives)

  • Roger Binny, Stuart Binny

    India's Roger Binny is the father of Stuart Binny. Although Roger had a great career, Stuart has yet to prove himself on a consistent basis. (Pic/ Midday archives/ AFP)

  • Sunil Gavaskar, Rohan Gavaskar

    India's Sunil Gavaskar is the father of Rohan Gavaskar. While Sunny went on to be probably Indian cricket's biggest name, his son Rohan failed to impress on the international stage. (Pic/ Suresh K.K.)

  • Hemant Kanitkar, Hrishikesh Kanitkar

    India's Hemant Kanitkar is the father of Hrishikesh Kanitkar. Both played only two tests for India. (Pic/ Midday archives)

  • Sanjay Manjrekar, Vijay Manjrekar

    India's Vijay Manjrekar is the father of Sanjay Manjrekar. Both have given their fair contributions to the team during their stints respectively. (Pic/ Midday archives)

  • Pankaj Roy, Pranab Roy

    India's Pankaj Roy is the father of Pranab Roy (Pic/ Midday archives)

  • Chris Broad, Stuart Broad

    England's Chris Broad is the father of Stuart Broad. While one has been a top order batsman, the other has been a prolific pace bowler in the team. (Pic/ Midday archives/ Getty Images)

  • Colin Cowdrey, Chris Cowdrey

    England's Colin Cowdrey is the father of Chris Cowdrey. Colin went on to become a star player for the team, his son Chris did not make an impression. (Pic/ Middday archives)

  • Shaun Marsh, Mitchell Marsh

    Australia's Geoff Marsh is the father of Shaun and Mitchell Marsh. While Geoff played a good amount of Tests, his sons became prolific stars in the T20 format. (Pic AFP/Mid-day, Atul Kamble)

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Former Indian cricketer Vinoo Mankad was born on this day back in 1917. His son's Ashok and Rahul Mankad have also played international and first-class cricket respectively. On the former cricketer's birth anniversary, we take a look at some interesting father-son duos in the world of professional cricket that you may not know