From assistant choreographer to actress: Daisy Shah has struggled to make it big in Bollywood

Updated: 25 August, 2020 11:12 IST | Nikita Wagh
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    Born on August 25, 1984, actress Daisy Shah was once a junior artiste in Bollywood. She went on to work in South Indian films and later was introduced as Salman Khan's leading lady in 'Mental', which was later titled 'Jai Ho'. All pictures/Daisy Shah's Instagram account

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    Born and raised in Mumbai, Daisy did half her schooling in Vile Parle and completed the rest in Dombivli, as she had to shift due to her father's job. Later, her family shifted to Malad. Daisy studied in Khalsa College, however, she couldn't appear for her last year exams, as she was already working by then. "There was a time when I shot for 15 days in a row without sleeping. I don't remember ever going for a holiday," Daisy recalled her early days.

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    Talking about her family, Daisy told mid-day a while ago, "We are a small close-knit family. Besides me, there's my mom, my elder sister Deepali who is married and has two lovely kids. My dad passed away in 2007 due to a heart attack."

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    Daisy Shah began her tryst with showbiz as an assistant dancer under ace choreographer Ganesh Acharya. She worked in films like 'Zameen' and 'Khakee'. In picture: Daisy Shah in an item number 'Danger Hai Laila' in Bloody Isshq.

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    Daisy Shah first worked with Salman in the film Tere Naam (2003) as a dancer. She was one of the background dancers in Khan's Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya (2005) too. It was then when Salman noticed Daisy and later approached to get into acting.

    In picture: Daisy Shah in a scene from Bhojpuri film 'Soda'.

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    Did you know Daisy Shah was offered to play Kareena Kapoor Khan's best friend in Bodyguard? The role, however, did not excite her and she rejected the offer, which later landed up in Hazel Keech's kitty.

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    But a few years down the line, while giving interviews to the media during the promotion of her debut Jai Ho, Daisy Shah confessed that she regretted saying no to the superstar for Bodyguard. "I regret only about one thing and that was saying no to Salman. I think whether you work with Salman or not, his presence in your life is more than enough. In that way, I felt I lost out on him. I look at him as a hero, as my hero in real and in reel life."

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    While Daisy was not convinced with the part that she was offered to play in Bodyguard, another reason for her 'No' was date issue, as Shah was shooting for a south film at the time. "I couldn't put that project on hold, I had to concentrate on one thing, I chose to do south film," she said.

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    But it took her some time to explain to Salman the reason for saying no. You won't believe but Daisy even prepared herself for 7-8 days on how to say no to Salman.

    In picture: A still from the movie Jai Ho.

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    When Daisy rejected the role, Salman Khan just said 'okay', but did not take it well. Later, during the shooting of Jai Ho, Salman said he was angry with her for not doing the role.

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    Daisy Shah's film career failed to take off despite debuting opposite Salman Khan in Jai Ho. Needless to say, she was disappointed with the dearth in offers post the 2014 movie.

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    In 2015, Daisy Shah showed off her sensuous side in Hate Story 3. From Daisy Shah stripping in the shower to the two indulging in intimate scenes, the actress went bold with her second Bollywood film.

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    Do you know Daisy Shah has a big scar on her forehead? Well, there's a story behind it. "I had a terrible car accident in Ooty in 2005 when I was hurrying to catch a flight. Initially, I was a little depressed because it is quite a big scar, but once I realised that there was nothing I could do about it, I learnt to live with it. I accepted it, as my life took a turn for the better after my accident. Destiny has a way of giving you things in return for what it takes away," said Daisy Shah in an interview with mid-day.

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    Often on social media, Daisy Shah showcases her adventurous and spontaneous side. The actress always aspired to become a professional shooter and has been inching towards achieving the goal every day. Daisy recently became the first Bollywood actress to earn a rifle shooting license from the National Rifle Association of India. She had previously made us all proud by qualifying herself for the 'National Championships' held at Indore in April 2019.

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    In 2016, Daisy Shah made her stage debut in a play 'Begum Jaan', based on the story of love and loss in a Lucknow courtesan's life. In picture: Gufi Paintal and Daisy Shah at a rehearsal. Picture courtesy/Sneha Kharape.

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    Another lesser-known fact about Daisy Shah is she is not a party person. "When I am not working, I am very happy sipping my coffee and watching TV. Even if my mother is at home, she is in her room, and I am in mine. I like being alone at most times and guard my 'me time'," said Daisy Shah.

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    In 2008, Daisy Shah was an assistant choreographer for Abbas-Mustan's Race. Come 2019, Daisy Shah had a pivotal role in the franchise's third instalment. Dreams do come true, we say!

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    Emphasising on the importance of luck to grow in the entertainment industry, Daisy said: "Luck plays an important role in Bollywood. We all work really hard to earn success but our luck has to be on the right side, especially from where I come from. I started from zero, really. It is about meeting the right people at the right time that makes you go where you do. And I know that in our industry, everyone works hard but not everyone gets recognition. Perhaps that is why I am quite compassionate towards people on a film set, including technicians... because I know I was one of them a while ago," said the actress.

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    Here's wishing a very happy birthday to Daisy Shah!

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