From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

Jul 06, 2018, 10:40 IST
  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A 26-year-old man killed a 24-year-old girl with whom he was allegedly having an illicit relationship. The couple lived in Jamila at Rajaram Complex located in Asher Gaon in Ulahsnagar and the victim, who worked as a bar girl, hailed from West Bengal. According to the police, the couple had an argument and the accused overpowered and choked the bar girl to death. After committing the murder, the accused met his friend and handed over the keys to his house. He told him that his girlfriend had left home and he was going to look for her. Later the same night, he called his friend and asked him to dispose of a bag he kept in the apartment, in which he had stuffed his lover’s body. When his friend discovered the suitcases' contents he informed the police. Surendra Shirsat, Senior Police Inspector, Vitthalwadi police station said, “The accused was in an illicit relationship with her and was not happy as she used to work in a bar. The deceased was unhappy as he didn't spend much time with the victim and regular fights occurred between the two.”

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A couple — including a nine-month pregnant woman — were hacked to death by the woman's cousin who was upset with her for opting to go for an inter-faith marriage, claimed the police. The accused, identified as a resident of Paliya in Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoe district, was arrested from his hometown. According to the police, the deceased and his wife were both from UP and had moved to Daighar in Thane after eloping to Mumbai, to get married. According to the Joint Commissioner of Police, Thane, "The accused was the deceased woman’s cousin and her husband’s friend. It was during the cousin’s trips to meet the woman that the couple fell in love. When the couple eloped, the accused was blamed for helping them elope, so he decided to exact revenge.” During interrogation, the accused accepted his crime and claimed that he had been planning the murder for a while as his reputation in his village was ruined. 

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    Musician Ahmad Mirza died after being brutally assaulted by a relative with a wine bottle. The accused was nabbed by the police days after the crime came to light. As per police sources, Mirza used abusive language against the accused's daughter, which led to an altercation between them. In a fit of rage, the accused assaulted Mirza with a wine bottle due to which the latter suffered serious head injuries. Mirza succumbed to  injuries after being on life support for almost two days

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A man slaughtered his entire family, including his wife and two daughters, one of whom was a four-month-old baby. the incident took place in Kasarvadavali village in Thane. The crime shocked the entire locality, especially by the way it was committed – the accused invited relatives to his house for a feast, drugged them and slaughtered them with a butcher’s knife. At 3.30 am, the neighbours heard screams from his house and realised something was wrong. By the time they got to the house, the man had already killed 14 family members and hung himself. There was only one survivor - the youngest sister - who had locked herself inside a room and was yelling for help. While the motive for this gruesome mass murder is still not known, the sister who was the lone survivor said that the accused would tell the entire family that he hated them and would kill them all one day

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A property broker killed a fellow broker and threw his body off a 2,000-foot deep gorge in Malshej Ghat over a property dispute. The accused claimed that he had been cheated by the victim several times and incurred heavy losses and he decided to teach his colleague a lesson by killing him. He murdered him with and threw the body off a cliff, into a nearly 2,000-foot deep gorge in Malshej Ghat.

    The remains would have lain there, pecked off bit by bit by crows and vultures and swept away by a babbling brook nearby until there was nothing left to discover but for the broker’s need to brag about the murder to his friends in a drunken stupor. Unfortunately for the criminal, the bragging, which took place in a bar earlier this month, was overheard by an informer, who approached the police and helped them arrest the broker in connection with the murder

    According to the cops, the accused took the victim and an accomplice for a drink to the banks of the Bhatsa river near Shahapur. After a while, they decided to visit a bar in Kalyan at around 9.30 pm, before moving on to another bar in Ulhasnagar. Once the victim was drunk, the accused took the victim to Malshej Ghat, in his car, accompanied by the accomplice. On reaching a secluded spot at around 3.30 am, the accused shot the victim in his chest and forehead. The accomplice then threw the deceased’s body into Malshej Ghat to destroy the evidence. The accused also threw the gun into the valley in an attempt to destroy evidence.

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A ten-year-old boy from Kalyan was kidnapped and murdered by a gang of three who wanted a ransom of Rs 15 lakh from his father, a prosperous jeweller and stock market investor. Hours after kidnapping the boy, the accused lost their nerve and murdered him, but continued to demand the money anyway. They were arrested the very next day when they turned up to collect the ransom. On the day of the incident, the three accused approached the boy and told him his father had sent them to pick him up. The boy was convinced when he saw them on his father’s bike – a Pulsar 220 that had been stolen just a few days before. The accused took the boy to Vangani village in Ambernath and locked him in a bungalow. Meanwhile, the boy’s father was concerned about his disappearance and registered a missing complaint with the police.

    In the evening, he got a call from the kidnappers with a ransom demand of Rs 15 lakh. After this, the police converted the missing person’s complaint into a kidnapping case. The accused told the police they planned the money handover based on a similar sequence from the 1978 film Inkaar. They asked the boy’s father to board a train to Titwala with the cash and told him he would see a man in a black shirt and mask near the tracks between Ambivli and Titwala around 7 am. He was told to throw the bag of cash towards the man. Unbeknownst to them, the boy’s father was accompanied by a team of cops, led by PI Nasir Kulkarni from the anti-extortion cell. “After the train left Ambivli, the complainant saw the accused in a black shirt and mask and accordingly threw the bag of cash of Rs 15 lakh. The man in black and his accomplices were on a motorcycle on the adjoining road, and they fled as soon as they got the money,” said a Crime Branch official. When the train halted, the cops alighted from the train and convinced a local to lend them his car. “We chased them and about 2 km down the highway, we caught one of the accused on the bike. We found the other accused in the jungle half a kilometre away. The arrested duo led us to the third accused. All the three were arrested,” said PI Kulkarni

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    The body of an 18-year-old boy was found near the railway tracks at Kalyan railway station, and the Kalyan Government Railway Police registered an accidental death case. However, the deceased’s parents and his brother-in-law who visited the spot, claim they found out from locals that he had been assaulted by some youngsters who then killed him

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A 20-year-old man, who had been reported missing from Digha in Thane district, was found to have allegedly been murdered over a dispute. As per the police, the accused murdered the victim and buried his decapitated body on a hillock. The torso of the victim, Shabbir Shaikh, was exhumed from the hillock in Hilton Pada locality at Digha in Navi Mumbai. "During interrogation, the duo who were arrested in connection to the crime revealed that one of them was in love with Shabbir's sister. They had a tiff over the issue as Shabbir opposed the man’s move. As a result of this, the arrested duo, along with their friends, beheaded Shabbir and buried his torso in the hillock and threw the head in the nearby lake," police said

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A man, who sold onions and potatoes at Turbhe market, abducted and killed a 4-year-old boy over Rs 45,000. As per the police, the victim's father and the accused knew each other. On July 11, 2015, the victim and his father had gone to Turbhe market where they met the accused. The victim was left with the accused as his father needed to go out for a brief period. When the victim's father came back to the at the designated spot, the accused and the boy were nowhere to be seen. The accused abducted the boy and later killed him and dumped his body in a water-tank in Navi Mumbai. He then fled for his village in Uttar Pradesh. As per the police reports, the victim's father owed Rs 45,000 to the accused and had not returned it. The accused is believed to have killed the 4-year-old boy over the fact that the money was not returned

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A 70-year-old man and his caretaker were murdered by unknown persons in Bramhand locality of Thane's Ghodbunder area, police said. The two - Sitaram Shroff and his caretaker Santosh Lavangare (40) - were found dead inside an apartment in the Regency Heights housing complex. The elderly man was smothered with a pillow while the caretaker was stabbed to death by the unknown assailants, Senior Police Inspector P D Tele, of Kasarwadavali police station said

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    The skeletal remains of a man were found in a jungle in Bhiwandi tehsil of Thane district. An identity card found with the remains belonged to Bharat Kamble (49), a hospital employee. As per the police, the man’s wife had lodged a complaint with Shantinagar police station stating that her husband was missing since January 20, 2018. The bones were subsequently sent for forensic examination as the police suspected that the man was murdered

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A 32-year-old woman was found hanging in her house following which police registered a case of accidental death. However, as per the police, her postmortem reports from a government hospital in the taluka revealed that she was strangulated. Based on the autopsy report, police initiated a probe and found that the murder resulted from frequent quarrels between the couple over her husband wanting to keep a widow in his house along with his wife. The accused, her 38-year-old husband, killed the woman and projected it as a suicide

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    The Manpada police arrested a 25-year-old man for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, a bar girl. The man murdered his girlfriend and disposed of her body in a jungle near Bhimashankar in Pune district. As per the police, the accused revealed during an interrogation that on the night of the murder he had called the woman to his house where he stabbed her to death. He then drove with the body to Bhimashankar in an alto car the next day with his friends where he dumped her body. The murder came to light when the woman’s sister complained to the police that her sister was missing

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A 24-year-old man raped and killed a 12-year-old girl in Palghar district. On January 16, 2014, the accused offered the girl, who studied in a zilla parishad school, a ride home after school on his motorcycle. He then took her to an isolated place, raped and strangled her to death. The girl's body was found in a field in Kaman village two days later. The accused was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A group of three men beat a beggar to death after stripping him and later dumped his body in a well in Thane. The decomposed body was recovered three days later. The accused killed the beggar simply because he brushed against one of them accidentally while moving in the area. Eventually, the police who were stumped after finding the man's decomposing body eventually found the three accused who were implicated in the beggar’s death and were sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A 27-year-old resident of Bhiwandi allegedly killed his wife because he suspected her of having an extra-marital affair. According to the police, he first strangulated his wife and then gave her an electric shock. Initially, Tiwari claimed his wife had committed suicide, but medical reports indicated murder

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A man gagged, tied and beat a 11-year-old boy over two days, eventually leading to his death, Senior Police Inspector Niteen Thackeray of Thane Crime Branch said. The police believe that the child was killed because the accused did not receive Rs 15,000 that he had lent to the boy’s kin

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    Two women killed their sister-in-law, aged 32-years because they were jealous that she won more favour with the man of the house. According to PI Rajendra Kamble of Bhayander police station, the incident took place in Morba village of Uttan in the powerloom town. The accused was married to a man who got married for the second time and all three lived together in a house in a village along with the man's mother. However, the accused (the second wife of the man) along with the man's mother conspired to get rid of the first wife, as they felt that she was getting an upper hand in the house, police said. The two accused attacked her with a sharp weapon, killing her on the spot

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    Two elderly women were allegedly murdered by unidentified miscreants in Kalyan city of Thane district. The duo were found dead in their house at Khadegolavali locality, police PRO Sukhada Narkar said. The incident came to light when the victims' relative reached their residence and found the main door of the house open. Upon entering the house the visitors found them lying in a pool of blood. The house was found in a disorderly state, and things were lying strewn, raising suspicion of robbery. The duo owned many properties, the PRO said, adding, the murder might be a result of a possible property dispute

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    Two Nepali youths in their early twenties, were murdered by group of locals at Maralgaon, near Titwala after a tiff. Cops said after the murder, the culprits had cut the private parts of one of the deceased. According to the Titwala police, the incident took place while the deceased, a security guard by profession and his cousin ventured out of their house for a stroll after dinner. While the two men were out strolling, they picked up a fight with a group of five to six boys who lived in the same locality over a petty reason. Soon, the tiff turned ugly and the youngsters from a rival group attacked the deceased with choppers and iron rods resulting in their deaths. "On realising that the men were dead, the accused youngsters chopped the private parts off one of the men to terrorise the people in the area," said inspector Andhale of Titwala police station

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    A 72-year-old man and his four sons, were found guilty of the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder and were jailed for varying terms by a district court in Thane for killing an elderly man in 2012. The prosecutor pointed out that the accused, armed with all kinds of lethal and sharp weapons attacked the members of the victim's family in which a 74-year-old man died and other received injuries. The deceased received as many as 22 stab wounds over his body that were inflicted with sharp weapons by the accused

  • From house wife to bar dancer: Gruesome murders in Thane

    The family of a 76-year-old farmer were just about coming to terms with the loss of their beloved, when they were in for a rude shock. The farmer, identified as Keshav Patil, was found dead with his throat slit at his Thane residence. The family suspected that since the man was suffering from diabetes, had committed suicide out of depression. However, when the family found cash and jewellery missing from their house they began to suspect foul play and registered a murder case with the Shil-Daighar police. As per investigations, it was found that the man’s throat was slit using an iron sheet-cutter. The suspects, who entered the house through the window, also robbed gold ornaments and Rs 50,000 cash — amounting to Rs 4.76 lakh in total

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