Giorgia Andriani: A peek into the personal life of the Italian beauty

Updated: May 21, 2020, 11:44 | Nikita Wagh
  • Giorgia Andriani

    Born on May 21, 1989, Giorgia Andriani grew up in Milan, Italy. She spent her school and college days in a town in South Italy called Brindisi and later, began her career as a model. (All photos/Giorgia Andriani's official Instagram account)

  • Giorgia Andriani childhood photo

    Giorgia Andriani loves dancing. She learnt ballet as a child. She is currently learning Kathak and has plans to learn pole dance too. And the list doesn't end there! Giorgia has been trained in Carnatic dance form previously.

  • Giorgia Andriani with sister Sarah Andriani and father Angelo Satyam Andriani

    Giorgia Andriani has unique hobbies. She loves solving jigsaw puzzles, drawing, baking, watching web-series and studying new things. She is now going to start to learn DJing. It's something that has been on Giorgia's bucket list for a long time now!

  • Giorgia Andriani with sister Sarah Andriani and father Angelo Satyam Andriani

    Giorgia Andriani's fashion sense, too, is quite great. She has already made waves in the fashion world. "When I was a child, I used to sketch dresses on my notebook and I used to tell my mum that it would bring an end to Giorgio Armani (Italian fashion designer) once Giorgia Andriani came into play," she quipped. "Anyway, as of now I only am planning to design my own clothes. No other plans in fashion," said Giorgia, in an interview with IANS, earlier.

  • Giorgia Andriani with sister Sarah Andriani and father Angelo Satyam Andriani

    Giorgia Andriani loves spending time with her family - her sister Sarah and father Angelo. The trio keeps travelling across the globe. Giorgia and her family make it a point that at least once a year they go somewhere for a vacation.

  • Giorgia Andriani with sister Sarah Andriani and father Angelo Satyam Andriani

    "Family time is fun, I have wonderful memories about my childhood. We used to spend every summer at our summer house in a sea locality near my town," said Giorgia.

  • Giorgia Andriani gym

    Fitness plays a significant role in the life of showbiz artists. Giorgia Andriani, too, takes fitness seriously. Even amid the coronavirus pandemic, while the world is living under lockdown, she has maintained a routine and stuck to her diet.

  • Giorgia Andriani gym

    "I am walking, practising yoga and following various workouts on YouTube, sometimes functional, sometimes weight lifting. And I am eating as early as possible at night," said Giorgia while talking about her fitness and diet routine.

  • Giorgia Andriani with sister Sarah Andriani

    While Giorgia Andriani has mostly been referred to as actor-producer Arbaaz Khan's girlfriend in B-Town, she has slowly and steadily garnered a fan following and is making a name for herself in the industry, with her work.

  • Giorgia Andriani with grandmother

    Giorgia Andriani made an impressive debut as an Indo-french agent in south regional web series 'Karoline Kamakshi'. She will also be seen in Shreyas Talpade's Welcome To Bajrangpur. Besides that, Giorgia has done a special number in beau Arbaaz Khan's film Sridevi Bungalow, that also stars Priya Prakash Varrier.

  • Giorgia Andriani with sister Sarah Andriani

    When asked if Arbaaz gives her career tips, she said, "He has a lot of experience working in this industry. I talk to him about how things work over here, what works in a film and what makes a film do well in this country because I have come here from another country," replied Giorgia, while interacting with the media at the announcement of Welcome To Bajrangpur, along with Shreyas Talpade.

  • Giorgia Andriani and Arbaaz Khan

    While Giorgia has been keeping busy with her projects and trying to make a mark in the industry, she is mostly in the news for her relationship with Arbaaz Khan. There were speculations that the couple may get hitched soon!

  • Giorgia Andriani with sister Sarah Andriani and father Angelo Satyam Andriani, Arbaaz Khan

    In an interview, Giorgia Andriani opened up about the speculations surrounding her wedding with Arbaaz, saying "People may assume whatever they want. But I am quite serene as a person, so if and when that (marriage with Arbaaz) will happen, I would definitely let everybody know. I don't have any problem with that. In the meantime, they can think whatever they want. I don't own anybody's mind."

  • Giorgia Andriani and Arbaaz Khan

    About Arbaaz, Giorgia says, "He's got wit. He is always fun. Even if you have some things going in your mind, he is a really nice person to talk to, have fun and make jokes." The Italian-model is also spending her quarantine time with her beau. When asked if she got to know Arbaaz better during the lockdown, Giorgia said, "We have already spent a lot of time together in the past so I had already known him very well."

  • Giorgia Andriani and Arbaaz Khan

    Here's wishing a very happy birthday to Giorgia!

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