Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

Updated: May 09, 2019, 17:34 | Sunny Rodricks
  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Snake greets bank staffers at office's washroom:

    On April 30, 2019, staffers of the Kandivli East branch of Union Bank of India were in for a shock when they spotted a three-feet-long Common Sand Boa snake inside the office washroom. However, the staffers immediately informed NGO SARRP, which sent a team and safely rescued the animal before a man-animal conflict could take place. Post-rescue, the animal was checked for any injuries but it was found to be fit, and hence, was released back into its natural habitat.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Snake takes refuge in ATM kiosk; enjoys chilled weather:

    A snake taking refuge inside an ATM kiosk in order to save itself from the sweltering heat outside had taken the internet by storm. In the viral video, a snake-catcher was seen rescuing the reptile from the cabinet which is adjacent to the ATM machine located on Thaneerpandal Road in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The video shows the snake-catcher kneeling down to get a grip on the slithery animal in order to remove it from the ATM kiosk. However, after the catcher successfully removed the snake from his hiding place, the reptile was seen getting into a fit of rage. The snake wasn't happy and made several efforts to attack the snake-catcher.

    In pic: A screengrab of the viral video shows the snake catcher trying to get hold of the snake

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    When reptile sprung from VVPAT machine to exercise its vote:

    During the third phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, voters at the polling booth in the Kannur Lok Sabha constituency were in for a surprise when an unusual "visitor" - a small snake was found inside a VVPAT machine. The snake, which made a surprise visit in the booth amidst heavy polling, triggered panic among officials and voters. The reptile was soon removed and voting continued.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Snake takes a break by the kitchen at a residential area in Mumbai:

    On April 18, 2019, a first floor residential flat in a housing society in Mulund, Mumbai had an unusual visitor. The snake was spotted hiding between the steel boxes in the lower shelf of the kitchen. The long and venomous Indian Spectacled Cobra which was over 1.5 feet was rescued from the kitchen of the flat all thanks to the effort by NGO RAWW that has been rescuing birds, reptiles and wild animals in the eastern suburbs.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Snake hiding in pot bites woman's bottom:

    A 59-year-old woman in Australia got the shock of her life when she went to use her bathroom. In a terrifying incident, the elderly woman was bitten by a snake that lay hidden in the toilet pot. The woman's decision to use the toilet without switching on the lights ended in a nightmare for her after she was bitten by a snake. Luckily, the snake was a non-venomous carpet python. The scary experience taught the woman a valuable lesson i.e. Switch on the bathroom lights and always check the toilet before sitting down.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Aarey police have to watch out for snakes in the loo:

    In Mumbai's North region, police personnel not only face poorly lit, filthy toilets, but also have to watch out for snakes inside the loo. Police personnel using the toilet at Aarey Milk Colony police station at nights have to look out for snakes. "The toilet is not just poorly lit, it is home to creatures like snakes. We risk our lives during night shifts when we go to relieve ourselves," said an officer at Aarey police station while speaking to midday.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    When reptiles invaded England team's training session in Sri Lanka:

    In Oct 2018, The England cricket team were greeted by unexpected visitors as snakes invaded their training session at the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium in Sri Lanka. Eoin Morgan and Co were training ahead of their third ODI in Kandy when snakes interrupted their session. The England Cricket team's official Twitter posted a video of the event with a caption, "A surprise visitor to training this morning..." The video shows the groundsmen trying to contain the Cobra using pipes and sticks. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

    In pic: A video grab of the snakes at Pallekele Cricket Stadium at Kandy

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    11-foot python appears hours before the half marathon in BKC:

    In October 2018, Just a few hours prior to a very popular half-marathon (21 km) race at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), an 11-foot python appeared before the race started. The snake was spotted 200m or less from the start line of the long distance running event, which saw nearly 17,000 runners in three different distance categories. The snake was caught by a snake catcher and the 13-kilo Indian rock python was released in the jungle in Thane.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Snake scares his(s) fellow passengers in Central Railway train:

    In Aug 2018, commuters travelling from the Central Railway were greeted by a surprise visitor who literally scared the hell out of their everyday travel journey. A green snake was spotted in the first-class coach of the 8:33 am Titwala-CSMT train. Passengers managed to find a stick and throw the snake out at Thane station. Photos, which went viral, show the snake to be two to three feet long. Mumbai's wildlife warden Sunish Subramanian said it was a common vine snake, which is semi-venomous. Commuters suspect that the reptile could have come from a commuter's belongings or the vents.

    In pic: The common vine snake was spotted on the ceiling fan in the train

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    King Cobra hides in bike's dashboard during floods in Mumbai:

    Due to the heavy rains and floods in Vasai-Virar area, snakes started to appear at unusual places. On July 18, 2018, a Cobra was removed from the dashboard of a two-wheeler at a garage in Ambadi Road, Vasai West, and released in the wild. The Cobra was rescued from the dashboard of a bike, which was undergoing repair at a garage in Vasai West. 

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    10-feet-long python spotted lying on the road:

    On February 4, 2018, a huge python, almost 10 feet long, was caught at the railway container yard near the Mulund-Goregaon Link Road by a team from the Save Wildlife Organisation. Sameer Thavai, member of the rescue team received a call from Mulund resident who said that he and his neighbours spotted a huge snake in the area. The rescue team immediately rushed to the spot, found the python, that looked particularly large, lying on the road. The python could have been run over by a speeding vehicle and there was a possibility that the snake could attack onlookers who had gathered to gape at it. Post successful rescue operation, the snake was released at a Jungle in Thane.

    In pic: Residents with the 10-feet-long python snake.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Three poisonous snakes rescued in one night from BMC colony in Mulund:

    On December 14, 2017, Residents of a BMC staff quarters were in for a shock, when they learnt that not one, but three venomous Russell's Viper snakes had been slithering in their locality. People in the area were first alerted after a resident, Pratap Walmiki, 43, spotted Russel's Viper outside his window. Post which two more reptiles were rescued from the locality, one at the water pump and the other at outside the house of a resident. The snake catcher rescued three snakes, one of which was 54 inches long while the other around 35 inches long.

    In pic: The snakes that were rescued from the area.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Five-feet cobra makes a rare appearance at Governor's residence, Raj Bhavan:

    The governor of Mumbai and officials at the Governors residence were in for a shock when a five-feet cobra was caught at the Governor's residence, Raj Bhavan, by snake catcher Shailesh Bendre. The five-feet cobra was later released at Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    9-foot-long python makes Garba party hot and happening:

    On September 25, 2017, a nine-foot-long rock python that had been giving residents of Kandivli's Damu Nagar a hard time for the past two months was finally caught. Around 10.30 pm, when residents were enjoying garba in the locality, one of them spotted the snake near the boundary wall of the area. They immediately called the snake catcher who after struggling to catch the snake full of slippery mud, managed to trap it and rescue the reptile. The Indian rock python was later released it in the Mandali Forest in Vasai.

    In pic: Residents and cops with the rescued python.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Venomous Forsten's cat snake found in Mulund flat's shoe rack:

    On August 8, 2017, a 1-metre long snake caused mild panic when it slithered into a flat on the third-floor building of a Mulund West housing society and settled itself on a shoe rack. The flat's resident spotted the semi-venomous Forsten's cat snake nestled in the shoe rack and immediately called NGO Plants and Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) for help. Snake catcher Tanmay Kolte immediately rushed to the spot and rescued the snake. It was later released into its natural habitat nearby.

    In pic: Snake catcher Tanmoy Kolte of PAWS with the rescued snake

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Snake emerges from toilet bowl and bites woman's bum:

    On July 21, 2017, when 42-year-old Phanarat Chaiboon was using her the toilet at her home in Thailand, a python emerged from the bowl and bit her bottom. Phanarat, who works as a food company executive admitted herself to the Phayathai 3 hospital, where doctors were initially reluctant to administer anti-venom treatment since they were unaware of what kind of species the reptile was. She was successfully treated and discharged home. She spent about 18,000 THB, which is roughly Rs 34,000 on her medical treatment.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Man panics as snake attacks his butt:

    On April 13, 2017, In a rather scary incident that was caught on CCTV, a snake tried to bite a man near the door of an Internet cafe in Thailand. In the video that had taken the internet by storm, the man is seen walking towards the door when a snake comes out of nowhere and grabs his backside. The man panics and runs hither-tither even falling oddly in the melee. Later, the man and his friends tried to figure out where the snake went which resulted in confusion and chaos among them.

    In pic: A screengrab of the video

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Snake visits Marine Drive promenade, locals try to capture moment:

    On February 22, 2017, visitors at Marine Drive promenade had an exciting visitor in the wee hours as a two-feet snake slithered on to the scene. Even as many couldn't believe that the snake had crawled in from the seashore, others whipped out their phones to capture the absurdity before them. Several people huddled near the snake and one of them was trying to grab a snake and direct it towards the tetrapods instead of crawling towards the road with the help of a tree branch. The snake resisted, but after around 20 minutes, the man finally succeeded.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Live snake slides into cabin of Aeromexico flight:

    On November 8, 2016, a snake dropped into the cabin of a flying plane over Mexico, frightening passengers and pushing the plane for an emergency landing. The incident took place inside an Aeromexico flight from Torreon, Mexico to Mexico City. Video footage of the incident posted on social media showed the snake curling up against an overhead luggage compartment before crawling down towards the seat. The snake was identified as a venomous green viper. Passengers took the rear exit out as animal control workers were immediately deployed who immediately rescued the snake from the plane.

    In pic: Snake appears in the cabin of the Aeromexico flight.

  • Hiss Stories: When reptiles greeted people at unusual places

    Driver has lucky escape from venomous snake in dashboard:

    On October 22, 2016, a tempo driver nearly had a narrow escape from a poisonous snake, when he spotted Echis also commonly known as a Saw Scaled Viper, in the dashboard of his tempo. The snake has taken refuge in the dashboard of the tempo for the few days. Rizwan Ansari, a resident of Bhiwandi, who drives a tempo, heard an unusual noise from the dashboard while clearing the Mulund Check Naka. When he checked the dashboard, he saw a snake and immediately fled from the spot. Later, through the help of an NGO, he got the snake rescued from the dashboard. Interestingly, the snake had shed its skin in the vehicle.

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