How Shobhaa De's trolling changed obese MP cop's life: 10 developments

Mar 10, 2018, 13:30 IST

Columnist, socialite and writer Shobhaa De, who has a penchant for stoking controversies with her posts on the micro blogging site Twitter, did it again on February 21 when she poked fun at the Mumbai Police focussing on their fitness levels. She said "heavy police bandobast in Mumbai today" along with the picture of an overweight cop, punning on the word 'heavy' while alluding to the BMC Elections that were held in the metropolis on Tuesday. It was later revealed that the said picture was old, and had been doing the rounds of social media.

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Unknown till sometime back, Inspector Daulatram Jogewat is a celebrity now. And it's all thanks to Shobhaa De's 'wrong' tweet. Here's how a tweet became this MP cop's ticket to treatment, fame and more...