In pictures: 11 most dangerous Indian serial killers

In pictures: 11 most dangerous Indian serial killers

Also known as Sindhi Dalwai, Raman Raghav committed several murders in the outskirts of Mumbai in the mid-1960s. Most of his victims were usually pavement and hutment dwellers, who were bludgeoned to death with a blunt object of some sort. After his arrest, he was initially reluctant to divulge any information regarding the killings but later confessed to have committed 41 murders and even gave a detailed account of his modus operandi. He was awarded the death sentence but after being tested by a team of psychiatrists, who found him to be suffering from schizophrenia, Raghav's sentence was reduced to life imprisonment. He died at Sassoon Hospital in 1995. Pic/YouTube

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Whether it's for money, a particular motive or just for the pleasure of it, serial killings in India have been carried out in horrifying ways. We look at 11 people behind such gruesome acts...

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