Like mother, like daughter: These candid photos of Poonam Mahajan, Avika are too cute

Updated: 17 February, 2020 08:56 IST | Sunny Rodricks
  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    Poonam Mahajan, daughter of late Pramod Mahajan, is not only a renowned politician but also a doting mother to Avika. Just like her mother, Avika too is dynamic, full of life and always smiling. 

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    From taking part in festivals to supporting her mother during the 2019 Lok Sabha election, from vacationing together to watching their favourite team play football, Avika has always been her mom's bestie. In the photo, mother-daughter duo Poonam and Avika are seen making the Venn diagram as Poonam captions it: A Venn diagram of mother & daughter!

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    In photo: The Venn diagram made by mother-daughter duo. 

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    Following in the footsteps of her mother Poonam Mahajan, six-year-old Avika actively takes part in social causes and also celebrates every festival with much enthusiasm and excitement.

    In pic: Poonam Mahajan and Avika celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi.

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    This beautiful picture shared by Poonam Mahajan is proof enough that the mother-daughter duo, Poonam and Avika are huge football fans and enjoy watching and supporting their favourite team FC Barcelona.

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    In photo: Poonam Mahajan and Avika have their fan moment with Dora the explorer!

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    Poonam Mahajan who is known for winning hearts on social media with her cute, adorable and touching posts, shared this adorable picture of her daughter Avika and son Aadya with her mom Rekha Mahajan. While sharing the photo, Poonam captioned it: Life is fabulous because of these 3 angels. Thank you, Aai. Thank you, my babies!

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    In photo: Poonam Mahajan enjoys her holidays with her daughter Avika in Germany as she captions the photo: When you see your childhood in your children.

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    During the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, while Poonam Mahajan created waves by winning the Mumbai North Central, her daughter Avika was seen sporting a T-shirt which showed her support for her mother during the election season. While sharing the adorable vote appeal by her daughter, Poonam captioned it: My cutest and most enthusiastic supporter, my warrior princess.

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    On her daughter's sixth birthday, Poonam Mahajan shared this cute, candid photo of Avika and wrote: Happy birthday to my warrior princess!

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    Just like her mother, Avika too, loves dogs unconditionally and has a soft corner for them. In the pic, Poonam Mahajan's daughter Avika plays with their pet dog which is a cocker spaniel.

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    Poonam Mahajan shared this beautiful photo on the occasion of Bhaidooj. In the photo, Poonam's daughter Avika is seen celebrating the auspicious occasion of Bhaidooj with her elder brother Aadya.

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    In photo: Poonam Mahajan's daughter Avika poses for a picture during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at her home in Bandra

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    On her daughter's seventh birthday, Poonam shared this candid picture of the mother-daughter duo. In the adorable photo, Poonam and Avika can be seen caught in a candid moment as the two can't seem to get their eyes off each other. Poonam captioned this one: Happy birthday Mini-ME. Love you to the moon and back! She also used a purple and black heart emoticon in her caption

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    Sharing a leaf from her personal life, Poonam Mahajan shared this picture-perfect family photo of her daughter Avika and son Aadya posing with their per dogs. While sharing this sweet and simple picture, Poonam wrote: Happy Diwali!

  • Poonam Mahajan, Avika Mahajan

    In photo: Poonam Mahajan shared this candid picture of herself where she can be seen posing for the lenses with her daughter Avika and her mother Rekha Mahajan

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Recently, Poonam Mahajan shared a candid photo with her daughter Avika on the latter's seventh birthday, proving that the mother-daughter duo shares an integral and inseparable bond. Both, Poonam and Avika are very close to each other. From taking part in social causes to celebrating festivals together, Avika's candid pictures with mom Poonam prove that the duo is setting major mother-daughter goals. (All Pictures Courtesy/Instagram Poonam Mahajan)

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