Lockdown Diaries: Meet the hands-on mom Teejay Sidhu at the time of corona!

Updated: Apr 09, 2020, 08:06 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Teejay Sidhu, Coronavirus

    Teejay Sidhu has found a new way to keep it up with the entire lockdown process in the country. In one of her posts, Teejay shared, "These days I don't know what time it is, what day it is! Hope everyone is doing okay. I think most moms will agree that when you're a #mother, #quarantine life isn't much different since you're at home a lot anyway! [sic]" All pictures/Teejay Sidhu's Instagram account

  • Teejay Sidhu, Coronavirus

    Teejay Sidhu has also shared how she has been going live on Instagram daily and keeping up with the followers and especially moms. In one of her posts, she wrote, "Aruna vs Corona! Had another terrific Insta live with one of the people I love most! She is someone who fixes broken bones, broken hearts, broken spirits... Dr Aruna Viswanathan. [sic]"

  • Teejay Sidhu, Coronavirus

    Teejay Sidhu and Karanvir Bohra have been spending a lot of time during the lockdown with their kids. "Another day.. hanging with my #homies! I don't see this time as 'being stuck at home,' It's more like 'wanting to be at home.' I anyway love hanging out with these two. Actually, they're the ones that have it rough - THEY are stuck at home with #Mom and Dad! PS : today's live will happen at 7pm. :) [sic]"

  • Teejay Sidhu, Coronavirus

    The VJ has been sending love and strength to all her fans and moms with some powerful posts on social media. "In all the chaos happening in the world, we may forget that our little soldiers have also had to make some adjustments. Suddenly they're told they can't go out, they can't play with friends, no more playgroups, they can't meet relatives."

  • Teejay Sidhu, Coronavirus

    "Spending time with your kids is so therapeutic. :) Over the last few weeks, being around our kids 24x7 has been a terrific bonding time. It's lovely to just hear their feet running around the house and hearing them giggle over small things. These are moments that we want our daughters to always remember these special, caring moments with fondness." Isn't that inspiringly adorable?

  • Teejay Sidhu, Coronavirus

    Being at home all the time isn't easy. Especially when we have kids around who just want to play and have fun all the time. "Just yesterday I posted about showing kids extra love if they get grumpy during lockdown.. and today both my children had a meltdown! Nothing was wrong - they just needed Mom. (They wouldn't go to Dad, though he tried hard to manage them.) Vienna cried a little but Bella was inconsolable.. had to cut my Insta live short because she was so upset. (Also had major network issues, but mostly baby troubles today!)

  • Teejay Sidhu, Coronavirus

    Despite the difficult time, Teejay Sidhu has been not only keeping is positive, but also being funny along with the girls. "Sometimes I don't know if I am keeping an eye on them, or if they have #eyes on me! I step out to hang some clothes and they come running after me! What will happen when they eventually have to get back to usual life and I'm not with them 24/7?"

  • Teejay Sidhu, Coronavirus

    "This is the most challenging part of parenting - handling tantrums. And we had an epic one today - so much crying! And for what? Nothing.. 'I want to stay with you.' So simple. Not always easy when you have so much work to do. But you have to pick your battles. It's okay to sometimes give in to the baby. :) (Anyway she's not asking for much, just some Mom time.) Let the house be a mess and watch #Ratatouille with her instead!" We totally ger you, Teejay!

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