Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

Oct 16, 2018, 16:30 IST
  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    In September 2018, in an interview with a TV channel, Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexual misconduct during the shooting of Horn OK Pleassss in 2008. Tanushree in her statement said, "Everyone knows about Nana Patekar that he has always been disrespectful towards women. People in the industry know about his background... that he has beaten actresses, he has molested them, his behaviour with women has always been crude but no publication has printed anything about it." Nana denied the allegations and said he was falsely accused of sexual harassment. He described Tanushree's claims as a 'lie'

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    Tanushree Dutta also spoke about how the veteran actor misbehaved with her, and back then would grab her and push her around on the set of Horn Ok Pleaseeeee. She also called out producer Sami Siddiqui, director Rakesh Sarang and choreographer Ganesh Acharya for their inaction after she voiced her concern, leading to her opting out of the song. Her allegations didn't go well with the with the director of the movie. Speaking to mid-day, Rakesh Sarang claimed that his advice to Tanushree Dutta would be "to move ahead". He felt she is "probably creating a controversy because she may want to make a comeback".

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    Post Tanushree Dutta's allegations on veteran actor Nana Patekar, India's #MeToo movement gained momentum when several women, including minors, publicly accused former AIB stand-up comedian Utsav Chakraborty of allegedly sexually harassing them through social media. It all started earlier last week when a woman responded to Chakraborty's tweet about Indian men harassing women on a cruise by describing how he had harassed her by sending her 'unsolicited d*** pics' and much more. Multiple women came out on Twitter against Chakraborty and revealed how the AIB comedian 'slid into their DMs' without any prior contact and asked them to send nudes.

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    Utsav Chakraborty took to Twitter, posting a series of 25-odd tweets, owning up and saying, "from all accounts, I've been a piece of shit." "To me, getting nudes from a person was an instant rush. I was not in pain for that brief moment," he wrote, referring to a disease he has been suffering from. During the course of the whole harassment issue coming up, AIB issued a statement condemning Utsav's alleged misdemeanour.

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    AIB co-founder and comedian Tanmay Bhat too stepped down from his post once the allegation of sexual harassment came in the limelight. Tanmay came under attack for both his inaction on the complaints against writer-comedian Utsav Chakraborty and for allegedly sending inappropriate messages to women. A statement released by the AIB group said, "We have been closely monitoring the sequence of events on social media around the allegations against AIB and also against our co-founder and CEO, Tanmay Bhat. We cannot overlook Tanmay's role..."

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    Another interesting development that came up post the sexual harassment allegations was that popular comedian and co-founder of AIB, Gursimran Khamba was sent on leave amid allegations of sexual harassment against him. Khamba was allegedly accused of sexual misconduct; all of these allegations against the members of AIB comedy collective led to digital entertainment platform Hotstar cancelling the production of AIBs online show 'On Air with AIB'

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    Singer Kailash Kher was allegedly accused of sexual harassment and inappropriately behaving with a woman reporter. The singer had refrained from commenting on the controversy surrounding Tanushree Dutta and veteran actor Nana Patekar and dubbed the issue as 'meaningless'

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    Kailash Kher was also allegedly accused by another woman of asking for her personal contact and repeatedly inviting her to his hotel room in Kolkata. The woman tweeted, "I was sent with my colleague, a woman journalist, to take pictures of Kailash Kher at his home for an interview. During the interview, this creep sat between us as close to us as he could. He also kept putting his hands on our thighs (on the skin above our skirts)." Commenting on the allegations that have surfaced against him Kher offered an apology for the same and said; he regrets any unintentional behaviour on his part that may have made the complainant uncomfortable

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    Vinta Nanda, a veteran writer-producer of the avant-garde 1990s show "Tara" fame, has allegedly accused actor Alok Nath who is well known for his "sanskaari" on-screen image - of sexually violating her almost two decades ago. "I have waited for this moment to come for 19 years," Nanda wrote in a long, heart-wrenching Facebook post. She further added, ""He was an alcoholic, shameless and obnoxious but he was also the television star of that decade, so not only was he forgiven for all his bad behaviour, many of the guys would also egg him on to be his worst," Nanda wrote, adding that he even harassed the show's lead actress who was not interested in him. Sharing the "worst" that happened, Nanda recounted the incidents that followed after she left a party at Alok's house at 2 a.m. She said that her drinks were mixed

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    The Cine & TV Artists Association (CINTAA) has decided to send him a show-cause notice. Alok Nath denied the allegations that has surfaced against him. Actor Alok Nath said that the allegation is 'absurd' as he 'made her what she is'. Alok told a news channel that "Kuch to log kahenge (People will say something). Neither I am denying this nor do I agree with it. It (rape) must have happened, but someone else would have done it. Well, I do not want to talk much about it. As for the matter, if it has come out, it will be stretched. "However, we only have to hear to women's stand because they are considered weak."

    Meanwhile actor Alok Nath on October 15, filed a civil suit in a court here against writer-director Vinta Nanda in connection with her rape accusations against him and sought Re 1 as damages for allegedly defaming him. Alok Nath's wife Ashu, meanwhile, recorded her statement before a magistrate in connection with her complaint against Nanda and sought that defamation proceedings be initiated against the writer-director.

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    'Queen' director Vikas Bahl was allegedly accused of sexual harassment by actress Kangana Ranaut. The 'Manikarnika' actress was quoted saying, "I agree with her [the girl who was sexually assaulted by Bahl and to whom Anurag Kashyap apologised on Saturday for failing]. Even though Vikas was married when we were filming Queen, he bragged about having casual sex with a new partner every other day." Apparently, Vikah Bahl was allegedly accused of sexual harassment by a former employee of Phantom Films, which was further corroborated by his ex-business partner Anurag Kashyap on Twitter

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    In light of these allegations against Vikas Bahl, mid-day had learnt that the National Award-winning filmmaker was apparently been dropped from a series that he was to supposed to direct for Amazon Prime. Kangana went on to describe her horrendous experience. She added, "he'd bury his face in my neck, hold me tight and breathe in the smell of my hair. It took great effort to pull myself out of his embrace. He'd say, 'I love how you smell.' The actor even went on to add that 'When I supported the girl, he stopped talking to me."

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    India's best selling author Chetan Bhagat on October 7 apologised through his Facebook post after a tweet sharing his alleged WhatsApp conversation with a woman journalist. He was allegedly accused of sexual harassment and the screenshots of the personal chat went viral on social media. In a Facebook post on Saturday, Chetan Bhagat said that said he wanted "to make a couple of points about the screenshots that someone has shared" in reference to the chat where the writer is seeing to be 'wooing' a woman journalist through a personal chat via social messaging app Whatsapp

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    While addressing the apology Chetan Bhagat wrote, "I am really sorry to person concerned. The screenshots, are of course real, and I am sorry if you felt they were wrong I hope you will accept my apology." Screenshots of Bhagat 'wooing' a woman journalist on WhatsApp appeared on social media in connection to the ongoing #MeToo movement. Confirming the same, Chetan said, "These screenshots are several years old, and I had met the person in question a couple of times. We hit it off really well as a friendship, and as I say in the screenshots, I did feel a strong connection with her. I did find her a good human being, sweet, cute and funny (as I also say in the screenshots)."

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    Actor, writer and director Rajat Kapoor was allegedly accused of sexual misconduct by two women on Twitter. A journalist revealed that the actor had misbehaved with her during a telephonic interview, asking her about her vital stats. Another woman stated that the actor had hounded her with phone calls and made her uncomfortable with his demand of shooting a film with her "in an empty house."

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    Comedian Kanan Gill was allegedly accused of inappropriate behaviour by a Twitter user, who, in a series of tweets, recounted an incident from 2014, when Kanan's actions made her uncomfortable. The Twitter user said that she had been a part of a whisper network for long where she had spoken about the alleged incident with a number of close associates. The user tweeted, "With all this outing happening right now, am actually really surprised nobody has mentioned Kanan Gill. He was drunk and behaved inappropriately with me & a couple of friends at a mixer few years ago. We then kept distance, but his actions seemed to suggest a pattern of behaviour."

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    When the allegations of sexual harassment came against him, Kanan Gill issued an apology on social media, stating that he did intend to make the accuser uncomfortable. To this, the user said that she accepted the apology and did not intend to take it further

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    Veteran director Subhash Ghai was the latest Bollywood personality accused of rape in the wake of the #MeToo movement after an anonymous woman alleged that he spiked her drink and sexually assaulted her. A post of the incident was shared by writer Mahima Kukreja, who had earlier accused comedian Utsav Chakraborty of sexual harassment.

    Ghai suffered another blow when Kate Sharma an aspiring actress also accused him of sexual harassment and filed a police complaint at Versova police station. She said that the incident took place in 2003 when she was in talks with Ghai for the remake of Bollywood film Aitraaz

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    The #MeToo movement has thrown down the gauntlet to the very top of the media industry as well as the central government, as several new allegations of sexual harassment surfaced against M J Akbar, a renowned former editor and now Minister of State for External Affairs. At least six women journalists and writers spoke out against Akbar, alleging that he would call them to his hotel room at night for interviews, or sometimes turn up at their homes uninvited.

    The floodgates opened after a senior journalist revealed that Akbar was the subject of 'To the Harvey Weinsteins of the world', an article she had written last year, when the #MeToo movement had found momentum in the US. The Minister of State (MoS) for External Affairs denied the allegation and filed a defamation case in Delhi's Patiala House Court against the journalist who alleged that Akbar sexually harassed her.

  • Who is next? More celebs named as sex offenders in #MeToo movement

    Thee #MeToo movement continued to expose Bollywood's underbelly of sexual misconduct. Speaking out now is an actor, who was allegedly asked in 2010 by Pyaar ka Punchnama director Luv Ranjan to strip down to her underwear during an audition for the movie. She'd left the audition after mentioning she wasn't comfortable doing so. But another uncomfortable conversation with Ranjan followed, where he asked her if she masturbates. She ended up pulling out of the film, a decision that was met with several messages from Ranjan telling her she'd 'misunderstood' him. The actor came out with her story in mid-day.

    When mid-day reached out to Ranjan regarding the allegations, he said, "It's absurd. It's so absurd that I don't know what to say except that I deny it. I don't know how to react to an anonymous allegation beyond this and am willing to face any legitimate enquiry."

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