Nysa Devgan: Kajol and Ajay Devgn's daughter has grown-up beautifully

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  • Nysa Devgan

    Born on April 20, 2003, Nysa Devgan, daughter of Ajay Devgn and Kajol, was raised in Mumbai. Her grandfather Veeru Devgan, who passed away in May 2019, was a renowned stunt and action choreographer in the Hindi film industry. Nysa has a younger brother - Yug, who is seven years younger to her. (All photos/mid-day archives and Kajol's official Instagram page)

  • Nysa Devgan with mother Kajol

    Kajol had suffered from a miscarriage during the release of her 2001 movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (K3G). The actress was in the hospital, and in the meanwhile, the film was doing very well at the Box Office. But it wasn't a happy time for Kajol and Ajay Devgn. She had another miscarriage after that. "But eventually, it worked out - we had Nysa and Yug and our family's complete," said Kajol.

    In picture: Kajol shared this throwback picture of hers with Nysa and captioned it - You will always fit in my arms!

  • Nysa Devgan childhood photo

    Nysa completed her schooling from Dhirubhai Ambani School, Mumbai and later moved to Singapore for further studies. Nysa was enrolled at the United College of Southeast Asia.

  • Nysa Devgan childhood photo

    Kajol had shared this cute picture on social media of little Nysa on one of her birthdays and captioned it: From crayons and teddy bears to a young lady. Happy birthday to my smart, beautiful, brave, cuteness overload and seriously humbling daughter Nysa. May the sunshine out of your eyes always and may you always walk-in!

  • Ajay Devgn with daughter Nysa

    Nysa Devgan is a complete travel buff and loves to watch comedy movies. Papa Devgn too has been part of greatest comedy hits including - Golmaal franchise, Rascals, Total Dhamaal, De De Pyaar De, Bol Bachchan, to name a few! Nysa had even loved Ajay's Toonpur Ka Superrhero. The duo used to even binge-watch Tom and Jerry together on Television when Nysa was a child.

  • Nysa Devgan with father Ajay Devgn

    Another lesser-known fact about the father-daughter duo is Ajay Devgn only sings in front of Nysa as he feels most comfortable in front of her. "She loves my voice," Devgn had once told. The Devgn beti loves to listen to papa's songs from his films including Golmaal. Ajay has got his daughter's name inked on his back!

  • Nysa Devgan with mother Kajol

    While Nysa is studying in Singapore currently, her parents pay frequent visits to Singapore to meet her. However, the decision of sending Nysa to the foreign land shook father Ajay.

  • Nysa Devgan with mother Kajol

    "It's really difficult for any parent to be separated from your children, but at the end of the day, it's for their own good. It was very, very tough for me, but not as tough as it was probably for Ajay because I have myself studied in a boarding school away from home. Even my mom (veteran actor Tanuja) and sister (Tanishaa Mukerji) have studied in boarding schools... As parents, we have to do such things throughout our lives... things that are beneficial for them, even though it is painful for us," said Kajol in an interview.

  • Yug, Kajol, Nysa and Ajay Devgn

    Ajay Devgn is not exactly known to be a natty dresser. While his wife Kajol considers him the sexiest man in the movies for his "dark, brooding looks" (she said that on Koffee With Karan in 2014), daughter Nysa is quite critical of his fashion sense.

  • Nysa Devgan

    During the tete-à-tete with Pria Kataaria Puri in a talk show, Ajay Devgn talked about Nysa's keen interest in Indian and global fashion. "She knows everything about what's happening all over the world. She keeps an eye on who is wearing what to who is doing what," he said. And then came the confession that she is his biggest fashion critic. "This morning, I asked her what I should wear. She gave me a half an hour lecture," smiled the actor.

  • Nysa Devgan with mother Kajol

    Well, you will be surprised to know that Kajol, who made her comeback with Rohit Shetty's masala entertainer Dilwale opposite Shah Rukh Khan, said it was her daughter Nysa who convinced her to an entertaining film rather than her usual "crying" movies.

  • Nysa Devgan with mother Kajol

    "Nysa was very happy. In fact, she convinced me. She was like, 'Mom you have to do this film' and I was like, 'Baby I'm going to be out of town, I'm going to go for this outdoor, I'm not going to spend time with you'," said Kajol at Dilwale's trailer launch. "She was like, 'Mom I want you to do a film where you're not crying. I'm tired of you doing films where I go to see your film, you just start crying. Do some film which is filled with fun and laughter, which I can watch without any stress'. And so I said, 'Okay, fine I'll do it'. So really that's how I got convinced," the actress revealed.

  • Yug, Kajol, Nysa and Ajay Devgn

    Talking about Nysa playing elder didi to Yug, Kajol had said in an interview, "Nysa is a special child. The way her mind works is amazing. In this (matter) she’s like Jay, thinking from every side of a situation. She’s not friendly and won’t say Hi. She’ll wait a day or so, while all the information is processing through her mind. Personality types, she’s different from Yug, who’s very friendly and will say hello to even strangers in the lift. Nysa’s very protective of Yug. When I ask her whom she loves more, she thinks and says it’s me. But I know.

  • Nysa Devgan with grandmother Veeru Devgan

    Kajol may be known for her blunt and honest nature, but Nysa is one step ahead of her. Nysa had made headlines when she trolled her mother on Instagram for embarrassing her! When Kajol posted a collage of pictures showcasing her expressive face and wrote: "When I see my babies together @nysaadevgan", the expressions that leave millions faint-hearted and spellbound left Nysa embarrassed. The junior Devgn commented, "mommmmm, why do you have to be so extra?" In another post, Nysa commented - "What is this picture I look so bad mommmm."

    In picture: Nysa with her grandmother Veeru Devgan.

  • Nysa Devgan

    Interestingly, it was Nysa who introduced Kajol to Instagram. In an interview, Kajol was quoted as saying, "She's the one who convinced me to go on Instagram and she was like, 'You have to have social media. Media is important, you are doing films and you need it'. She actually sat down and convinced me about it. And I told her that if you want me to do it, then you have to help me out with it. She was like, 'Okay done!"

  • Nysa Devgan

    Much like the children of other Bollywood celebrities, Nysa and her little brother Yug, get a lot of media attention and are often targeted by social media trolls. In an interview to IANS, Ajay Devgn, a protective father, said social media users should not judge his children. He said, "Judge me, but don't judge my kids. Kajol and I are the actors, judge us...it's because of us, our children are under the spotlight every time. Being judgmental about someone is not a good thing. If I start passing a judgement on someone, that person would obviously feel bad...so do my children. I feel bad sometimes when my kids go through such harsh trolling."

  • Nysa Devgan

    Nysa has often been targeted by social media trolls, and the parents are clearly not happy about it. Asked about how Nysa deals with "such harsh comments", Ajay Devgn said, "She used to get upset over trolling earlier, but now she doesn't care about it anymore. She knows how to deal with it. She has accepted that there will be some people who will keep judging no matter what."

  • Nysa Devgan

    Kajol was pondered too with the question of the paparazzi effect on star kids and does she worry that growing up in the public eye can make them mature earlier than their peers. To which, she said, "I don't know if the attention makes them mature too much [before time], but yes, they need to put their guard up, for their privacy, which they are entitled to [even as star kids], and freedom up to a certain point."

  • Nysa Devgan

    There has been constant pressure or should we say speculation about Nysa Devgan making a Hindi film debut, just like her parents. However, both Kajol and Ajay Devgn have maintained to say "Media should give Nysa a break. She is yet to decide on her career plans"

  • Nysa Devgan

    Here's wishing a very happy birthday to Nysa Devgan! May you shine as bright as the sun and achieve great heights in your life!

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