Photos: Top 5 food trends that will dominate in 2016

Updated: 23 July, 2016 23:50 IST
  • Make in India is the key
    Foods grown or procured locally may gain popularity owing to the consumer sentiment about transparency in the cuisine they are consuming. Organic ingredients are making way in the Indian palate.
  • Fusion foods
    With boundaries in the world shrinking fast, and greater access to information, innovation in foods is the coming rage this 2016, this year we can expect to see new avatars of age-old recipes, thereby giving a cosmopolitan touch to the oriental.
  • Flavours
    Foods in 2016 are going to be big on flavours and taste, both conventional as well as unconventional. International flavours like oregano, basil and thyme have made their way into the Indian platter and this will only be aggravated in the coming times, making recipes more global in their appeal and definitely more flavoursome.
  • No-waste kitchen
    The no-waste kitchen movement was the most trending movement of 2015 and in 2016 more and more kitchens are adopting this policy by reinventing the leftovers and minimising the excess. The shift is towards convenience food as they are low on food wastage.
  • Aspirational cooking
    Restaurants and QSRs (Quick service restaurants) are taking up street food and serving it in a modern setting and the old-school recipes are being cooked a grander scale. With cooking shows budding aplenty, sky is the limit. With a bit of skill, creativity and the will to experiment, local cuisines from different regions are now getting a facelift and greater acceptance.

    - With inputs from agencies and Chef Tushar at McCain Foods Kitchen
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Timeliness, taste, and convenience shall continue to define and dominate the food segment, say experts, who have listed some of the discernable trends for this year...

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