Preity Zinta's fun time with mother Nilprabha, amid lockdown in Los Angeles

Updated: Apr 01, 2020, 08:14 | Nandish
  • Preity Zinta in home lockdown in Los Angeles

    Preity Zinta, who is self-isolating at her home in Los Angeles is keeping her spirits up by spending some quality time with her family. With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc all around the world, everyone has been quarantined at home. Self-isolation and social distancing are key and celebrities are appealing to their fans to act responsibly. Preity posted a video asking people to be responsible and stay home to stop the spread of the virus. "A lot has changed around us the past couple of days. Life on our planet has literally come to a STOP as "Coronavirus" spreads rapidly across the globe. It's imp for all of us to take action & stop the spreading of this virus. If you have a choice - Pls STAY at HOME & be sensible. Prevent the spread of this virus & protect yourself, your family & your country. [sic]" All picture/Preity Zinta's Instagram account

  • Preity Zinta in home lockdown in Los Angeles

    Even though she was in the other side of the world, Preity Zinta shared a video to thank the heroes during the Janata Curfew, "I could not clap at 5pm IST from my home as I'm in LA, but that will not stop me for saying a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who is working today and endangering themselves to keep us & everyone safe. THANK YOU to all of you too for staying home & helping in fighting this virus. Together we can overcome this. #JaiHind #Thankyou #Jantacurfew #Grateful #ting [sic]," Preity Zinta wrote alongside the video she shared.

  • Preity Zinta and mother Nilprabha Zinta

    Preity Zinta and her mother Nilprabha Zinta have found a unique way to keep calm while on lockdown at home. Preity shared videos of her and mother doing 'Champi' as she put it in her post. "To keep our heads cool during this home quarantine it felt right to give mom the classic Champi Making the most of staying home & bonding This too shall pass #day8 #homequarantine #staysafe #oilmassage #covid19 #Staypositive #Ting [sic]." She later shared a video of her mother Nilprabha applying oil in her hair on Day 15 of the lockdown.

  • Preity Zinta in home lockdown in Los Angeles

    Preity Zinta also took up cooking while on the lockdown, she shared this post of the first Masala Dosa she made and captioned it: "Yesss ! Finally learnt how to make Masala Dosa  It's incredible how we have not gone out for 16 days nor met anyone. Feels strange, but I'd rather be home safe than sorry. Its really nice to hang with mom & learn recipes of some of my fav. Dishes. Trying to stay positive & productive while we stay in  #day16 #quarantine #cooking #dosa #lockdown #stayhome #staysafe #ting [sic]."

  • Preity Zinta with her pet dog Bruno

    Preity Zinta also advised her fans to not abandon their pets by sharing this cute photo of her with her pet dog Bruno. She wrote, "Social distancing is the best thing we can do right now to fight the #covid19 virus. Abandoning your pets is the most inhuman thing one can do right now, specially when it is confirmed that they are not carriers of the virus. Have a heart folks, stay safe, love your pets and pls follow social distancing #pzfit #nationalpuppyday #socialdistancing #staysafe #ting @bruno_thebrave_ [sic]."

  • Preity Zinta's mother with their pet dog Bruno

    Preity Zinta shared this photo of her mother in what appears to be a cage and captioned it: "After 18 days at home everything feels crazy but We Will Overcome Check out Mom trying to explain to Bruno what social distancing means #quarantine #lockdown #selfisolation #stayhome #staysafe #day18 #socialdistancing #ting [sic]."

  • Preity Zinta with her pet dog Bruno

    Preity Zinta also shared her new cardio step work out video, "Life is all about improvisation right now. Here's Bruno & me doing a cardio step work out & training. #day9 #homequarantine #staysafe #stayhome #pzfit #covid19 #ting @bruno_thebrave_ [sic]."

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