Sanjana Muthreja visited the perfect destinations and her photos are gorgeous

Updated: Dec 02, 2019, 08:36 | Jonita Colaco
  • Sanjana Muthreja

    International belly dancer and Tahitian instructor Sanjana Muthreja has been practising the dance form for the past eleven years. Sanjana, who is also an avid traveller as well as a fitness enthusiast believes that one can be of any shape and size to learn belly dancing. 

    In this photo, she poses near the Agia Pelagia seaside.

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    In an interview with mid-day, Sanjana had said, "I do get many inquiries and the first question that a lot of people ask me is 'I have a belly, can I belly dance?' and honestly, a person in any shape and any size can belly dance. You don't have to lose weight, you don't need to have a flat belly to belly dance."

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    She says that belly dancing is a form that anyone can perform. "Men and women both belly dance. We have young girls who are belly dancing as well. Even women who are pregnant can belly dance. So, I think it's just for everyone."

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    Sanjana says that there has been a lot of change when it comes to the attitude of people towards the dance form. She says, "I feel belly dance is a very respected dance form."

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    Taking a break from belly dancing, Sanjana posted this photo of her chilling on the deck in Greece.

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    Speaking about her passion, Sanjana says, "Just because you show your belly doesn't mean that it is a vulgar dance form. People may call it vulgar but I don't think the same. It's a very gentle and clean form of dance."

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    During her visit to Switzerland, Sanjana posted this photo of her standing on the balcony overlooking the lush green hills and captioned it, "Home-cooked food with a view."

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    Sanjana believes that anyone can belly dance and one doesn't have to look a certain way to pursue this dance form and this photo proves it. Even during her travel, she does not give up her passion for belly dancing. She posted this photo of when she performed in Stockholm at Fria Teatern. She belly danced to a classical Bollywood belly piece at the Gala.

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    While on her vacation to Europe, Sanjana posed in front of this Basilica in white pants and a pink crop top. She sure knows how to get those travel photos right.

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    In contrast with the background, Sanjana is seen wearing a baby pink top paired with blue jeans. The travel enthusiast encountered a sea of flowers during one of her visits to Hungary.

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    Sanjana loves travelling the world and is often seen going around places with her friends. In this photo, she is twinning with her friend on the streets of Prague, Czech Republic.

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    As the cool wind brushes her face, Sanjana was caught in a candid moment during one of her trips around the world.

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    Sanjana has worked with a host of Bollywood celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez, Janhvi Kapoor, Suhana Khan and Shanaya Kapoor.

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    During one of her interviews, Sanjana had spoken about how people's mentality has evolved along with the dance form.

  • Sanjana Muthreja

    Yet again, she breaks free and enjoys her vacation while being surrounded by greenery.

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Sanjana Muthreja is a certified belly dancer from Mumbai who has been practising the style for 11 years, since she was five. She is also a fitness enthusiast and an avid traveller, who often shares gorgeous photos from her travel diaries. Take a look.
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