Sayani Gupta's lockdown period turns out to be an eye-opener for the actress!

Updated: Jun 05, 2020, 07:09 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Sayani Gupta, quarantine, social distancing, lockdown, Coronavirus

    Sayani Gupta shared a throwback photo which highlighted one of her sweet work memories. Wearing a saree, red Bindi, and a vermilion, Sayani looked no less than a new bride. She wrote, "Things we do for auditions.. this was in January. @deepalid10 had ever so sweetly come to do my hair. Had done my own make up. Wore mom's 40 year old.. tusser benarasi saree. Felt totally in one with my Bong genes. Was pretty sure I would get the part. But didn't. It could be because of the blue nails that I couldn't get rid of in time. [sic]" All pictures/Sayani Gupta's Instagram account

  • Sayani Gupta, quarantine, social distancing, lockdown, Coronavirus

    Giving out some experimentative thoughts to her social media followers, Sayani wrote, "stopped shampooing (just as an experiment) stopped ordering food (obviously) stopped making excuses for not working out (about time) eating everything I can make. making everything I want to eat and exercising regularly. And I found sunshine in my room! #nowastage #selfcare Some people would be very happy @vilayathusain @shreejarajgopal @rangitapritishnandy for obvious reasons [sic]"

  • Sayani Gupta, quarantine, social distancing, lockdown, Coronavirus

    The actress also broughts into consideration a very important message with a post that read 'I Pldge.' "I cannot believe that there are people who are not paying their house help and staff and doing pay cuts in times of this grave crisis. For all the support they have given us, it’s time we support them back. We will only survive this storm if each one helps one(or more if possible) Till our domestic help are unable to go back to work, please pledge to pay them their salaries. I pledge to support my domestic help and driver through this crisis, [sic]" she captioned.

  • Sayani Gupta, quarantine, social distancing, lockdown, Coronavirus

    Her pictures are no less than a story. Sharing a small chapter from her life, Syanai Gupta wrote, "Since I haven't had it this long in years and I can't wait to chop it all off.
    A magazine asked me to shoot some photos at home, so I did, but they wanted some more specific ones, and I couldn't.. didn't feel like.. cause that week came with one bad news after the other.. so posting a few here. 1. Post Shower. No Make Up. Torn t-shirt. Had some fun with the hair! 2. Clean skin, no make up but just pop lips (Armani liquid, powder finish, for those of you, who will ask later). Had some more fun with hair. Now I am Done. Someone give me a pair of scissors already! [sic]"

  • Sayani Gupta, quarantine, social distancing, lockdown, Coronavirus

    Wishing her mom a happy mother's day, he post read, "Woman of steel, The strongest soldier I know, Ridiculously passionate & impatient, Laborious & incessant hard worker, Meticulous & Organised, Selfless, Most forgiving & caring, Only thinks of others, God fearing & superstitious, Crazy cook & super talented, A fierce fighter for Life, She single handedly raised me, looked after her parents, provided for the family, bought a house, took care of everyone around, still does, always went out of her way to help others, sponsors for medical studies of underprivileged girls till date without publicising it, runs a grant of gold medalist girls in music in my father's name till date, provides for people who tortured her, doesn't listen to anyone in the world, only does what she pleases, does not indulge in herself, always saves the last penny for God knows who, has insane OCD, drives me crazy till date, and never likes being photographed. I am turning into her slowly. And it freaks me out. [sic]"

  • Sayani Gupta, quarantine, social distancing, lockdown, Coronavirus

    This video will surely crack you up! "my Funny Quarantine! I have been singing this song to myself for a week now.. here, it's for you and your quarantine partners, who you still love and don't want to kill or divorce. [sic]"

  • Sayani Gupta, quarantine, social distancing, lockdown, Coronavirus

    On the professional front, Sayani Gupta was last seen in Four More Shots Please! Season 2, along with her girls gang - Kirti Kulhari, Maanvi Gagroo and Bani J.

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