Shristy Rode's lockdown days are nothing but fun and frolic

Updated: Apr 14, 2020, 08:08 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Shrishty Rode, lockdown

    Shrishty Rode has been sharing every other day something or the other. Be it her mopping dance or just acting to look bored at home during quarantine, the Ex-Bigg Boss contestant has made sure to update her fans. "Wait for it my munchkins @tiaratroyrode," posted Shrishty, posing her pets. All pictures/Shrishty Rode's Instagram account

  • Shrishty Rode, lockdown

    In one of the posts, Shrishty Rode shared her out of the bed look, and we can't keep our eyes off! "Pout it out," wrote the actress.

  • Shrishty Rode, lockdown

    Shrishty Rode has been eating and chilling while at home, apart from doing her household chores.

  • Shrishty Rode, lockdown

    "We wanted to shoot a more polished version and post but I guess there’s no time for that now just a teaser of what we were practising for , hope u guys like it!! Especially you @lokhandeankita wanted to surprise you with a cleaner version what a fantastic song and you look beautiful Choreographed by @saddam_sayed," shared Shrishty Rode with a video of her dance.

  • Shrishty Rode, lockdown

    This one will really leave you cracking. Shrishty Rode uploaded a video which just gives out how chirpy she is!

  • Shrishty Rode, lockdown

    For this one, Shrishty Rode wrote, "Total Mess" well, we don't think so!

  • Shrishty Rode, lockdown

    "I'm bored in the house in the house bored! who else is bored though?
    The #quarantine life got me doing some weird stuff  PS:- This video is just for the gram, tbh I'm honestly having a great me time at home," True that, Shrishty Rode.

  • Shrishty Rode, lockdown

    Shrishty also gave some moping tips! Check them out - "Woke up like this first thing in the morning, clean your house, and dance on Genda Phool on repeat mode. @jacquelinef143 just can’t take my eyes off you  @badboyshah looking dapper as always. Thanks for this beautiful track #quarantinelife"

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