STAY IN-TERTAINED: Here's how Konkona Sensharma is spending her quarantine days

Updated: May 09, 2020, 08:12 | Anshul Vipat
  • Konkona Sen Sharma, Coronavirus

    While most are using this time to discover world cinema on OTT platforms, Konkona Sensharma has been exposed to it since childhood. "I was introduced to world cinema very early in life. My grandfather had started the culture of film society with Satyajit Ray. So, they had a lot of screenings on the projector. My mum [Aparna Sen] would get a lot of cassettes home to watch it with her friends", she said in an exclusive interview to mid-day. (All pictures: mid-day archives/trailer screenshots from YouTube).

  • Angamaly Diaries, Konkona Sen Sharma, Coronavirus

    Angamaly Diaries: Taking a break from noir films, it seems the actor is indulging in mainstream and regional entertainment these days. She says, "I love regional cinema and I will have to recommend Angamaly Diaries."

  • Mad Men, Konkona Sen Sharma, Coronavirus

    Mad Men: She also expresses her love for Jon Hamm's Mad Men. "The series takes you back in time and gives you an understanding of their attitude towards homosexuality and women," she adds.

  • The Wire, Konkona Sen Sharma, Coronavirus

    The Wire: The Wake Up Sid actress also recommends The Wire for its "tight script". The Wire is an American crime drama television series based on the experience of a former homicide detective and public school teacher. It introduces a different institution of the city and its relationship to law enforcement.

  • Fleabag, Konkona Sen Sharma, Coronavirus

    Fleabag: She adds Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag to her list purely for its "wicked and witty narrative". "Usually, female characters are [showcased as] earnest and moralistic. They don't write about them being witty and wicked. I loved the irreverent and irresponsible character," says Sensharma.

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As the country went into a 21-day lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, Konkana Sen Sharma sought the help of some good movies and shows available on OTT platforms to kill her boredom. Here's what Konkana has been watching and recommending to us during this lockdown period.