Tanishaa Mukerji takes social distancing seriously, spends quarantine time chilling at home

Updated: Mar 29, 2020, 09:25 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Tanishaa Mukerji, who has taken social distancing quite seriously, is currently under self-quarantine. The actress has made sure to update her fans every day. And her social media posts look amazing! While sharing this poolside picture, Tanishaa wrote, "So enjoying this #socialdistancing taking the time to enjoy my alone time! We all need that time to connect with ourselves! My plan is to read do yoga and meditate today! What's yours??? #sundayvibes #staysafe [sic]"

  • While the rest of the country didn't take the lockdown seriously, Tanishaa Mukerji made sure to avoid any sort of social life. "Don't come too close! Let’s all be safe! #socialdistancing [sic]" captioned the actress.

  • In one of the posts, Tanishaa Mukerji posed in a pantsuit, and wrote on Instagram, "Look but dont touch reconnect with nature instead! #socialdistancing [sic]"

  • #socialdistancing baby!!! Take this time to realise the good things in life are free! Love laugh cherish urself! [sic]" Well, you got it right, Tanisha Mukerji!

  • While people couldn't stop blaming the pets for the virus, Tanishaa Mukerji made her bit to update her social media followers, "PETS DO NOT CARRY COVID-19 SO CUDDLE UP WITH UR PUPPIES STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE!!! BUT STAY AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE! COS PEOPLE DO CARRY IT! #stopabandoningdogs #socialdistancing #coronavirusoutbreak [sic]"

  • "Sitting pretty! #socialdistancing day #toomany #staysafe [sic]" That's the need of the hour, seriously!

  • "I love the silence underwater! It calms my soul. finally, the world is silent and nature loud! [sic]" We second your thoughts, Tanishaa! Totally!

  • To beat these difficult days, all you need is good immunity right now. "Beast mode on! Workout eat healthy stay safe! A healthy diet and workout is the best way to boost ur immune system! [sic]"

  • While encouraging people to keep away from people, she shared a picture of how much she is missing mommy. 

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Tanisha Mukerji has taken social distancing a notch higher. The actress has decided to follow the rules and take the lockdown seriously! Don't you believe us? Take a look at her social media posts right away!