These cases of molestation on Mumbai trains will shock you!

Feb 03, 2018, 16:05 IST

A 19-year-old was arrested from suburban Borivli for flashing a woman in the ladies compartment of a local train in May, a Government Railway Police (GRP) official said on Monday. The incident occurred on May 24 when the woman boarded the ladies coach at Borivli station. The man, identified as Raju Papu, boarded an adjacent compartment for the handicapped, which is separated by a grill, and unzipped his trouser. The girl snapped a picture of the man and posted it on a social networking site. Incidentally, when she contacted the railway helpline to complain about the man, the operator refused to aid her in any way and only laughed at her predicament and disconnected the call. Using that photo, police began gathering information about the accused, the official said. Police came to know that the accused was a vagrant and started looking for him at various footpaths in the nearby areas.

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The incidences of women being molested on Mumbai locals is alarmingly high and it seems like molesters and flashers are everywhere. Here are 12 cases of flashing and molestation that will shock you!