These famous sports stars were involved in scandalous affairs

Updated: 13 August, 2020 15:57 IST | Shawn.Dsouza
  • Mario Balotelli

    Mario Balotelli: The 'whacky' Italian striker who is always known to be in the news for his antics allegedly also had an affair with Jenny Thompson in 2012. His girlfriend Fanny Neguesha had previously dumped him online after reports of the striker having an affair with Playboy model Veronica Graf surfaced. He went on to reconcile with Fanny and proposed to her during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. They later split in September 2014. Balotelli went on to date model Raffaella Fico for a while and later split. Fanny went on to date Gabonese footballer Mario Lemina from 2017. (With Fanny Neguesha/ Pic/ AFP)

  • Sardar Singh

    Sardar Singh: Indian former hockey captain Sardar Singh was accused of sexual harassment by a UK woman who was the first Sikh player in the British u-19 hockey team. The female, Ashpal Kaur Bhogal, who also claimed to be his fiancee, revealed Sardar Singh got engaged to her in 2014 and she became pregnant due to the physical relationship they shared. Meanwhile, Sardar claimed these are false allegations by the woman including their engagement. The Punjab Police were conducting investigations in the case then. In May 2016, Sardar Singh was given a clean chit by the  Special Investigation Team. In January 2017, Delhi High Court confirmed the interim order granting stay on the criminal proceedings against Sardar and had also asked the trial court to consider of afresh plea of the woman. Since, there have been no recent developments in the case. (Pic/ Midday)

  • Bray Wyatt

    Bray Wyatt: The WWE superstar had found himself in a sexual controversy, when his wife Samantha Rotunda accused him of having an illicit affair with ring announcer Jojo Offerman. Wyatt apparently also filed a counter-petition for his wife to keep mum. Wyatt and Samantha were married in 2012 and were divorced in 2017. Bray Wyatt and Jojo began dating and kept their affair a secret one. Bray Wyatt and Jojo welcomed their son Knash in May 2019 and daughter Hyrie in May 2020. (Pics/ Wyatt, Jojo's Instagram account)

  • Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods: The golf star reportedly had an extramarital affair with a nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel in November 2009. A month later he allegedly left a voicemail message for a mistress which was found. As a few days passed, over a dozen women admitted to apparently having an affair with him. Tiger Woods admitted to his infidelity which reportedly led to a divorce with his wife Elin Nordegren in August 2010. (Rachel, Woods, Erin. Pic/ Getty Images/ AFP)

  • Wayne Rooney

    Wayne Rooney: According to reports, former England football player apparently paid around USD 1500 to a prostitute named Jenny Thompson for each session for about four months - during the time his wife Coleen was pregnant. This turned out to be quite the topic in the media and the Manchester United striker became the centre of many jokes. Over the years, Wayne and Coleen have decided to put all this in the past and start afresh. (With Jennifer Thompson. Rooney Pic/ AFP)

  • John Terry

    John Terry: In 2010, the former England footballer allegedly had an affair with his teammate Wayne Bridge's wife and lingerie model Vanessa Perroncel. It was widely rumoured that the Chelsea captain got her pregnant and later arranged an abortion for her, however, nothing was ever confirmed. (With Vanessa Perroncel. Pic/ AFP)

  • Lamar Odom

    Lamar Odom: The famous basketball player who was dating reality TV star Khloe Kardashian reportedly cheated on her with his mistress and later went on to rap about in after he was intoxicated with alcohol. After a drug overdose, Lamar was comatose and also placed on life support. During this phase, Khloe Kardashian stood by his side until he recovered. The couple got divorced in 2016. (Pic/ AFP)

  • Frank Ribery and Karim Benzema

    Frank Ribery and Karim Benzema: In 2010, these French footballers allegedly had an affair with a 17-year old girl at a Paris nightclub. It was only after the 2010 FIFA World Cup that an investigation took place and later, the charges were dropped. (With Zahia. Pic/ AFP)

  • Tony Parker: The San Antonio Spurs player was caught apparently cheating on his now ex-wife, Hollywood celeb Eva Longoria when she discovered a series of text messages from him to his teammate Brent Barry's wife Erin. After failing to try and make things work, they divorced in November 2010. (With ex-wife Eva. Pic/ AFP)

  • Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant: In 2003, the later All-Star NBA player went down in history for something other than his on-field talent when a 19-year old hotel staff girl accused the LA Lakers star of sexually assaulting her few days after they got intimate. Prosecutors spent above a whopping USD 200,000 and the case was dismissed as the girl would not testify in court. Bryant had admitted to the intimate encounter but denied all assault charges. On January 26, 2020, Kobe Bryant passed away along with his daughter in a helicopter crash. (With wife Vanessa. Pic/ AFP)

  • Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan: The former Chicago Bulls NBA star allegedly paid USD 5,000,000 to his mistress Karla Knafel to keep mum regarding their secret affair. Karla later sued Jordan claiming he went back on his offer and that he also confided in her, stating that his marriage to now ex-wife Juanita was only to earn a favourable image in public. Jordan won the case but has been in the eye of the storm ever since. (With ex-wife Juanita. Pic/ AFP)

  • Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson: In July 1991, the undisputed world heavyweight champion was accused of raping teenage girl Desiree Washington at a hotel room in Indianapolis. Mike Tyson's rape trial took place in January 1992 and ended in February 1992. Tyson mentioned that all took place with the consent of Desiree Washington and that he did not force himself upon her. Tyson also stated that it was Washington who wanted to get intimate with him. On March 26, 1992, Mike Tyson was sentenced to 6 years in prison and 4 years probation. After serving less than 3 years, Mike Tyson was released in March 1995. (With ex-wife Robin Givens. Pic/ AFP)

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo: Ballon d'Or winner and one of the greatest footballer of all time Ronaldo, during his stint at Manchester United in 2007, made the news for a wrong reason. Ronaldo was accused of inviting five escorts and having and 'orgy' with them and few Man United teammates. However he denied allegations and there was no prosecution brought ahead and the incident faded gradually. (Pic/ AFP)

  • Tino Best

    Tino Best: The West Indies cricketer revealed his sexual adventures in his book titled 'Mind the Windows'. The pacer claims to have slept with between 500 and 650 women. He stated in the book that he is one of the best looking bald guys and terms himself the 'Black Brad Pitt'. He also says that girls do not intimidate him and if he likes someone, he would just go ahead and approach them. He also apparently says that his record is sleeping with above 40 women during his 11-week tour to Australia in 2005. (Pic/ AFP)

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