Watering plants is helping these actors de-stress

Updated: Apr 05, 2020, 13:35 | Vinamra Mathur
  • Amrita Prakash: I have always been someone who loves spending time in the house. Now, given the condition, everyone has to stay in the house, I am actually doing all the things I enjoy. I am spending peaceful evenings with 90s music, sitting by my window, sipping a hot cup of coffee and taking care of my plants. My mornings start with watering my plants and doing some yoga. 


  • Aparna Dixit: Nature serves us endlessly and unconditionally. While all of us appreciate nature, I think it's important to make the time to serve nature, too. Like any other relationship, it must be nurtured with love

  • Arjun Bijlani: I love potted plants. Greenery is a must at home. My son Ayan and I love to water plants. The plants not only beautify the area but also give positive energy.

  • Mohit Malhotra: I am homebound in Delhi with my mother. I like to take care of plants here. Green plants give positivity.

  • Rishina Kandhari: Plants purify the air. I always have had plants at home. My mother taught me the value of plants and I have taught the same to my daughter.


  • Ssharad Malhotra: I have grown up watching my mom water plants at home in Kolkata. I always loved watering plants. I have limited potted plants in my home in Mumbai but I enjoy taking care of them. Plants give oxygen and one must have plants at home. I get positive vibes from plants.

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In these tough and uncertain times, it is very important to take part in things that help relieve your stress. Watering plants is on such thing for these TV actors.